What Bike Racks are Made in USA?

Bike Racks are Made in USA

My family and I occasionally like to travel to the mountains with our heavy mountain bikes placed either in the trunks of our cars or in a separate van. Last month, my friend and his family also accompanied us on our trip. When he reached there, I saw him removing his bike from a thing attached to the hitch of

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What Folding Bikes are Made in the USA?

folding bikes made in usa

Folding bikes have grown in popularity since the 1980s as they allow their users to reap the benefits of cycling each day while keeping the bike safe and secure. A folding bike is a convenient and excellent option for those who use trains and buses to reach their destinations. Instead of parking a motorbike in a car parking zone, you

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What Road Bikes are Made in the USA?

Road Bikes Made in USA

Biking is a great exercise that you can incorporate into your busy routine. It can also reduce your dependence on automobiles. This independence will affect our environment positively. Moreover, your fuel expenses will be overcome effectively. When we talk about using bikes for our daily routine, we usually mean road bikes. Road bikes are lightweight, speedy, and comfortable to ride.

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Are Trek Bikes Made in the USA? – A Brief Answer

Are Trek Bikes Made in the USA

Founded in 1975 by Bevil Hogg and Richard Burke, Trek is a staple in the bikes industry; it is the biggest bicycle company in the U.S. Those two started it all in Wisconsin, Waterloo, which is where this company is headquartered still today. Since then, it has exploded, incredibly selling about 1.6 million bikes or bicycles annually. Isn’t it amazing?

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Are Cannondale Bikes Made in USA? – Let’s Find Out

What Cannondale Bikes Made In USA

Cannondale Bikes has empowered lots of people over the years and earned a special place in the minds and hearts of riders. Moreover, it produces excellent quality products, including top-notch electrical devices, shells, plane parts, ammunition, and much more! From day to day, they worked on pioneering materials, technology, and ergonomics. Consequently, Cannondale shook up the suspension development with the

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Are Schwinn Bikes Made in the USA? A Brief Answer

Are Schwinn Bikes Made in the USA

Ignaz Schwinn became the father of Schwinn bicycles, born in a small city in Germany. He was a professional machinist and worked on bicycles in the beginning. Afterward, his family moved to America and commenced operating with several bike companies. Soon, he met Adolf Arnold, and both laid down the inspiration of World Bicycles, which became a historic call for Schwinn

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Ultimate List : USA made Electric Bikes

us made electric bikes

My uncle is a bike enthusiast. Ever since he got his first bicycle as a child, he fell in love with cycles. Even when he grew up, his passion for cycling remained the same. However, now his body is no longer capable of driving bikes for some duration. On his 54th birthday, his son gifted him an electric bike. Initially,

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What Steel Bikes are Made In USA? The Complete Guide

Steel Bikes Made In USA

As steel has been superseded mostly by materials like carbon fiber and aluminum, buyers also prefer to use steel bikes for a better riding experience. Yes, you heard that right! As it is a famous saying that ‘steel is real, and being a frame material, it offers a durable bike that no other material can match.  Wondering why steel bikes

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What Brands of Titanium Bikes made in USA?

Titanium Bikes made in USA

I retired my 10-year-old bike a couple of weeks ago. It got completely covered in rust, and structural integrity was too low for any cycling activity. So, I started to look for a new bike. The critical decision was to select frame material, as it dictates the durability and cost of the bike. Sounds familiar? Here’s what I did to

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