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A few weeks ago, I was sitting next to my Grandma on a couch, seeing how smoothly and nicely she was making a fabulous sweater for my 1-year-old baby. She was doing it with a great interest for her little boy; the affection while doing this was clear in her eyes. I got impressed with it and wanted to make it myself. Eagerly, I started to ask her questions about that yarn as it looked so smooth and nice.

I learned that the Yarn does wonders when the right choice is made. She told me that some yarns are so amazing that even beginners can easily use them. Stay with me to explore what I exactly found in my complete research about yarn. I’ll discuss almost everything you should know about the Yarn made in USA, including the types of yarn, things to consider while buying it, and the list of best products.

Let’s begin with the basics.

What is Yarn and Its Types?

Yarn is basically a continuous long length of specific interlocked fibers. It is generally suitable for sewing, knitting, embroidery, ropemaking, crocheting, and more. It is also known as Orlon, Dralon, Nitron, Leacryl, and Courtelle. Wool is also a kind of yarm that is utilized for purposes like knitting.

They come in different types and varieties to do different tasks efficiently. Move on to explore the possible types of Yarn and how each type plays a unique role;

Here are some types of Yarn available:

1. Wool Fiber Yarns

Cotton fiber and organic cotton yarn are the most common ones. You can also use natural fibers like bamboo. Whether you’re knitting or weaving, they feel nice in your hands and drape differently. Wool is more suitable for making warm garments. There is some soft wool yarn made in USA that does not have scratchy/itchy qualities.

2. Merino Wool Yarn

This is a class of super fine wools that efficiently spin into smooth elastic yarns. Merino wool yarn made in usa is famous for its soft nature, which is best for baby sweaters and baby blankets, and looks luxurious on them, too. You can use it for making neck warmers, leg warmers, gloves, home accessories, headbands, socks, and more.

3. Acrylic Yarn

People generally use Acrylic yarn made in USA if they’re allergic to wool stuff. You can get it at a less high price, and it’s easily washable. If you are thinking about making a fine scarf, it’s better to use acrylic yarn as it’s durable and can feel super soft on your body. People also make cell phone cases and purses with them.

After going through the types, you’ll probably think about why you should choose USA-made yarn. Well, here’s what makes it stand out; 

Yarn Made In USA






Lion Brand Oklahoma City USA Yarn


Lion 135-149K Hometown Yarn


Ragg TYME Yarn

Why Choose USA made Yarn?

USA-made Yarn generally stands out because they have several incredible certifications, which makes them trustworthy and reliable. 

One of the essential reasons that USA-made yarn is worth considering is that they are OCS (Organic Content Standard Certified). It enables the utilization of organic material in the processing stage. Also, it verifies the presence of organic material in the products.

ECO PASSPORT is an independent certification and testing system for auxiliaries, colorants, and chemicals used for manufacturing textiles. It confirms the ecological safety of all the textile items & leather articles from every production stage.

International Organization for Standardization is based on various principles, including the process approach, top management implication, continual improvement, and strong customer focus. It checks and eventually approves the products of high-end quality to provide the buyers with the best items.

Last but not least, the ZSHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) is one the best reasons why people widely use and prefer USA-made products. It assures the consumer’s well-being by extensive checking at every production stage.

Now that you have acknowledged why American made Yarn stands out, let’s have a look at the things you should look for before buying them;

Things to Consider Before Buying a Yarn

You need to consider a number of factors before choosing the yarn. Some of them are given below;

  • The softness of the Yarn is pretty essential. The Yarn must be thick and soft at the same time.
  • See the staple length and choose it according to your needs.
  • Felting properties should be there to explore how the fibers are to feel with each other.
  • Luster decides how much the Yarn shines to make enchanting new items.
  • The elasticity of the yarn matters a lot. You can check out the elastic nature by the crimp of the fibers.
  • Lastly, consider your budget. Synthetics are usually cheaper compared to natural fibers of the same quality. 
  • Try not to compromise on the quality and select the mixed fiber yarns as they are promised to be of good quality at a little more cost.

After keeping in mind all the important points regarding the things you should consider,

Best Yarn Made In USA

You can choose any of the quality products from the below list to have the best ever yarn brands made in USA for making outstanding items.

  1. Lion Brand Oklahoma City USA Yarn
  2. Lion Brand Hometown Yarn
  3. Ragg TYME Sock Yarn

1. Lion Brand Oklahoma City USA Yarn

Lion Brand oklahoma city USA Yarn

Lion brand yarn made in USA is best for crafting, crocket, and knitting. You can quickly do different projects with easy care and bulky Yarn. Try not bleaching or ironing it. Instead, you can clean it in the washing machine as it has a super soft texture. See the latest price here.

Excellent qualityIt is a loosely twisted yarn
Soft texture
Nice color
It can be used as a blanket

Company Overview: Based in 1878, this company is a family-owned, fifth-generation business. Their yarns are usually sold online at different shops in the United States. These are the best yarn manufacturers in USA that are passionate about assisting people in enjoying the outstanding pleasures of working with quality yarns.

2. Lion Brand Hometown Yarn

Lion 135-149K Hometown Yarn

This Yarn is easy to work with and feels super soft. Also, it’s pretty useful to use as blankets, draft excluders, and footstools. The lovely thick wool is used in the manufacturing of this quality hometown yarn. Most importantly, you will be able to get good quality yet budget-friendly products to make nice garments. See the latest price here.

Very soft and prettyIt is quite fuzzy
Best for making warm garments
Impressive quality

Company Overview: They are among the most reliable yarn brands made in the USA, based in Carlstadt in 1878. Their yarns are quite famous in the USA as they give lots of discounts and have various retailers in both international and domestic markets. You can enjoy standard yarns for crafting impressive masterpieces.

3. Ragg TYME Sock Yarn

Ragg TYME Sock Yarn

It is a luxurious American-made cotton yarn that features a blend of 30% wool, 10% Tencel, and 60% alpaca. One ply of this Yarn is of bright color, and the other two are of medium rose grey color, which gives you a fascinating and healthier look during knitting. Its quality and smooth nature are what make it stands out among its competitors. See the latest price here.

Very good priceA bit heavy
Durable and reliable
Nice colors
Thick enough to ensure a tight finish

Here is the million-dollar information so don’t skip it.

Why We Need Yarn?

Yarn plays a vital role in our everyday life. Different things we use in our households depend a lot on Yarn. Whether it comes to making towels, dishcloths, handbags, sink liners, gloves, ties, or blankets, Yarn is the essential product that is needed in the process. 

People widely make long pants, bathing suits, glass cozies, pot holders, hot plates, slippers, panties, bras, shawls, hats, shorts, etc., with the help of good quality yarn. Building insulation, pillows, rugs, sheets, blankets, and curtains also become convenient when we have reliable Yarn made in the USA, hand to hand.

Where is Lion brand yarn made?

For more than 125 years, Lion has been a well-known brand in knitting and crafting yarns. They are based in Carlstadt, New Jersey, and produce all their yarn there. Throughout the world, they sell yarn online, in craft chains, discount chains, independent shops, and retailers.

Can You Wash Acrylic Yarn?

Basically, it depends on the yarn used. I have a bunch of them that my grandmother made from acrylic yarn, and they are easy to wash and dry. It takes more care and effort to wash the cotton and wool ones, but they all survive the gentle cycle with Woolite and air drying.

Can You Dye Acrylic Yarn?

Acrylic fiber is a synthetic fiber. Immersion dyeing with disperse dyes is required when you want to color acrylic fabric. It will not hold conventional dyes used on cotton or wool because it is made of a petrochemical called acrylonitrile.

Can You Iron Acrylic Yarn?

It’s very easy to ruin acrylic hand knits by ironing them – I know, I’ve done it and regretted it. You can not iron acrylic yarn because acrylic is essential plastic, it will melt and the fibers will become permanently stretched. I never press woolen or acrylic things again, but if they are looking a bit crinkled sometimes pass a steam iron over it an inch or two above it – no weight on it at all, and the steam high enough to form a cloud over it.

You can test by knitting a small test square and ironing it, you will see how the yarn reacts to ironing.

Does Acrylic Yarn Shrink?

Shrinkage is not noticeable. It depends on the percentage of acrylic and what other fibers it is mixed with. The higher the percentage of acrylic, the less shrinkage.


Yarn is something that is not just used in small households for making garments but people running garment industries also use it widely. In this article, we covered every important point regarding yarn made in the USA to help you choose the best.

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