What Steel Bikes are Made In USA? The Complete Guide

As steel has been superseded mostly by materials like carbon fiber and aluminum, buyers also prefer to use steel bikes for a better riding experience. Yes, you heard that right! As it is a famous saying that ‘steel is real, and being a frame material, it offers a durable bike that no other material can match. 

Wondering why steel bikes are the best to consider?

Well, steel is durable, stiff, and a comparatively smooth material to efficiently work with. If your frame often breaks, a welder should be able to immediately fix it up.

In this article, I will tell you about steel bikes made in USA and also important factors you should consider before buying one.

Why Should you Go with Steel Bikes?

The steel bikes are made of various good-quality materials and are designed perfectly to ensure safety and comfort. Just because the bicycle comprises certain material does not make it worse or better than another material.

Instead, how the designers and bike builders use these materials matters the most. The steel frame bikes made in USA are especially prominent and famous for providing top-notch performance to the users.

What makes the bikes incredibly fun-filled to ride is the great safety and durability that the steel material offers, as there are minor chances of getting a scratch on your bike with it. Plus, the steel framesets are better compared to the aluminum framesets as the aluminum materials are weaker and hence increase the risks of bad safety, too.

Steel Bikes Made In USA






Micargi Luxe Beach Cruiser Bike for Men


Tracer Beach Cruiser Bike


Firmstrong Cruiser Steel Bike


Viribus Adult Cruiser Bike


Eahora Fat Tires Electric Bicycles

Check the below reasons that make steel bikes made in the USA the best among others.

Why Should You Choose USA Made Steel Bikes?

The steel road bikes made in USA are undeniably renowned; they have a great reputation for making the most durable, good-quality, and budget-friendly bikes. Plus, their design and stylish look can’t be ignored in any case. 

If you have a bad experience in finding the spare parts of your bike when damaged, then no more worries; the spare parts of US-made products are easily available in the local markets of the USA. 

America has produced lots of super cool brands, including Seven Cycles, Lynskey, Moots, Ti Cycles, Quiring Cycles, and much more as it is the legacy of USA bikes.

The incredible and 24/7 customer service of the American made steel bike brands are also one of the prominent reasons to consider them. All in all, the USA custom bikes are readily available & the manufacturers of special and high-end components are also there.

OK, I know what you’re thinking. Let’s discuss the factors to consider before buying a steel bike.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Steel Bike

Mostly, bike riders use wheels of sizes 26″, 24″, 20″, etc.; therefore, it is an essential factor when opting for the right one. As you know, the bigger the tire, the bigger the frame, so bikes are also measured considering the frames and the tire size.

It is always good to examine the measurements of the product for the best fit and perfect size according to your needs. So, keep in mind the size, and don’t forget to do approximate measurements for saving your money as well as time.

The weight capacity of the bike should be kept in mind while choosing the one. The maximum bike carrying capacity is 350lb, so always consider your weight before buying a bike.

The product should be easy to assemble. Easy assembly is another important factor in this regard.

Now comes the best part of the article.

Brands of Steel Bikes Made In USA

Below is the list of some renowned brands of steel bikes made In the USA:

  • Tracerbikes
  • MICARGI Bicycles
  • Firmstrong Bikes
  • Viribus Bikes
  • Eahora

1. Micargi Luxe Beach Cruiser Bike for Men

The cruiser bike is one of the best steel bikes made in USA that comes with a durable steel frame and contains a fine 1-Speed internal hub. Plus, the high stopping power of its brakes brings the bike incredibly to a halt.

Its extra-large saddle as well as the superb upright position offers a comfy and smooth ride and gives a pleasant experience. The fat tires of this super cool product look really stylish and have dimensions of 26×4.0″. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Great 1-Speed coaster brakes
  • 7-Speed amazing disc brake
  • Best balance & control
  • Efficient for traveling long distances


  • The bike comes with no grease, especially in the front hub
  • Some users complaint that the pinch bolt was broken

MICARGI Bicycles Company Overview: Founded in 1997, the company Micargi Bicycles is a well-reputed and independent manufacturer that focuses on the development and design of mountain, road, single-speed, cruiser, fixed gear, and BMX bikes.

In coordination with the best distributors and dealers, they consistently develop and boost the extensive line of accessories and bicycles to best fit the needs of the advanced consumers with the ultimate aim to bring the pleasure of riding to the users.

2. Tracer Beach Cruiser Bike

Tracer Beach Bike is undoubtedly a great renovation to the industry of bicycles, featuring an intuitive rear coaster brake that offers wonderful stopping power. The high-density foam makes a strong grip on the handlebars, resulting in smooth riding. In addition, a dual-spring wide cushioned seat is also there to ensure tailbone comfort during long-distance traveling. See the Latest Price Here.


  • High-density foam
  • The single-speed replica or model offers a great simplicity
  • Outstanding for flat terrain
  • Easy to assemble


  • No cons

Company Overview: Tracerbikes has won the hearts of many people by providing buyers with the top-quality and best products. Founded in Los Angeles in 2020, it is based under Micargi Bicycle. In just a few years, it has succeeded to manufacture a complete line of economical, high-quality bicycles, including BMX, tandem, mountain, specialty, and road models.

3. Firmstrong Cruiser Steel Bike

This super cool Firmstrong Bicycle offers easy and comfortable riding and has a nice tube design for a more attractive look. The extended steel frame of this durable bike creates even more space between the handlebar and the rider.

The balloon tires are also there for a cushioned and comfy ride. It also comes with a wide seat with elegant dual springs. A great deal for the bucks! See the Latest Price Here.


  • Worth the price
  • Offers comfortable ride
  • Solid and sturdy designs
  • Unmatched client service


  • Takes much hand and back stress while riding

Firmstrong Bikes Company Overview: This company designs high-end bikes with the best quality at very reasonable costs. All of its bikes are efficient, especially for transportation purposes. The main goal of Firmstrong Bikes is to spread the usage of bikes through communication. Plus, they are highly able to make their customers happy because of their great customer service and quality materials.

4. Viribus Adult Cruiser Bike

The Viribus Cruiser Bike is made from fascinating high-carbon steel. Its extended handlebars highly permit an upright position of riding helps in keeping your shoulders forward and back straight.

Additionally, the bike is equipped with a nice rear brake and a front v-brake for optimal safety. Overall, this product will never disappoint you in any case with its excellent performance. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Trusted seller
  • Beautiful outlook
  • Durable tires & good quality alloy rims


  • Some parts don’t fit properly.
  • A bit expensive

Viribus Bikes Company Overview: They build bikes that fit all the needs of the riders efficiently. Therefore, you can even use it for longer distances without worrying about anything else. Whether you relish challenging route adventures, coasting across beaches, or any road trip, their products will take you there smoothly. So, just leave those little uncomfy seats in the past & enjoy its amazing bikes with extra cushioning.

5. Eahora Fat Tires Electric Bicycles

With the two giant batteries, the Folding Ebike smoothly empowers your enterprising riding adventures with a great range of 124 to 149 miles. Furthermore, it is equipped with a brushless motor of 750W to ensure non-stop traveling. It also generates an impressive torque of over 60Nm. All in all, it weighs about 330lbs and is really versatile. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Amazing giant batteries 
  • Extra fast
  • Durable & nice fat tires
  • Provides smooth ride


  • Customer service is not good enough

eAhora Company Overview: Eahora is the best USA electric vehicle brand, since 2006, it has been incredibly engaged in the development and research as well as production of the vehicles. With the prominent development capabilities and technical innovation, its product parts are efficiently produced from fabulous suppliers, including the SHIMANO shifting system, SAMSUNG battery, Prowheel, CST transmission system, etc.

Why Steel Bikes are Better?

The durability of steel frames cannot be matched by any other material. The steel can be scratched, dented, dragged, or even bent, without losing structural integrity. Steel can last a lifetime if it is well made and cared for. Steel’s springy nature mitigates the roughness of bumpy roads, making long rides more comfortable for you and your hands.

Are Steel Bikes More Comfortable?

In my opinion, the material of your bike’s frame plays only a small role in its overall comfort. It’s also important to consider the saddle height, the cockpit height (where your hands rest), the distance between your brake levers when you’re in the drops, the kind of wheels, and the exact geometry of your frame.

Currently, steel frames use very strong and lightweight tubes of high quality. The advantages of steel frames include their strength and inherent ability to absorb vibrations. Due to this, steel bikes are durable and comfortable.

Steel vs Aluminum Mountain Bike – A brief Answer

Without a doubt, steel will be the stronger and more durable frame material. However, to claim that a steel frame will last forever while an aluminum frame will fail in 2 to 3 years is absurd. Each has pros and cons, just like anything else. The durability of steel also makes it more “cushioned” in terms of dampening vibrations and giving a smoother ride. On the other hand, aluminum is far lighter at a similar price point, despite being very rigid.


Underlying the constantly growing popularity of USA-made steel bikes are the notions of adventures and versatility. With an efficiently designed bike frame and appropriate components, including wider tires and disc brakes, you’ll be utterly free to take on whatever street or road you select, off and on the pavement.

So, what are you waiting for? Just grab any of the above-mentioned bikes for the best memorable riding experience!

Happy Riding, folks!

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