Are Trek Bikes Made in the USA? – A Brief Answer

Founded in 1975 by Bevil Hogg and Richard Burke, Trek is a staple in the bikes industry; it is the biggest bicycle company in the U.S. Those two started it all in Wisconsin, Waterloo, which is where this company is headquartered still today. Since then, it has exploded, incredibly selling about 1.6 million bikes or bicycles annually. Isn’t it amazing?

Moreover, they have also introduced unlimited brands over the past few years. Brands like LeMond Racing Cycles, Diamant Bikes, Gray Fisher, Bontrager, Electra Bicycle, and Klein are all an essential part of the Trek family now.

Trek produced a huge number of efficient and good-quality bikes majorly including Hybrid bikes, Electric bikes, Moutain bikes, Road bikes, Women’s bikes, Men’s bikes, and other equipment. However, the trek mountain bikes made in USA are the most prominent ones.

Where are Trek Bikes Manufactured?

The Trek Bikes are typically manufactured outside the U.S, in countries including China, Taiwan, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Where is Trek Bikes Headquarters Located?

The headquarters of Trek Bikes is located in Waterloo, Wisconsin, USA.

Which Trek Bikes are Made in USA?

OCLV (Optimum Compaction Low Void) carbon is the patented carbon-fiber procedure of Trek, the result of the experience of over 25 years building the finest and the most efficient carbon fiber bikes in the USA.

What are the Different Series/Models of Trek Bikes?

I have listed below all the series of bikes produced by Trek:

  • Marlin Series
  • Supercaliber Series
  • Domane Series
  • Émonda Series
  • Roscoe Series
  • Speed Concept
  • Slash Series
  • Fuel Series
  • Farley Series hu
  • FX Series
  • Ticket Series
  • Powerfly Series
  • Checkpoint Series

Want to explore some of the top-notch Trek bikes? Well, below are the comparisons of some models of trek bikes which will help you to buy the one which suits you.

Trek marlin 5 vs 6 vs 7

Trek Marlin 5Trek Marlin 6Trek Marlin 7
Trek Marlin 5 comes with the most reliable SR Sun ture xct 28.Trek Marlin 6 upgrades this to the Sun ture xct 30 and has a good hydraulic lockout. So, you can easily lock the suspension to ride faster even in flat areas.Trek Marlin 7 upgrades further to the RockShox XC 30. It improves with a fabulous RockShox duty with the lockout.
Marlin 5 and 6 utilized the same hydraulic disc brakes. These brakes are much better than the mechanical ones as they need less maintenance & perform well in all weather conditions.Marlin 5 and 6 utilized the same hydraulic disc brakes. These brakes are much better than the mechanical ones as they need less maintenance & perform well in all weather conditions.Marlin 7 uses hydraulic disc brakes of Shimano. They cost a bit more but give a pretty good performance.
Marlin 5 and 6 use the similar Traeger XR comp grips that are highly comfy biking grips with extra support.Marlin 6 and 5 use the similar Traeger XR comp grips that are highly comfy biking grips having exceptional support for the palm.Marlin 7 upgrades to an even more trail-oriented Bontrager XR trail comp that contains a cylindrical design.
It mainly uses a more budget tourney drivetrain of Shimano which has 3 gears in the front & 7 at the backside.It uses the Altis drivetrain of Shimano which is about one level above the tourney Shimano. However, there are just 2 gears on the front side & 8 on the backside.It uses the Altis 2 by 9 drivetrain of Shimano, giving you some back gears which help for uphill riding.

Trek Domane Al 2 vs Al 3

Trek Domane Al 2Trek Domane Al 3
The al2 domane utilizes tractor rim brakes.The al3 Domane uses the mechanical disc brakes along with the rotors of 160 mils.
Al2 comes with 2 efficient gears at the front & 8 at the backside being equipped with the Claro’s components.Al3 contains 9 gears at the backside and 2 at the front being equipped with solar components.
The Al2 Domane comes with the rs200 crank of Shimano.Al3 comes with the r3000 crank soda.
For the ordinary rider with a restricted budget, one can look at the al2 domane.If you have more to utilize & really cover about 400 to 500 kilometers monthly, then you can get the Domane ale just by spending a little more.

Trek Roscoe 7 vs 8

Trek Roscoe 7Trek Roscoe 8
The Rosco 7 costs around $1260.The Rosco 8 costs around $1790.
It updates to the RockShox DSL air fork along with the travel of 120 kilometers & a 15-millimeter stealth axle.It has a cold RL air fork along with the travel of 120 millimeters and also contains the same 50-millimeter stealth axle for exceptional stability and stiffness.
The update from the coil fork to an air fork & the 7th model is undeniably a big achievement as air forks are more adjustable and lighter. However, when they become stiffer, they are usually more compressed.The update from the air fork to a debonair fork is a noteworthy improvement in Roscoe 8 and this adds even more efficacy to the fork as it lessens the suspension travel mostly in the flatter areas.
Roscoe 7 used the hydraulic disc brakes of Shimano MT 200 which come from the Olivio group of Shimano and the usage of these brake rotors from Shimano highly enable extra support.The Roscoe 8 utilizes the hydraulic brakes of Shimano MT 500 and the rotors RT fifty-six which comes from the group of Shimano Deore; differs only in case of installation.

Trek Fuel EX 5 vs 7

Trek Fuel EX 5Trek Fuel EX 7
Trek ex5 is a less expensive model compared to others coming in at $2100 or 1950 poundsTrek fuel ex7 costs about $2900 or 2450 pounds in general.
The fuel ex5 utilizes the RockShox silver recon with diameter stanchions of 32 millimeters and a motion control damper.It upgrades to the 35 RockShox gold with broader stanchions of 35 millimeters for exceptional stability and stiffness.
It uses a wheelset of MD-35 that has an inner width of 35 millimeters and contains a Shimano spline free-hub in the rear for accommodating the higher-end Shimano cassettes of 12 speed.The fuel ex7 utilizes Bontrager line 30 wheels which are quite lighter & have an inner width of 29 millimeters and the great rear wheel comes with a Shimano free-hub for accommodating the eagle cassette of SRAM nx eagle.
Plus, it utilizes the mt-200 Shimano brakes which are nice entry-level brakes & the bike utilizes a front rotor of 180 millimeters, too.It upgrades a little to the mt400 brakes of Shimano which use the front rotor of 180 millimeters, too.

Trek Fx3 vs Fx4

Trek Fx3Trek Fx4
Trek Fx3 comes with better brakes as compared to Fx4. This bike comes with amazing hydraulic brakes that are of excellent quality. Plus, they also deliver stopping power more efficiently than those tektro disc brakes.The Trek Fx4 comes with nice tektro disc brakes.
It comes with a strong yet flexible carbon fork.It is equipped with a fantastic aluminum fork which highly minimizes the overall bike weight.
The Trek Fx3 generally does not offer a broad drivetrain range. These bikes come with slight distinctions in weight and they can support the max load of about 300 pounds efficiently.Both of these bikes have a high-quality aluminum frame. However, it differs mostly in terms of the drivetrain. Plus, it also offers a broader gear range.
It also has better quality and nice features like better brakes and a flexible fork. Yes, this bike not only delivers the best performance but also a great comfort level.

Trek Checkpoint Alr 5 vs Sl 5

Trek Checkpoint Alr 5Trek Checkpoint Sl 5
The alr 5 is a really nice-looking bike and comes with extraordinary functions and performance.The checkpoint of this outstanding bike comes in a good-quality aluminum frame & also in Sl or Al frames or in a carbon frame.
It has a weight capacity of about 275 pounds, so it will allow a bit of gear for you. Therefore, if you want to do a bike packing thrilling adventure or even want to carry extra stuff with you, this can be a sweet spot for you.The track checkpoint has a size of 52 and it weighs around 21 pounds. In kilograms, it’s 9.84 kg.
The front of the bike is the 12 by 1000 millimeter axle & the rear is about 12 by 12 on that horizontal dropout.There is a nice slr frameset in this bike that utilizes 800 oclv. Plus, the rear and front derailleurs are Shimano x810 along with the 1134 105 cassettes.

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