What Turntables are Made in USA?

When I visited my uncle in Ohio, I saw him using vinyl records in this digital era. Vinyl records are uncompressed music quite like listening directly from the artist. I asked him the reason behind listening to music on these records. He particularly said that music lovers value sound quality over everything else.

I know what you are thinking. Isn’t it troublesome to install all the mechanisms to listen to a song?

Well, not particularly.

You have to compress the music files appropriately to be playable on different devices, which results in reduced sound quality. The turntables allow you to play vinyl records. Turntables also enable you to listen to non-digitalized vintage music.

People are usually unaware of the operating protocols of turntables, especially in the USA. People are more into using iPods or other digital sources for enjoying music. Thus, for your assistance, I have enlisted some fundamental facts. So that you can easily select the best option for yourself.

All You Need to Know About Turntables!

A turntable is a sound production instrument that uses a rotating platform to house phonographic records. The audio gets stored in this record, commonly known as a vinyl record.

Wait, there’s more!

These were a primary source of music distribution throughout the 20th century. Many people used to have turntables in their homes. They used to listen to music when doing chores or sometimes during dinner, as the music of those times used to be slow and provided a pleasant ambiance to the environment.

Do people still use them? Surprisingly, some music lovers use turntables in this digital era.

However, turntables made a comeback in the 21st century when everyone thought that digital audio streaming services might be the death of turntables. Vinyl records are still manufactured for these newly revived turntables. 

Turntables’ recent revival has allowed music enthusiasts to revisit some older music records that were not accessible through digital means.

For example, jazz music recorded in 1930 will not be accessible digitally. You will need a turntable to play such vintage music. Therefore, it still holds importance for people that value vintage music.

Turntables Made in USA






Crosley Bluetooth Turntable


Tech-Play Belt Driven Turntable


Marantz Manual Belt Driven Turntable


Andover Automatic Belt Drive Turntable

Why Should You Buy the USA-made Turntables?

American made turntables have a lot more value than others. They are difficult to find as the current market is leaning towards the digital form of music. Finding the best American made turntables is a challenging task. However, it can be worth the effort. Let’s see why one should buy a turntable made in the USA.

Impeccable Formation

The USA made turntables are made from fine quality materials that will provide the best performance for years to come. They do not compromise on the excellent quality and production technique of turntables.

Excellent Sound Quality

The sound output is arguably the most significant aspect of a turntable. The made in USA turntable excels in this regard too. They have an excellent sound result that makes you feel like you are listening to it live from the artist.

Convenient Maintenance

You can easily get the spare parts for turntables from your nearest local market. The convenient availability of its by-products makes American made turntables an optimum choice for music lovers in the USA.

Perfectly Consistent

Quality control is strictly kept in check so that customers get the best and flawless turntables. Turntables manufacturers in America follow strict regulations to ensure their product is free from faults.

Options to Upgrade

Buying USA made turntables allows you to upgrade them after some usage. Many companies that sell turntables also offer a series of upgrades so you can further improve your turntable.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Turntables

An entire generation grew up without using or seeing a turntable, so it will probably be tough to locate anyone in your social circle using a turntable.

In the present era, when you buy a rare item, it is troublesome to know what factors you should keep in mind while purchasing. So, I have listed a few things you should look for in a turntable.

MM or MC Cartridges

MM or Moving Magnet Cartridges and MC or Moving Coil Cartridges are some of the most commonly used cartridges ‌you may find in turntables. However, the turntables with MM cartridges usually get preferred over MC cartridges because of finer sound quality. They consider and pick up the sound details better than MC cartridges. Thus, it leads to better sound production.

Direct Drive or Belt Drive

Turntables come in two different modes of rotating the vinyl record. Direct drive has a motor right below the platform that houses the record, and belt drive uses a belt to rotate it.

You could choose any of them depending on your price range, as direct drive turntables are expensive, but they have substantial stability. Belt drive turntables also need belt replacement after some time.

Stylus of Turntables

We refer to the needle moving against the record on the turntable to the stylus of the turntable. As its name represents, the distinct style of the stylus is a significant factor. The most common and convenient needle is the spherical stylus. It is usually easy to find in the market and less costly.

Another distinct type is an elliptical stylus. It demands completing some technical operating protocols. However, its results are worthy. The most expensive stylus needle is the micro-ridge. It is hard to find and costly to manufacture. Therefore, manufacturers usually prepare them on special orders due to the expenditure budget.

Turntables Made in USA – Manufacturers in the USA

I have listed a few turntables that are made in the USA alongside their features, pros & cons below:

1. Crosley Bluetooth Turntable

Crosley Bluetooth Turntable

Crosley Bluetooth Turntable is a two-speed belt-driven turntable that enables you to connect a wireless speaker through the Bluetooth feature. It has high-performance audio. Moreover, it ensures the smooth play of your records. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Spins are steady and constant.
  • It has incredible sound output.
  • The quality of this turntable is brilliant for this price range.
  • It has a perfect hard dust cover.


  • The anti-skate mechanism does not appear to be effective.
  • It does not have an automatic return when the album ends.

Company Overview: Crossley is taking it to the next level. They value feedback from music lovers around the world. Crossley ventures into the future through adventure. With the evolution of the C series, it has taken a new direction, and the needle is ready to drop.

2. Tech-Play Belt-Driven Turntable

Tech-Play Belt-Driven Turntable

The turntable is a belt-driven one. It has DJ grade magnetic cartridge that provides excellent sound output. It also has Bluetooth that allows the connection of wireless speakers. You can also plug it into your laptop or desktop through its USB port. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It has excellent sound output.
  • It has an elegant look.
  • Customer service is quick to respond.


  • The sound will phase in and out

Company Overview: Pacific Southwest Electronics, Inc. (PSE. Inc.), based in 1986 in California, is a frontrunner in consumer electronics innovation. They aim to offer high-quality products at inexpensive costs. They strive to satisfy their customers with audio and video products, professional sports cameras, and health & beauty products.

3. Marantz Belt-Driven Turntable

Marantz Manual Belt-Driven Turntable

This turntable provides a vibration-free listening experience because it has cutting-edge materials and a uniquely configured design. It has exceptional stability, even on irregular surfaces. See the Latest Price Here.


  • The motor has no contact with the base of the unit, which enables minimum vibrations.
  • Its assembly is convenient.
  • Has a clean and clear sound output.
  • It is a bargain for its price as it contains expensive components.


  • Requires constant tweaking.
  • It does not come with a dust cover.

Company Overview: Surrounded by music, Marantz discovered in the early 1950s that no home music system lived up to his strict standards. They introduced an entirely new architectural idea for sound reproduction and used electrical engineering techniques to create the proof-of-concept Audio Consolette, a HiFi preamplifier designed for home use.

The world’s most experienced professionals develop their products. Moreover, Top experts meticulously tune the products to the highest standards.

4. Andover Automatic Belt-drive Turntable

Andover Automatic Belt-drive Turntable

Andover has launched another promising product for music dudes. Their automatic belt-drive turntable has an automatic operating mechanism. It also has a pre-mounted cartridge for your ease. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Premium sound quality.
  • It has a decent compact design.
  • Its stylus needle can pick up precise sound details leading to outstanding output. 
  • Convenient to use.


  • The Bluetooth connectivity feature is unavailable in it.

Company Overview: Andover Audio has been offering its services in the music industry since 2012. It has also breached into the IT industry. You will find Andover Audio products in most automobiles and telecommunication centers. However, they aim to continue their struggle in order to launch dozens of flawless products.


Turntables may seem to be a hassle product. However, it is a complete misconception. They are not troublesome to use if you operate and install them adequately. Believe me, you are a true music lover if you still prefer using turntables and vinyl records in this digital reign.

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