TV Antenna Made in USA – Manufacturers & Buying Guide

You are enjoying your favorite TV serial after a hectic working day. It’s the time to relax your mind or make yourself tension-free from all the worries of workload, and guess what? The channels get blurred!! Sounds irritating?

Yes, even if you bought a TV antenna a few days ago, you can face the same issues if you don’t opt for the right option. Choosing a suitable Antenna with good signal catching abilities requires a number of things to be considered.

Worried about how can you fix that? Well, choosing the right and suitable product can assist.

So, today I came up with the best TV antenna made in USA. This guide will also cover the most important factors like the types of Antennas, buying guide, the necessity of antennas, and more. So, here we go;

What Types of TV Antennas are Available in the USA?

There are three main categories of antenna available that are Highly-directional, omnidirectional, and Semi-directional.

The Omnidirectional antennas are specially designed to radiate signals in all possible directions.Semidirectional antennas are usually designed to offer directed, specific signal coverage in wider areas.Highly directional antennas are widely used for specific point-to-point links.
Even though it’s not possible for the antennas to radiate signals perfectly in all the directions at the same strength, this type of Antenna provides general coverage efficiently in every direction.One of the best examples of such antennas is the Yagi antenna.They typically radiate a quite narrow or thin beam over really long distances and are frequently used for the devoted or dedicated links.

Why Do You Need a TV Antenna?

Using a TV antenna can be a highly beneficial decision as it works perfectly to catch radio waves efficiently from the television stations & convert them to little frequency currents, which are generally applied to the television.

Its efficiency depends on the wall construction to examine how much signal you’ll lose. Buying an amplified and feature-packed antenna will give you a golden chance to catch signals smoothly and offer the best pleasurable experience.

TV Antenna Made in USA






Five Star Outdoor HDTV Antenna


1 by One Outdoor TV Antenna


LAVA Omnidirectional 360 Degree TV Antenna


Antennas Direct Amplified TV Antenna

Why Use USA-Made TV Antennas?

There are a lot of reasons by which you can decide why the USA-Made TV Antennas are worth considering. Some of their qualities and features of them are as follows:

Certified by FCC

USA antenna manufacturers are certified by FCC (Federal Communication Commission) so all USA made antennas are manufactured, designed, and tested under strict compliance, and also there will be no harmful effects on human health.

Exceptional Quality

The USA-made TV antennas always appear to be a better and more reliable choice. They come with high-quality materials, which make them last really long. These are specially built to offer highly smooth signals compared to others with less ability to catch signals.

Variety of Designs

Many unique and captivating designs or styles (Indoor/Outdoor) are offered by USA-made manufacturers in different sizes. This will help you decide on a suitable design according to your needs.

Things To Consider Before Buying a TV Antenna

If you are buying a TV antenna, considering some important aspects before having it is highly necessary to avoid products with issues. The following fact buying tips will help;

1. Range & Location: If you are in or near a specific city, it is good to consider a small indoor TV antenna as you will have different stations within about a ten or twenty miles radius. Plus, if you are more than 30 miles away from the local broadcast tower, you will need to set up an amplified model.

2. Indoor or Outdoor: Getting an outdoor TV Antenna made in USA will mainly rely on the building in which you are living and the environment, as obstacles like walls and even sometimes trees can prevent signals from getting through to the indoor Antenna. Moreover, outdoor antennas are big, & work better than indoor TV antennas.

3. Types of Antenna: This factor is also of great importance. Omni-directional antennas catch the frequencies from all the sides very smoothly and easily and offer exceptional performance.

4. VHF/UHF Supported: While opting for the antenna, make sure to determine whether the specific product can catch VHF/UHF frequencies or not. It’s better that you buy an antenna that will support both VHF(Very High Frequency) and UHF (Ultra High Frequency) because different TV stations work on different frequencies.

5. Website Assistance: I know it’s a technical task but don’t worry, I have a solution for you. To understand all these there are some tools that help you in this regard. You can simply put your location there & it’ll immediately give you extensive guidance on the antenna size needed & will tell you the compass direction to point out the Antenna, too. Click Here For Tool.

TV Antenna Made in USA – Manufacturers List

1. Five Star Outdoor HDTV Antenna

Five Star Outdoor HDTV Antenna

This super amazing is a new multi-directional product, which receives 4K reception and 1080p up to about 200 miles from the Transmitters. It has superb reception for both UHF and VHF signals. Plus, the package includes J-pole, Mounting bracket, RG6 Coaxial Cable, and a nice Antenna with an easy instructions manual. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Performa really well
  • Nice mounting and assembly
  • Works well with HDTV
  • Gives channels from different channels


  • Doesn’t work properly at very long distance

Company Overview: Five Star company is famous for manufacturing dedicated products and is based in California. They develop the most innovative and unique items in the industry. Their quite new antenna technology is perfectly compatible with all old and new TVs, which is amazing.

2. 1 by One Outdoor TV Antenna

1 by One Outdoor TV Antenna

The exclusive amplifier technology of this superb antenna highly improves reception compared to the old version & offers much better reliability of signals even on rainy or windy days. It has an Omni-Directional reception of around 360° and receives VHF/UHF signals from every direction. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Exceptional image quality
  • Great channel discrimination
  • Easy installation
  • No extra tools needed 


  • Does not receive channels on its own
  • Sensitive product

Company Overview: At 1 by One, they manufacture outstanding products that make the lives of people easier and better by introducing technology with great power. Today, they are establishing many businesses by offering their high-end items at affordable costs to enhance the technology to a great extent.

3. LAVA Omnidirectional 360 Degree TV Antenna

LAVA Omnidirectional 360 Degree TV Antenna

This antenna is an HDTV Antenna made in USA that is taking over the market very quickly and becoming one of the best antennas in America with top-notch performance. It is entirely Omnidirectional & receives signals smoothly from every direction without any adjustments at the same time. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Easy to install and assemble
  • Crystal clear reception
  • It can pick up weak signals too
  • Clear channels and pictures


  • Channels picking power is a bit weak

Company Overview: LAVA Electronics is undeniably the leader in new product designing & manufacturing that was established in 2003. Based in California, they have an R&D and client service team to offer the best support to all of their customers worldwide. They have developed astonishing products like HDTV items, LED products, Installation items, and much more.

4. Antennas Direct Amplified TV Antenna

Antennas Direct Amplified TV Antenna

This extra thin and feature-packed Antenna is equipped with patented loop technology with a nice Hi-VHF factor to reach the frequencies of core-DTV along with an in-line efficient amplifier system. Additionally, it offers easy repositioning to find the best suitable location from different networks like NBC, PBS, ABC, Univision, etc., in HD 1080. See the Latest Price Here.


  • HD channels
  • Clear reception
  • Strong signals
  • High-end performance 


  • The materials are a bit flimsy
  • The preamp is of no use

Company Overview: Antennas Direct was established in 2003 with the goal of selling over 20 antennas every month. The company ended up completely changing the game of antenna HDTV technology with thousands and millions of outstanding antennas sold & dozens of incredible patents later,

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for high entertainment without much price tag, then opting for one of the best American-made TV Antennas is surely going to be the easiest and quick way to get it. Whether you are deciding to cut the cord this month or searching for a backup from whenever the cable is out, a fantastic antenna with super cool features is a must-have.

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