Ultimate List : USA made Electric Bikes

My uncle is a bike enthusiast. Ever since he got his first bicycle as a child, he fell in love with cycles. Even when he grew up, his passion for cycling remained the same. However, now his body is no longer capable of driving bikes for some duration.

On his 54th birthday, his son gifted him an electric bike. Initially, he was a bit reluctant to use the e-bike. However, he enjoyed its comfortable ride later. He loved it because he could drive it for longer without stress on his body. He began to use an electric bike instead of his car.

Therefore, the electric bike became his preference. Also, he saved his money in terms of fuel usage and improved his fitness through cycling. Plus, It is an environment-friendly means of transport.

Are you curious about e-bikes? Let’s dig into what they are.

What are Electric Bikes?

Electric bikes or simply e-bikes have become pretty familiar nowadays. They accelerate your pedaling power and assist you in covering distant journeys. You can comfortably travel without harming your health and surroundings. 

If we map out the basic concept of working e-bikes, we can divide e-bikes into three principal components. They include a battery, a motor, and a control unit. They are pretty easy to operate for those who are familiar with the usage of traditional bikes.  

The significant difference is the addition of a motor. On e-bikes, the manual pedal power gets multiplied by the power offered by its motor. With their help, you can cross over steep surfaces easily compared to traditional bikes. 

Some of their worth-mentioning features include power modes. They offer adjustable lower and higher power modes with multiple effects on the battery. Also, you can charge the battery just like you charge your phone. Isn’t it great?

If we talk about the varieties of e-bikes, there are two fundamental sorts. 

The first one is the throttle assist e-bike. With a throttle assist e-bike, the motor gets activated once you push the button or twist the grip of the steering.

The other one is a pedal-assist e-bike. This e-bike will only move when you push the pedal. Otherwise, you may stay where you are present. 

We can classify electric-assist bikes into three classes. 

Class One:

It offers 20 miles per hour mileage in pedal-assist e-bikes. Your pedal assist will stop after you cover 20 miles of the road.

Class Two:  

This class is available only in throttle assist electric bikes. Its mechanism is pretty familiar to that of a scooter.

Class Three:

It offers 28 miles of mileage and is available in pedal assists. Its mechanism and working are the same as the class one. However, it has better mileage than the first one. 






Swagtron Electric Bike


SOHOO Electric Bike


Sixthreezero Electric Bicycles


Opeak Foldable Electric Bike


Schwinn  Electric Bike

Why Should You Choose US Made Electric Bikes?

The American made electric bicycles have much better additives. They use heavy-duty tires. It allows your bike to handle road pressure efficiently without causing harm. The hardware on everything is rust-resistant. They get manufactured from eco-friendly materials like aluminum. 

Most American e=bike manufacturers use aluminum alloys to manufacture their electric bicycles. Therefore, it is tough to nominate the best electric bike made in the USA. 

Another distinguishing feature of these bikes is their warranty. They provide a 5 to 10 years warranty of batteries, which means they’re relatively reliable, easy to hold, and come at a low-cost charge.

The USA made electric bikes cut through your maintenance costs. They can take you farther fast and with much less effort, All that while maintaining a low effect on the environment. It is nearly preservation free and constantly equipped for the move.

In the USA, an e-bike can get repaired at stores without the need for a specialist mechanic. If you want to get your e-bike fixed in the USA, you will get its spare parts conveniently. 

Furthermore, purchasing local products promotes regional industries. It encourages them to strive hard for their people and country. Resultantly, buying local products strengthens the economy at the root level. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Electric Bike

Your money and life are important to you and your family. Therefore, you must choose the right kind of electric bike so you can save yourself from any unfortunate incident. While purchasing an e-bike, ensure to enlist your requirements. 

The primary issue you have to make clear is the class of the electric bike. It is a significant step that generally gets ignored among Americans. You need to notice the mileage and class of the unique e-bike. Mileage plays a crucial role in the working of your bike. Make sure to have an electric bike with good mileage. 

The next thing you have to note is the motor of the e-bike. Generally, American made electric bike companies produce two types of e-bike motors. They include hub motors and mid-drive motors. Riders who use these bikes averagely tend to use hub motors. However, the riders seeking better performance prefer the usage of mid-drive motors. 

Furthermore, the placement of the motor also plays a key role. Either the motor gets placed in the bottom brackets of the bike. Otherwise, you will find them located at the front or rear hubs. You have to ensure the absolute working of the motor and its placement. 

Some people also get considerate in case of battery consumption. Don’t worry, it is a good thing! First, note the placement of the battery (either internally or externally). The other concerning point should be the capacity of the battery. 

The most important thing to observe is the controller. A controller is the most significant unit of electric bikes for riders. It controls the on and off mechanism of the bike. Finally, remember to note the weight capacity of the bike.

List of US Made Electric Bikes

Below is the list of some renowned brands of electric bikes that are made in the USA:

  • Swagtron
  • Opeak Ebike
  • SOHOO Electric Bike
  • Sixthreezero Electric Bike
  • Schwinn  Electric Bike

Swagtron Electric Bike

Swagtron is an electric fat tire bike made in USA. It allows riders to drive manually or with pedal assistance. It has 7-speed gears for easy interchanging of gears. This range of gears allows the bike to traverse a variety of terrain. It also has dual disc brakes. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It functions like an ordinary mountain bike without electricity.
  • Easy to pedal uphill.
  • Its assembly is a fast and easy process.
  • Pedal assistance is exceptionally strong.


  • It does not have adjustable pedal assistance. It is either on or off.
  • The seat is uncomfortable.

Company Overview: Swagtron takes pride in being the world’s number 1 in the brand of electric bikes. They manufacture diverse products, including hoverboards, e-bikes to skateboards, and scooters. Each product gets designed to give customers the best riding experience. 

Swagtrom’s business model incorporates an integrated business model covering product design and development, manufacturing, logistics, sales, and marketing.

SOHOO Electric Bike

It has a high-quality aluminum alloy frame. There is a sturdy detachable luggage rack with it. It has a large 48V removable battery. It is equipped with four working modes for different circumstances. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It looks durable, with large tires and a sturdy design.
  • Gives very comfortable rides.
  • Has a large battery capacity.
  • It has a variety of features that other bikes do not offer.


  • You have to remove the seat to replace the battery.
  • It is pretty heavy and difficult to control for some people.

SOHOO Company Overview: They manufacture high-quality electrical rideable, including E-Bikes, E-Scooter, and E-Tricycles. SOHOO believes in delivering high-quality products to its customers.

Sixthreezero Electric Bicycles

It has a 250-watt motor to provide the functionality to pedal-assist or full-electric mode. It has 7-speed gear shifters which can be smoothly interchanged. Its 26-inch wheels provide cushioned and stable ride. Also, its riding position gives a relaxed and comfortable ride. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It has great power, especially when driving uphill.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It has a stylish and durable design.
  • The longevity of its battery is very impressive.


  • It is pretty heavy and hard to move around when not driving.
  • Its seat is uncomfortable.

Company Overview: 

Sixthreezero began its journey in 2005 when they began selling bikes from their garage in Hermosa Beach. Now, tens of thousands of their bikes are traveling around the USA. Sixthreezero believes in designing simple and cool cruiser bikes. Moreover, they are reliable and durable while being priced at an affordable price range. 

Opeak Foldable Electric Bike

Opeak Ebike Foldable Electric Bike

Looking for folding e-bikes made in USA? It is a high-strength aluminum alloy electric bike with a foldable frame. You will find it equipped with a 750W motor and 48V battery. It has five different pedal assistance levels, which can speed it to five different speed levels. It also has a hydraulic disc brake with an electric cut-off function. See the Latest Price Here.


  • The display user interface is very informative and useful.
  • Battery size is substantial for longer rides.
  • It is quick and powerful.
  • Headlights automatically light up in darker environments. 


  • The rear suspension looks fragile.

Schwinn  Electric Bike

The pedal-assist motor of this product can speed up to 20mph. It has a lightweight aluminum frame. It also has a 7-speed trigger shifter which allows smooth gear changes. Its battery can power a 45 miles drive on a single charge. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It comes with LED lights that allow night time cycling.
  • The pedal assist and throttle control work flawlessly.
  • Rides are immensely enjoyable on this bike.
  • Brakes are very responsive.


  • The seat cannot be lowered enough to be comfortable for some individuals.
  • Assembling the lights is problematic and requires professional assistance.

Company Overview: Schwinn is an American original bike manufacturer. From its humble beginnings in 1985, it has now made a place in the heart of bike riders. They value their traditions and work for creating innovations in the bike industry. 


Electric bikes have assisted men, in stepping into a revolutionary world. They have introduced ease and comfort to our rides. Believe me, electric bikes will elevate your rides to an exceptional level.

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