What Bicycles are Made in the USA? – An Ultimate Guide

I was always fond of bicycles. However, as life progressed, I moved away from bicycles and became more inclined towards a conventional means of transport. But bicycles have found a way back into my life with the recent increase in gas prices.

I purchased a new bicycle. I have been taking it out regularly to do various chores. The usage of bicycles helped me diversely in every matter. It eliminated fuel purchases for my car, which has reduced my expenses. My fitness has also improved as a result.

I believe if more people use bicycles instead of automobiles, we can reduce the impact on the environment.

How Do Bicycles Help You?

Cycling has its fair share of benefits. Therefore, I have listed down some reasons. They will reveal why we should make bicycles part of our daily life.

  • Health Benefits
  • Cost-Efficient Transport
  • Convenient Way of Transportation
  • Environment Friendly
  • Increase the Lifespan of Your Car

Health Benefits

Cycling is a very healthy activity that is great for your heart. Twenty miles of cycling a day can reduce the chance of coronary health disease by 50%. It is also a good exercise for your legs. It is often a recommended activity for people trying to reduce their weight.

Further benefits include an immune system boost which helps you tackle common diseases. It is also a very effective and time-efficient exercise to increase your strength and stamina.

Cost-Efficient Transport

Biking can notably reduce your expenses. According to survey conductors, in 2015, an average American household had spent $1962 on fuel and motor oil. If we add other vehicle expenses to this amount like vehicle maintenance, repairs, insurance, and cost of parking, this figure can jump to absurd amounts.

If you reduce the usage of your car and use bicycles more, you will save more money. Bike maintenance is very cheap compared to cars, and you can do it yourself if you are an expert in tools.

A Convenient Way of Transportation

Biking to work is more convenient than using a vehicle. You are effectively eliminating the delays that many people face in their cars. For example, getting stuck in an unexpected traffic jam or searching for an empty parking spot.

When you go to work on your bicycle, you can find many parking spots where you have to lock your bike. Many workplaces are now integrating space for bicycles parking spots to facilitate their employees who cycle to work.

Environment Friendly

The transportation sector in the USA contributes nearly 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in America. By reducing the usage of your vehicle, you will contribute to reducing these emissions, which is a small step in the right direction.

Increase the Lifespan of Your Car

When you use your car only on special occasions, it will require less maintenance. You will save more fuel and reduce the chances of encountering accidents which have become a regular occurrence with the increase in usage of cars. Overall, you can keep your vehicle in perfect condition for a longer duration and even get better resale value.

What Bicycles are Made in the USA?

American-made bicycles are hard to find these days. Many brands claim that they sell American manufactured bicycles, but the reality is that most companies outsource from China or Taiwan. However, many bicycle manufacturers in the USA are still producing them locally.

Following are a few brands that made bicycles in the USA:

  • Mongoose Bikes
  • eAhora Bikes
  • Micargi Bikes
  • Tracer Bikes
  • Firmstrong Bikes
  • Tommaso Cycling

What Types of Bicycles are Manufactured in the USA?

Bicycle is a general term for a two-wheeled vehicle operated by pedals. These pedals get handled by the feet of the rider. Now, I can find many types of bicycles, each suited to different conditions. I have explained five basic types of bicycles to categorize the fundamental difference.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are the most common bicycles. They are ultra-lightweight and very rapid. There are narrow tires and drop handlebars in them. They are designed to be comfortable for long distances. As the name proposes, these bicycles are best suited to driving on roads.

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Mountain Bikes

mountain bikes

These bicycles have flat handlebars and wide tires. These models have a tread on their tires to provide additional grip on the dirt. There is also a suspension system to provide stability in rough terrain.

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Electric Bikes

electric bikes

These are the bikes that are operated by batteries. There are two types of electric bikes throttle assist and the pedal-assist.

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Folding Bikes

folding bikes

These are small and foldable bicycles. They are usually made from steel or aluminum. These bicycles are perfect for those who regularly go on cycling adventures out of town. They are portable and space savers in terms of bike storage.

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Fat Bikes

fat tire bikes

Fat bikes have extra-wide tires. It allows you to drive them on diverse terrains such as snow, sand, and mud. They handle such terrain better than mountain bikes. Having extra-wide tires allows them to cross obstacles on the ground with relative ease. See the Latest Price Here.

Hybrid Bikes

These bicycles have incorporated features from road and mountain bikes. There are three types of hybrid bikes. The first one is the Fitness Hybrid looks similar to a road bike. It has a flat handlebar and a light frame.

The second is Sport Hybrid, which looks similar to a mountain bike. It has suspension on the front side and disc brakes. It has slightly thicker tires with some tread on them, which enables it to be driven off-road and on the road.

Comfort Hybrid is the third type. It is not similar to a road or mountain bike. It has a sleek handlebar that is higher than the saddle. Some models have suspension in the front. It has the features of a mountain bike but also the comfort of a road bike.

Why Should You Choose the USA made Bicycles?

Many Americans claim that it is difficult to find affordable bikes made in the USA. However, general perception favors locally manufactured products over foreign products. It might be challenging to find USA made bicycles, but it is worthwhile.

The USA made bicycle will have better quality, and it will have a longer life. You will also receive better customer service from your local company compared to a Chinese company. So, in short, you will get better value for your money.

The significant advantage of buying a locally manufactured bicycle is a sense of support for your local industry. You are directly promoting local business, which strengthens the American economic system and encourages the locals to invest. Many people are willing to pay more to get local products. Finally, it is easier to maintain and repair locally manufactured products.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Bicycle

Bicycles come in a variety of models. It is noteworthy to consider some factors before buying a bicycle.

The first one is pretty obvious. What size of bicycle do you need?

The size of the bike comes down to personal choice. Choose the one which provides a cozy riding position. Another factor in this aspect is the cockpit length. It is the distance between the saddle and handlebar.

If it is too big, you will feel stretched out. If it is too small, you will get cramped up. So, choosing the one which is comfortable for you is crucial.

The model of the bike is another important consideration. A road bike is a better option if you need to drive it around your area. If you need to cycle in rough terrain or off-road conditions, mountain bikes are better. If you need a bicycle only for cycling on campsites, foldable bikes are best because of their portability and space-saving. Choose according to your needs.

Choosing a bike with gears or not is an important question. Bike gears allow you to minimize your effort, especially when driving uphill. So, buy one with gears if you have hilly areas.

Finally, we have the accessories compatibility to consider. It is usually best to buy that bicycle, which allows the installation of additional accessories such as racks, fenders, and water bottle cages.


Everyone should learn to ride a bicycle. Don’t worry! It seems to be challenging, but it is not that hard. One of my friends learned to ride a bicycle within a day. Lots of us understood the significance of cycling when we were youngsters. But, since we got our control over automobiles, bicycles are no longer advantageous. It is a false perception, and we should change it.

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