What Mountain Bikes are made in the USA?

A friend of mine met with an accident four days ago. He was on a camping trip to a popular campsite in West Virginia. He brought his road bike with him and tried to go off-road cycling with it. As a result, his bike slipped, and he fell off the bike. Thankfully, he wasn’t severely hurt. 

He did not use a mountain bike specially designed for off-road cycling. He used a regular bike. Resultantly, he fell off the bike. Mountain bikes are a must for off-road cycling. 

Mountain bikes come equipped with a heavy frame, thick tires, and threads to keep the bike stable in rocky and muddy tracks. They also have suspension systems to improve handling and comfort on steep tracks. In short, mountain bikes can provide an excellent cycling experience in a variety of terrains. 

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What are Mountain Bikes?

Mountain bikes are bicycles specifically designed for off-road cycling. Their appearance shares some similarities to other bikes, but you will also notice extra features incorporated to provide comfortable cycling in harsh terrain. 

However, they are not suited for smooth surface driving due to heavy frames. Some extra features include: 

  • A suspension fork
  • Large and durable tires
  • Powerful brakes
  • Straight and wide handlebars
  • Wide-ratio gearing optimized for steep climbing and fast descending. 
  • Adjustable seat height. 

Mountain bikes are specialized for rough driving, such as driving on terrain, rocks, steep grades, and uneven surfaces. Their stress and load-bearing capacity are unparalleled. They offer high clearance to get over rocks and logs.

Why Should You Buy USA Manufactured Bikes?

Mountain bikes made in the USA are popular options for Americans for various reasons. However, finding what mountain bike brands are made in USA, is challenging in today’s market. But some people go out of their way to buy US manufactured mountain bikes. 

Typically, mountain bikes made in the USA are more expensive than Asian mountain bikes. The reason behind high prices is the expensive production setup and premium quality. It is also a result of better environmental and labor practices used. 

American mountain bikes are functioning better and are very reliable. The companies use high-quality materials and do not compromise quality. 

Another significant advantage of choosing USA made mountain bikes is that they get designed for mountainous terrain in the USA. So, they are safer and more reliable than imports.

People of America prefer supporting and promoting local businesses. It creates a sense of patriotism in them by favoring the national economy and creating more job opportunities for locals. 

Finally, you get better after-sales services from manufacturers in the USA. 






Vilano Blackjack Mountain Bike


Mongoose Mountain Bike


Hiland Aluminum Mountain Bike


eAhora Electric Mountain Bike


Schwinn Mountain Bike

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mountain Bike

Cycling in rough and uneven areas is only for people seeking adventures. So, you must choose the right kind of mountain bike. 

For instance, frame material is an essential thing to consider. It is because the bike’s durability and cost entirely live on the material used to make it. Titanium is the best option but also the most expensive. Carbon fiber is gaining popularity, but its durability is always a concern. 

Next to keep in mind is what kind of riding you will be doing. There are different classifications in mountain cycling, so various models are available, each suited for unique riding styles. 

For example, the most versatile bikes available are trail bikes. They perform ascent and descent admirably. Its suspension will give stability and confidence to rocky surfaces. 

There are downhill bikes that get specially designed to descent from a hill. These are stable at high speeds and jumps. But they are not suitable for mountain climbing.

Different bike models have distinct features. Like there are two types of suspension systems offered. Hardtail and full suspension. 

In hardtail, the weight is reduced for better climbing but has full suspension. It provides the best stability by having a locking feature that keeps the rear shock more rigid during climbing. 

Another aspect is the wheel size, where larger wheels are becoming more popular because they allow you to roll over obstacles easily. However, as the wheel increases, it is more challenging to handle the bike. 

Mountain bike height is another concerning point that should get decided after test riding. Choose the one which gives you the best handling and stability.

What Mountain Bikes are made in the USA?

I have listed some brands of mountain bikes made in USA alongside their pros and cons for your assistance in purchasing mountain bikes.

  • Vilano
  • Detroit
  • Chumba
  • Mongoose
  • Hiland
  • eAhora
  • Dean Bikes

Vilano Blackjack Mountain Bike

It has a hand-built hardtail frame along with double-wall alloy rims. It is a great starter mountain bike with mechanical disc brakes. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Lightweight bike.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Equipped with gigantic wheels to roll over obstacles.
  • Handlebars give you excellent control around corners.


  • The seat position is awkward, which causes back pain.
  • Stock pedals keep sliding during the ride.

Company Overview: Vilano bikes are manufacturing whole sorts of bikes since 2008. They affordably made each bike with zero compromises over its quality. Bike designs are utterly reliable. Different bikes are available to choose from, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, folding bikes, etc.

Mongoose Mountain Bike

This bike has an aluminum frame with a stable and rigid hardtail. The best part about this product is the Kraton lock-on for the security of your bike. Also, it has an internal cable rounding for better protection. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Gear shifting and braking systems are adjusted perfectly.
  • Wheels and hubs get built to last.
  • Lightweight frame.
  • The seat and grips are comfortable.


  • The fork is heavy and poor in performance.
  • Customer support service is poor.

Mongoose Company Overview: They began their journey in 1974, and now they have become a well-known brand built on innovation. Mongoose delivers the best biking and cycling experience through their products, such as mountain bikes, road bikes, scooters, BMX, and many more.

Hiland Aluminum Mountain Bike

This bike comes with a high-tech frame and powerful dual hydraulic disc brakes. It is easy to assemble and has a rigid suspension for uphill climbing. See the Latest Price Here.


  • The frame is solid and durable.
  • Its ride is smooth and stable.
  • Brakes and gears are good out of the box.
  • Hydraulic brakes have plenty of stopping power.


  • The bike comes in inadequate packing.
  • Two plastic cables retention clips do not provide cable security.

Hiland Company Overview: They began their adventures in 2000. They manufacture all kinds of bicycles and their accessories. At this moment, Hiland exports their products to over 70 countries. In this negligible amount of time, Hiland has earned the trust of the biking community by providing affordable and high-quality bikes.

eAhora Electric Mountain Bike

It has a high battery capacity with three working modes. Its every part gives a high-quality performance. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Equipped with a lightweight carbon fiber frame.
  • Powerful headlight.
  • Rims are durable.
  • The electronic lock provides safety and security to the bike.


        None mentioned.

eAhora Company Overview: It is an electric vehicle manufacturer in the USA. Since 2006, they are constantly striving to manufacture electric vehicles and make unique developments in this field. They aim to bring innovation in these electric vehicles by heavily investing their resources in product and design departments. They are pretty popular among young people. It is because their products are fashionable, good quality, and come with superior battery life. 

Schwinn Mountain Bike

Along with durable design and sturdy gearing, this product requires comparatively less maintenance. It has potent alloyed wheels and a quick-release seat. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • The overall quality of the bike is good.
  • Front shock has the right amount of stiffness.
  • There are additional mounts for the water bottle and rear rack.


  • The bikes do not get designed by keeping the safety of children in mind.
  • Gears do not change abruptly. 

Schwinn Company Overview: All bikes get designed especially for their riders. Schwinn is a true American original. They were born in 1985 and have a special place in the heart of American riders and cyclists. They are always working towards the next innovation on bikes.


If you are an adventurous person, you must follow the safety protocols of adventures. Enjoying at the stake of your life is a foolish act. I recommend using USA made mountain bikes for your comfortable rides. Make sure to get fully equipped for the sake of your safety. Have a pleasant ride!

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