What American Made Bass Guitars are Best?

American made Bass Guitars

After setting up our band, I always thought something was missing in it as the music did not sound pleasing to my ears even though we had amazing guitar and drum players. After digging into different musical instruments over the internet, I finally found the missing part: a bass guitar. So, I decided to go for it, and trust me,

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What Speakers are Made in USA – An Ultimate Guide

Speakers made in USA

A few weeks ago, I hosted a birthday party for my eldest daughter. I invited all the kith and kins along with her friends. Also, I arranged a music stage for family amusement. We all gathered for the dance party after dinner. The sound quality of the music was, unfortunately, poor. Although I immediately arranged some indoor games with the

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What are the Best TV Accessories in the USA?

best TV accessories

Recently, I bought a new TV, and my next consideration was what else I needed to get the most out of my entertainment system. Many different versions of TV are available and getting upgraded every day. This created a lot of confusion for me, but with proper research, I was able to get what I needed to have an improved

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What Subwoofers are Made in USA?

Subwoofers made in USA

Subwoofers are a great compliment to your speaker system at home or in your car. They help you enhance many sound effects, allowing you to feel the sound. Do you know conventional speakers cannot deliver these sound effects or surround sound setups? When my friends went on a tour in my car, my speakers produced a flat sound. They talked

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What Turntables are Made in USA?

Turntables made in USA

When I visited my uncle in Ohio, I saw him using vinyl records in this digital era. Vinyl records are uncompressed music quite like listening directly from the artist. I asked him the reason behind listening to music on these records. He particularly said that music lovers value sound quality over everything else. I know what you are thinking. Isn’t

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Headphones Made in USA – List of Brands

Has it ever happened when you walk into a room where multiple songs/music are playing, but you do not hear them? Why am I asking it? Because I experienced it uncountable times. The person with headphones is swinging in the air like he needs nothing more from life. It proves that headphones have become a more popular choice over the

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