What Brands of Titanium Bikes made in USA?

I retired my 10-year-old bike a couple of weeks ago. It got completely covered in rust, and structural integrity was too low for any cycling activity.

So, I started to look for a new bike. The critical decision was to select frame material, as it dictates the durability and cost of the bike.

Sounds familiar? Here’s what I did to cope with the problem. 

I started scavenging for a perfect bike and came across titanium bikes. These are high-end bikes that are strong, durable, comfortable, and incredibly lightweight. It is because titanium provides the highest strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistive properties.  

However, titanium bikes are pretty expensive, but they are worth your money. Once you purchase, you won’t have to wander about for your bike problems.

List of Titanium Bikes made in USA

Analysts have observed the rise of popularity in titanium gravel bikes made in USA in recent years. Therefore, bike manufacturers are offering titanium as a frame material option for high-end models. 

But what makes the USA made titanium bikes this beloved and famous?

Titanium bikes have the strength of steel, corrosion resistance of aluminum, and lightweight structures of carbon fiber bikes. 

I have listed some Titanium bike manufacturers in USA below:

  • Chumba
  • Seven Cycles
  • Haley Cycles
  • Lynskey Titanium Bicycles
  • Kish Bikes


Chumba is one of the most renowned bike manufacturers all across the globe. They started back in southern California with a small boutique. Chumba continues to manufacture handmade titanium bicycles in the USA.

Each bike design gets planned with precision. They make these bicycles from the finest quality materials. Chumba believes in manufacturing handmade bikes which are functional, comfortable, and durable for years to come. Their titanium bikes get designed for all the different cycling activities like mountain biking, gravel grinding, and road riding. 

Each bike gets tested by a team of international riders and proven by the numerous records set on the tour divide. Chumba gives its customers endless customization options by offering custom-designed bikes.               

The Model of Bikes Produced:

Mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and road bikes.


Chumba Bikes 1104 Regal Row, Bldg 1 Unit C, Austin, TX 78748 

Production Countries:

Chumba produces their bikes in the USA.

Seven Cycles

Seven cycles is another popular bicycle manufacturing company. They began manufacturing bikes in 1997. The name seven is inspired by their ambition to sell their brand all over the seven continents. They asked themselves a crucial question 

 “Does the bike industry need a new bike?”

Seven cycles come with the idea of building customer bikes in a shorter timeline. The customers provide essential input in designing the framework of bikes. It is a practice that did not exist in the bike industry.

On this idea, seven cycles became an attractive option for bike buyers as they offered customer-centered services. 

Seven cycles offer their customers to get bikes customized as per their likes and dislikes. Therefore, people love to purchase their products. It also allows seven cycles to focus on the customer’s specified geometry, design, dimensions, aesthetics, and other various customizable options.

The Model of Bikes produced: 

Mountain bikes, Road bikes, Gravel Road bikes, and Travel/Touring bikes.


Seven Cycles Inc. 125 Walnut Street Watertown, MA 02472

Production Countries: 

Seven cycles manufacture their bikes in Massachusetts, USA.

Haley Cycles

Haley cycles make bikes that combine comfort with grip and speed. The ultimate result is a titanium bike that has very high structural integrity. 

In a carbon fiber-dominated cycling world, Haley cycles believe titanium is an ideal material for bike frames. It is more comfortable and more durable than a carbon fiber bike.  

Haley cycles make each bike unique for its customers. They not only provide a wide range of customizable options, they even don’t charge an extra amount for all those options. 

Haley cycles provide you with a vast range of titanium bikes tailored for your comfortable ride. 

The Model of Bikes produced: 

All road bikes, gravel bikes, and hardtail mountain bikes.


Boulder, Colorado

Production Countries:

All bike frames and parts are handmade in the USA.

Lynskey Titanium Bicycles

The Lynskey family initially made a customized bike using scrap titanium from the factory and introduced the first fully functional titanium bicycle frame in 1986. Afterward, they sold it and started an official company in 2006.

Lynskey Titanium Bicycles was born to seek advantage of the growing popularity of custom bikes. The passion for cycling was the same as it was in the 1980s. The fundamental focus was to build custom titanium bicycles frames.

The Model of Bikes produced: 

Road bikes, Gravel bikes, and mountain bikes.


3911 Volunteer Drive Chattanooga, TN 37416  

Production Countries: 

Lynskey titanium bikes get manufactured in Chattanooga, USA.

Kish Bikes

The adventures of Kish bikes began in the 1990s when they combined their passion for biking and engineering into one. This led them down the path of professional bike frame building. From the very early stages, Kish bikes specialized in titanium bikes. 

The Kish bikes founder “Jim Kish” handcrafts each frame by using the techniques and experiences he gained throughout the years. 

The Model of Bikes produced:

Road bikes, Mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, and city bikes.


Kish Fabrication 104R Hwy 54 West #237 Carrboro, NC 27510

Production Countries: 

Western North Carolina, USA.


If you are experiencing a familiar situation, I guess the solution to your problem is disposing of the old rusty bike. I recommend purchasing titanium bikes made in USA, which will lead to the most durable ride of your dreams.

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