Solid Wood TV Stands Made in USA – List of Manufacturers

Last week, my friend hosted a party at his home to watch a football match. For our luxurious watching experience, he settled a new 60-inches smart TV.

Once everything got set up, we turned on the TV five minutes before the match started. We realized the TV was way too low. His TV was resting on a lounge table that was not at an appropriate height.

Although we had a fun night, the TV-watching experience was tedious. Yesterday I invited everyone to watch a movie at my place. Everyone had a lovely watching time as I placed my TV on a wood TV stand of a perfect height. The quality of the stand impressed my friends, and they all wanted one for themselves.

Therefore, I’m sharing a complete guide about the USA made wood TV stands. So you can save yourself from such embarrassing moments. You will get to know the key points one must consider while purchasing TV stands.

Let’s start with a brief overview of wood TV stands.

Why Do You Need a TV Stand?

A TV stand is a piece of furniture which gets designed for house televisions and their accessories. It includes shelves to accommodate the TV set. Some TV stands have drawers to store remote and physical copies of movies and games.

The basic purpose of TV stands is to match the level of TV with your eyes so that you can enjoy your movies and shows comfortably. You can also place miscellaneous items on the TV stands, like family picture frames and decoration items.

I know you are wondering about how companies make these exquisite TV stands. Companies usually make TV stands from metal, hardwood, and glass. Each type has its advantages, such as metal and hardwood being more durable and stiff. However, glass stands are durable and fragile to hard knocks.






SIMPLIHOME Solid Wood TV Stand




Martin Svensson Home TV stand


VIVOHOME Wooden TV Stand


Signature Design by Ashley TV stand

Why Choose Solid Wood TV Stands made in the USA?

American made solid wood TV stands are difficult to find. You may find the market saturated with imported products. You will get a better wood TV stand for a similar price if you buy made in USA TV stand rather than an imported stand. Following are the reasons why USA made solid wood TV stands are superior.

Excellent Quality Control

American brands selling TV stands follow stringent quality control to ensure their customers receive high-end TV stands at comparable prices. The solid wood tv console made in America gives an exceptional finish and sturdiness.

Lasting Material

The USA companies use durable wood so your TV stand could be your lifetime companion. They use distinct types of wood like cedar, white oak, teak, wenge wood, etc. They have resistive properties to fungi, cracking, and rotting. Therefore, you will get persistent quality TV stands.

Stable TV stands

Solid wood TV stands made in USA are very stable. You can place many items on it, and the TV stand will not wobble. The weight and load distribution on them are great.

Extra Storage

USA made wood TV stands get designed keeping a typical American household in mind. So, you will find extra storage options on them, like cabinets and drawers. There will be dedicated space for children to store their PlayStation or XBOX alongside physical copies of games.

Things to Consider Before Buying TV Stands

Solid wood TV stands made in USA have a variety to them. Have you ever noticed why specialists prefer a compact TV stand?

It is because they do not take up much space in the room. Usually, these stands get placed near a wall socket providing power to different components of a TV set. So, you have to consider multiple factors that are explained below.

Maximum Weight Capacity

The first thing you should consider is the maximum weight it can hold. So be sure to test the load of the tv and other add-ons that are part of the TV. Thus, professionals suggest buying a TV stand well above the overall mass of the TV.

Appropriate Height

The most important thing to consider is the precise height of the TV stand. You require a TV of the height of your eye level. So you can get a comfortable watching experience.

Space Saver and Sturdy

The TV stand should have a compact design, so it does not take much space in your room or living area. It should be sturdy, well built, and leveled. So it can stay functional for years to come.

Storage Options

I suggest buying the one with many drawers and cabinets if you have many accessories alongside your TV like speakers, gaming consoles, etc.

Solid Wood TV Stands Made in USA – List of Manufacturers

I have listed a few solid wood TV stands made in USA alongside their features, pros & cons below.

  • SIMPLIHOME Solid Wood TV stand
  • Martin Svensson Home TV stand
  • BELLEZE Wood TV stand
  • Signature Design by Ashley TV stand
  • VIVOHOME Wooden TV stand

1. SIMPLIHOME Solid Wood TV stand

SIMPLIHOME Solid Wood TV stand

It is a substantial wooden TV cabinet version and is handwrought using high-quality rubberwood. It is hand-finished and has multi-characteristic drawers that you may use as a television stand. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It is a heavy-duty structure.
  • Has a sleek finish.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • It has a vintage look to it.


  • Some of the required holes are not pre-drilled.
  • The finishing is slightly tender.

Company Overview: The goal of SIMPLIHOME is to live life by design, a life driven by their decisions and visions. The surrounding environment reinforces a meaningful life. They have been working with global partners since 2003 to create handmade furniture made with love.

2. BELLEZE Wood TV Stand

BELLEZE Wood TV stand

This TV stand is modern farmhouse style. It has windowpane cabinet doors that allow you to showcase your accessories. It is very versatile, and you can use it for multiple purposes besides being a TV stand. See the Latest Price Here.


  • The company has a decent after-sales department that contacts customers if you find any issues.
  • It is hulking and sturdy.
  • It has a delicate look to it.
  • There is a lot of storage for accessories.


  • It does not have proper reinforcement on some parts.
  • The glass doors have dragged over them which can cause damage.

Company Overview: Whether your decor preferences are rustic, coastal, industrial, sheltered, or a farmhouse, They have the right choice for you. Hundreds of styles to choose from in the BELLEZE catalog make it easy to design an elegant home.

3. Martin Svensson Home TV Stand

Martin Svensson Home TV stand

Martin Svensson Home built this TV stand from durable pine veneers. It is available in a vintage black and has a rusty distressed pine finish. It has four removable interior shelves. See the Latest Price Here.


  • The assembly is easy and quick.
  • Front and back pieces are pre-assembled.
  • It has a rustic finish that looks beautiful.
  • It is convenient to install all the electronics inside.


  • The back wall feels like cardboard instead of wood.
  • The actual color is off from the displayed pictures of the product.

Martin Svensson Company Overview: Their history dates back over 100 years of manufacturing home furnishings. It is named after the corporation, based on Pacific Coast Basket Co. and then Sandberg furnishings Mfg. Co. Approximately four or five generations later, the descendants of the Martin organization retain the tradition of elegant furniture.

4. VIVOHOME Wooden TV Stand

VIVOHOME Wooden TV Stand

This TV stand has an enormous storage space that stores all daily necessities and other accessories. It is produced from fine and durable material that does not rust. It has a simple but elegant design. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It is solid and sturdy.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Thanks to smooth surfaces, it is easy to clean.
  • It can sustain bulkily.


  • Quality control issues.
  • Many holes are missing in the stand.

VIVOHOME Company Overview: They insist on using high-quality materials that result in a high-quality product that will stand the test of time. Besides products, they aim to supply products in the shortest time by simplifying the whole purchasing experience with a satisfactory shopping experience and splendid logistics mechanism.

5. Signature Design by Ashley TV Stand

Signature Design by Ashley TV stand

This TV stand has a mix of modern and vintage aesthetics to it. It has four side shelves, two center shelves, and two sliding barn doors with wire mesh screens. The barn doors are sliding, which will give a clutter-free look. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It is a heavy-duty and sturdy TV stand.
  • Favorable to put together.
  • Has a beautiful look to it.
  • The sliding barn doors come pre-assembled.


  • Quality control is poor.
  • The material is loose in some areas of the stand.

Company Overview: Ashley Furniture Industries is the world’s leading furniture manufacturer. However, their products are not the only heroes. The employees working at Ashley Furniture Industries also assist the organization to produce the best quality products.


TV stands are as significant as TVs. Without TV stands, you cannot protect your TV from falling apart. However, TV stands also beautify the elegant look of your TV. Therefore, I suggest purchasing a TV stand to add a decorous finish to your room.

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