List of TV Wall Mount Made In USA – Manufacturers Included

The TV wall mounts can efficiently solve multiple issues you might face with the TV stands. Imagine that you bought a TV stand and then realize you don’t have sufficient room for a big TV stand. Well, nothing can help here except going for another option.

Why would anyone like to spend too much on useless things, right?

To assist you with this issue, TV wall mounts come in the way. Need to free up floor space from already existing pieces of furniture? It will fix that, too. Just prefer a modest and more minimalist look? Well, you got it!

But wait there’s more! The best TV wall mount provides your TV with an excellent viewing experience, enhancing viewing comfort, & even improving protection if you have young kids.

Well, here a question arises that why you should buy the TV wall mount made in USA. OK, let’s find out the answer;

Why Choose USA Made Wall Mount?

The most prominent and noteworthy features that attract most people toward USA-made wall mounts are as follows:

UL Certified

TV Wall Mounts Made In USA are certified by the UL (Underwriters Laboratories). UL is a globally recognized safety organization that participates in the safety examination of different products and technologies. Its headquarter is located in Northbrook, Illinois.

Exceptional Support & Built

With the USA-made mounts, you’ll have a perfect item with heavy-gauge construction of steel. And you know what? This gives worthy exceptional support and strength for long-term use. Also, there will be no sag and swing in it.

Even at complete extension, you can conveniently hang off the rated LCD on it without any risks of falling. Plus, if you have extra-large TV with risks of falling due to the extreme heaviness, the tank-like build will make sure that you are not going to face such issues at all.

VESA Standard Built

All the USA manufacturers of TV wall mounts keep the VESA standards in mind. These standards are made with the collaboration of TV manufacturers so that there is no mismatch of holes between wall mount and TV.

TV Wall Mount Made In USA










MantelMount MM340 TV Mount


SANUS 4D TV Wall Mount Bracket


Mount-It Long Extension TV Mount

Things To Consider Before Choosing TV Wall Mount

Here are a few essential things you should consider before opting for the final tv mount made in USA;

  • Size & Weight:

Look for your needs and see what is the weight and size of your TV to buy the mount accordingly. The heavier and larger the mount is, the more expensive the wall mount will be.

  • Compatibility:

See if the selected mount is perfectly compatible or not. Check the VESA, it is termed the distance between the mounting holes in the back of your TV. Some mounts are sometimes not compatible with specific panels, even if they all are compatible with width and length. Therefore, you will have to be conscious of that, too.

  • Style:

TV mounts usually come in lots of styles to serve efficiently for different setups. Moreover, to assist you pick the appropriate amount for your requirements, you’ll have to look for the style. Three types of mount styles are offered, full-motion, tilting, and fixed.

  • Type of Mount:

There are lots of choices available within every category, including specially built mounts designed for ceilings, corners, & even outside. Therefore, decide first which sort of mount you actually want, then simply pick the one that efficiently works with the specific setup.

List of TV Wall Mount Made In USA

So, here is a list of TV wall mounts that are made in the USA.

  • ECHOGEAR TV Wall Mount
  • USX TV Wall Mount
  • MantelMount MM340 TV Mount
  • SANUS 4D TV Wall Mount Bracket
  • Mount-It! Long Extension TV Mount

1. ECHOGEAR TV Wall Mount


This wall mount offers the best support with heavy-gauge steel construction. Pull the TV out 22 inches away from your wall & point it wherever you want in your room with the smooth swivel of 130º. In addition, the extensive hardware pack and drilling template are also included. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Easy to swivel and adjust
  • Great quality
  • Really well-made
  • Functions perfectly


  • The tilt mechanism doesn’t manage the vertical angle
  • The brackets usually flex at the hinge points

Company Overview: From amazing TV mounts & stands to nice surge and shelves protectors, ECHOGEAR got you back when it comes to powering your devices or enhancing your TV viewing experience. Their awesome products come with a smooth and simple installation process and the best customer support.

2. USX TV Wall Mount


It is one of the best TV wall mounts that features a universal design. This super amazing space-saving mount fits most of the 47 to 48 inches TVs smoothly. Moreover, it contains dual arms with adjustable viewing angles. Easy installation along with detailed instructions & hardware in fascinating pre-labeled bags are quite good, too. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Reliable and sturdy
  • Holds the TV tight
  • Inexpensive
  • Offers smooth movement


  • Forward tilt loses its tightness.
  • Not compatible with big TVs.

USX-MOUNT Company Overview: For over 20 years, they have been redesigning and improving TV mounts to outmatch the expectations and standards of beloved clients. They understand that a good mount can upgrade your space effectively. Many customers are surprised how they provide exceptional customer service, quality, and features at a competitive cost.

3. MantelMount MM340 TV Mount

MantelMount MM340 TV Mount

The MountelMount offers patented and popular features. It comes with a full-range motion to provide smooth performance. Plus, its fantastic pull-down handles are just amazing! With the adjustable stops & efficient cable management, you can expect long years of use with no complaints at all. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Well-made & sturdy
  • Heavy gauge steel
  • Smooth performance
  • Handle large TVs with ease


  • Installation is difficult
  • Heavy

MountelMount Company Overview:
They use excellent quality automotive pistons, the best counterbalance technology, and offer the most efficient and feature-packed products to their customers. The patented features in their items assure an incredible experience of home entertainment. Plus, their accessories are specially designed to serve a huge range of installation cases.

4. SANUS 4D TV Wall Mount Bracket

SANUS 4D TV Wall Mount Bracket

As the SANUS wall mount provides the buyers with an upgraded viewing experience via enhanced and nice viewing angles, it has won the hearts of many people. Its advanced kit features a fabulous hardware bag, easy install manual, drilling template, & pre-assembled parts for easy usage. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Top-shelf hardware quality
  • Easy installation
  • Perfect bracket adjustment
  • Worth every penny


  • Brackets sometimes come with the wrong attachments

Company Overview: For over 30 years, SANUS has designed the most superior and premium items to get the most out of your TV, speakers, and today’s modern technologies. They provide the buyers with the best TV mounts, speaker stands and mounts, media furniture, and racks.

5. Mount-It Long Extension TV Mount

Mount It Long Extension TV Mount

This TV mount is specially designed to fit efficiently to most the LED, Plasma, or LCD of around 42 to 80 inches. Maximize the visibility and positioning of your TV for a better viewing experience with this masterpiece. Plus, it is equipped with dual steel mounting arms. Additionally, this item comes with a long-lasting warranty of 5 years. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Heavy-duty mount
  • Stable & doesn’t feel wiggly
  • Long and sturdy extension
  • Best viewing experience


  • Really heavy
  • Difficult to install

Company Overview: At Mount-It, you will be provided with the best designs and products which are extremely easy to assemble. They engineer items that are very easy to use, Their products are adored by some big brands.


In this article, you’ll get to know about the best tv wall mount made in USA. If you always face issues because of the loose adhesion of the low-quality mounts and want the best mount with nice quality and perfect fit, the above USA-made products can be the sweet spot for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Just choose the suitable product from the above list and thank us later! Happy Shopping, folks!

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How much Does TV Mounting Cost?

The wall mount cost of a TV ranges between 50-100 dollars per hour or an average cost of $200. These prices include labor i.e. only tv mounting cost, you have to spend 50-100 bucks for the wall mount. The final cost of tv mounting depends on the TV size, type of mount, and installation complexity. cost for mounting a TV on walls such as brick and concrete costs you a bit more.

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