Headphones Made in USA – List of Brands

Has it ever happened when you walk into a room where multiple songs/music are playing, but you do not hear them?

Why am I asking it? Because I experienced it uncountable times. The person with headphones is swinging in the air like he needs nothing more from life.

It proves that headphones have become a more popular choice over the speaker system. Another reason behind the popularity of headphones is that they allow users to multi-task, such as washing dishes, while talking to their friends or completing assignments while listening to music.

Let’s catch up with a precise summary for you, including the considerations you must enlist before purchasing headphones made in USA. Thus, you will be independent and diligent enough to choose between absolute and unsound products.

What are the Secrets Behind Headphone’s Popularity?

Headphones are portable speakers that you can wear around your ears. They are an excellent choice for those who want to listen to music or attend calls privately.

You might think that headphones have no type. However, your judgment is incorrect. Headphones come in a variety of sizes. Both types of headphones are easily available in the USA markets and online stores. You can classify them into two categories:

  • Wired
  • Wireless

Wired headphones have to be attached to a device via cable. It consists of a 3.5mm or 6.35mm jack at the end of the wire that plugs into the mobile phone or other devices.

However, wireless headphones connect to different devices using Bluetooth. They are a bit more costly than wired headphones.

So who’s in more demand in the USA? Well, wireless headphones have won the race of popularity.

Since there are no cables to connect, you may feel a little light. It will avoid tangling and accidents and is much less cumbersome.

Other than their domestic use in the USA, here is their industrial significance.

Headphones are not only used to listen to music. They have found uses in various professional fields too.

  • DJs use them to hear the next song separately before the audience hears it.
  • Audio engineers use them in concerts for mixing sounds.
  • Call center employees to attend calls on their headphones to perform the necessary actions while listening to the call.
  • Aircraft pilots also wear them for communication.

Headphones Made in the USA






Blue Tiger Elite Ultra USA Wireless Bluetooth Headset


Avantree Wireless Headphones


AfterShokz Wireless Headphones


Direct Sound Plus+ headphone

Why Headphones Made in the USA are Better Than Others?

We all know that the USA made headphones are difficult to find nowadays due to the over-saturation of foreign products in the American market. They are generally expensive too because of the high production cost in America. But they are well worth the price because of the quality and performance of the product.

Why should you buy the USA made headphones? Here’s a list of reasons to answer your query.


Headphones made in the USA are very reliable. They function for long durations without any issue with protracted warranties. So, in case you encounter issues, they can replace your product. 

The wireless headphones made in the USA function properly. Many problems are encountered in Chinese headphones, as they rarely operate reliably. However, this is not the case with the USA made headphones.

Human Friendly

Headphones made in the USA have a prime advantage over others. All of them get manufactured to provide a comfortable hearing experience. Their working mechanism is FDA-approved to prevent hearing loss.

Medical specialists do not recommend using China-made headphones because these are not approved by FDA. So, always buy a headphone made in USA, because their waves are not detrimental to your brain and nervous system.

Impeccable Sound Quality

The sound quality in American made headphones is significantly better. Even the cheaper variants have better sound quality than their expensive foreign counterparts. The microphone quality is also much better in the USA made headphones.

Ear Comfort

Ear comfort is a must consideration for American headphones, as you can wear them for longer durations without them hurting your ears.

What will you get? You will have more value for your money. You can determine the comfort level by the quality of ear cushions used in these headphones.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Headphone

Headphones come in a diversity of types. So, there are a few factors to examine before buying headphones.

1. Comfortable for Ears: Headphones must be comfy to put on for prolonged intervals. They must not harm your ears whenever you use them.

2. Sound Leakage: The whole point of headphones is that the user can listen to music privately. So, the headphones you buy should not leak sound.

3. Microphone: Headphones with a microphone are generally more expensive than those without a microphone. So, if you need to have microphones in your headphones, you can purchase those that have them. Also, you can go for a cheaper option if you do not intend to use microphones.

4. Wired or Wireless: Wireless headphones are significantly more expensive than their wired peers. It depends on personal preference if you need wired or wireless. 

5. Sound Quality: Do check for sound quality before buying, as it is the most significant aspect of a headphone.

What Headphones are Made in USA?

The headphones made in the USA are listed below:

  • Blue Tiger Wireless Headphones
  • Avantree Wireless Headphones
  • AfterShokz Wireless Headphones
  • Floyd Rose Headphones
  • Direct Sound Plus Headphones

1. Blue Tiger Wireless Headphones

Blue Tiger Elite Ultra USA Wireless Bluetooth Headset

These headphones provide excellent performance while being comfortable to wear. It looks very stylish and has a battery life of about 60 hours of talk time. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Has an excellent noise-canceling feature.
  • It has a smooth sound quality.
  • These are comfortable to wear.
  • Its battery life is astonishing.


  • The sound output gets muffled sometimes on the receiving end.

Company Overview: Blue Tiger USA is a dedicated company of on-ear Bluetooth headsets and add-ons designed especially for experts. Driven by innovation, Blue Tiger manufactures a wide range of products with the latest audio technology and reliable features designed for everyday use at work and at leisure.

2. Avantree Wireless Headphones

Avantree Wireless Headphones

This universal headphone set can connect to almost every TV set. It has a hassle-free Bluetooth setup with a very little audio latency and long battery life. See the Latest Price Here.


  • The quality of this headset is remarkable.
  • They perfectly synced the audio.
  • These are very comfortable to wear.
  • They do not get unpair when they are charging.


  • The sound fades out when the incoming sound level is a little low.
  • There is no mute option on this headset.

Company Overview: Avantree is a global provider of niche wireless audio solutions. They have been developing and distributing wireless audio products for the past 20 years. They are enthusiastic about developing wireless audio devices that enhance people’s audio experience, which will thrive them socially and emotionally.

3. AfterShokz Wireless Headphones

AfterShokz Wireless Headphones

This headphone set has an open-ear design that gives you top-rate quality audio that keeps you linked and aware of your surroundings. These are lightweight and comfy to wear with eight hours of battery life. See the Latest Price Here.


  • This headset has extended battery life.
  • Simultaneously connects to two devices at once.
  • They have excellent noise canceling.
  • There is no sound leakage.


  • It cannot replicate the incredible bass of conventional headphones.
  • Its microphone quality is poor.

Company Overview: Shokz embodies the principle of openness in everything you do and who you are, whether it’s your environment, change, new ideas, or exciting adventures. In 2019, Shokz introduced Aeropex, the most advanced wireless bone conduction headphones in their product line and the world’s first fully waterproof bone-conduction headphones for swimming.

4. Direct Sound Plus+ Headphone

Direct Sound Plus+ headphone

This headset introduces new technology that enhances human ears and gives listeners a 3D sound experience. It has a dual speaker, dual sound coils, and sound cancellation technology. See the Latest Price Here.


  • These are well built and lightweight.
  • It has a pleasant sound.
  • These are comfortable to wear.
  • The sound output quality is excellent for its price.


  • Earpads are slightly smaller, so they do not fit properly.


Headphones have incredible uses if we use them under appropriate time intervals and adequate volume levels. The manual books of the USA made headphones provide such precautionary advice. Therefore, specialists recommend using the USA made headphones for an unbelievable sound quality experience.

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