What Organic Mattress Pads are Made in USA?

Whenever I would sleep on my mattress, rashes developed all over my skin. Although the mattress claimed to be 100% organic, it was not. So, instead of giving away my mattress, I decided to get an organic mattress pad for it that is both comfortable and safe for my skin. Interested in knowing my research? Stay with me to find out.

After a lot of research, I came across organic mattress pads made in the USA and decided to try them. So, I will list some of the best organic mattress pads made in USA, the things you need to consider before buying them, and what makes these local organic mattress protectors the best.

Starting with the basics, let me tell you what an organic mattress pad is and how is it helpful for you.

Why Should You Go for Mattress Pads?

It is warm in your bed due to the mattress, which makes dust mites the perfect habitat. Despite the fact that dust mites cannot be permanently eliminated from your mattress, a mattress pad does restrict them to the surface. Mattress pads, however, can be easily cleaned, thereby removing dust mites to a great extent.

You might not know that during the night when you are sleeping, your body releases sweat, dead skin cells, and some oils. The accumulation of these things can make the whole place unhygienic. Besides, if you own a pet, their fur also contributes to this. Now, if you own an organic mattress protector, it would prevent this waste from absorbing into the mattress.

Organic Mattress Pads Made in USA






Luxury Eddie Cotton Mattress Pad


Whisper Organics Mattress Pad


BrylaneHome Mattress Pad


OrganicTextiles Mattress Topper Pad


Holy Lamb Wool Mattress Pads

What makes me say that USA-made organic mattress pads are different from others of their kind? You can find out down below.

Why Choose USA-made Organic Mattress Pads?

Fabrics with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certifications mean that they are organic. This certificate puts the consumers at ease as they are aware that the product they will be using is free from chemicals. The organic mattress pads manufactured in the United States also comply with GOTS standards.

Another standard for checking the end quality of a product is the OCS (Organic Content Standard) certification. Organic mattress pads of USA are OCS certified, meaning that throughout the processing of the protectors, only organic materials were used. 

ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) checks the leather, footwear, and textile value chain to confirm they don’t release hazardous chemicals into their products before selling them. Organic mattress protectors made in USA do not discharge hazardous chemicals and are thus safe to use.

Moving on, all organic mattress pads won’t suit you well. Therefore, you must know what factors to look for in an organic mattress pad.

Things to Consider Before Buying Organic Mattress Pads

Organic mattress pads come in diversity, so to know which one is the best for you, you can keep in mind the following things:

  • Always prioritize comfort because a mattress protector that does not provide comfort is of no use.
  • Do not purchase a mattress pad without measuring the size of your mattress accurately
  • Both firm and extremely soft mattress pads are not good for your body posture. Therefore, buy the one that has the perfect balance between firmness and softness.
  • Check for a warranty because a good warranty means your mattress protector will last longer.
  • For knowing the hygiene of the mattress pad, check if it has gone through anti-mite and antibacterial treatments. These guarantees that it is safe from allergies. 
  • You can find four technologies in an organic mattress protector: latex, memory foam, foam, and pocket springs. All of these are for keeping your body and spine maintained. You can select the one suitable for your needs as all of them serve differently.

Finally, it’s time to list the top 5 best organic mattress pads made in USA.

What Organic Mattress Pads are Made in USA?

I have enlisted organic mattress pads made in America with their pros and cons.

  1. Luxury Eddie Cotton Mattress Pad
  2. Whisper Organics Mattress Pad
  3. BrylaneHome Mattress Pad
  4. OrganicTextiles Mattress Topper Pad
  5. Holy Lamb Wool Mattress Pads

1. Luxury Eddie Cotton Mattress Pad

Luxury Eddie Cotton Mattress Pad

With a 300-thread count, this polyester cotton mattress pad adds a layer of plush comfort to your mattress. The good news is that the hypoallergenic polyester fill makes this mattress pad the ideal choice for allergic people. See the latest price here.

Offers a great fit for any mattressUnpleasant odor for the first week
Cotton is breathable
Soft and excellent quality protector
Allow machine washing and drying

Company Overview: The US-based DOWNLITE is also owned and operated by a family since 1983. The bedding products they manufacture include pillows, mattress pads, comforters, throws, and blankets, to name a few.

2. Whisper Organics Mattress Pad

Certified by GOTS, this mattress pad is 100% organic cotton. This is suitable for a queen-size mattress pad. Besides, it is breathable and comfortable. See the latest price here.

Does not slip  presentHigh price 
Free from chemicals
Cotton perfectly absorbs the moisture
Perfect fit for deep pillow top mattress

Company Overview: Located in New York City, Whisper Organics is a family-owned and operated brand. The company focuses greatly on the protection of the environment. Their cotton comes from GOTS-certified fields located in Turkey and India.

3. BrylaneHome Mattress Pad

This organic cotton mattress pad made in USA offers many features that are not present in the mattress pad of Whisper Organics such as it resists water and stains from absorbing into the mattress. You are only required to wash it before usage. See the latest price here.

Excellent quality coverNo cons
Flawless fitting
Stain resistant

Company Overview: BrylaneHome has been offering products ranging from easy to classic pieces since 1998. Their designs allow consumers to add a personal touch to their space so that they can be more comfortable.

4. OrganicTextiles Mattress Topper Pad

This Latex mattress topper pad is free from harsh chemicals and petroleum additives. Rather, the organic mattress topper made in USA is all-natural latex from the sap of rubber trees, making it suitable for people who are sensitive to chemicals. See the latest price here.

Great craftsmanshipHas an awful smell
Extremely comfortable topper pad
Allows a great fit with deep pockets
Perfect for a king-sized bed

Company Overview: In addition to manufacturing organic bedding products, the company greatly emphasizes making their products eco-friendly too. This is for the sake of protecting the environment and keeping their consumers healthy.

5. Holy Lamb Wool Mattress Pads

Holy Lamb Wool Mattress Pads

These wool mattress pads come from domestic Northwest Eco-wool. They prevent moisture from getting absorbed, making the mattress pad soft but not too hot. See the latest price here.

Highly durableRelatively expensive 
Does not give out an awful smell
Mattress pad repels spills
Easy to wash and dry

Company Overview: Carrying their centuries-old tradition of making enchanting hand-made textile products, Holy Lamb Organics makes sure to introduce healthy living among their customers while protecting the environment too.

I have answered some questions for you down below that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Why are Organic Mattress Pads Important?

You can easily understand their importance by looking at the following mentioned benefits:

  • Eco-friendly raw materials 
  • Do not affect your health
  • Biodegradable materials 
  • Safe for babies 

Can you Put a Mattress Pad in the Dryer? 

Yes, you can. However, check the instructions written on the mattress pad before putting it in a dryer. Always make sure to keep the heat low when opting for a tumble dry.

How often to Wash the Mattress Protectors?

You can wash a mattress protector after 2 months. But, if you are allergic or have pets, you should do it more often.

How often Should you Replace the Mattress?

If the mattress is not torn and it has not sagged, you can use it for 6-8 years. After this timespan, you must replace it. 

Do I need a Mattress Pad and Topper?

First, you need to understand that a mattress pad is thin and protects the mattress so it can last longer. Whereas, a mattress topper is for providing comfort when you sleep on your mattress. Both these products ensure that you get a good sleep. But, using both a mattress pad and a topper, you will see an increase in the height of your mattress.

How to Choose a Mattress Pad?

Although I have discussed the things you need to be looking for in a mattress pad before buying it above, always prefer the one with more thread count. Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into a fabric’s square inch. Increased thread count means tighter weaves. This shows that the mattress protector is of great quality and will last longer.


After buying an organic mattress pad, you are not only protecting yourself from exposure to toxic chemicals but also the environment as these mattresses do not end up in landfills. Rather, they are easily degraded. Investing in an organic mattress protector made in USA will make you forget your allergies! You will get the sleep you always wanted.

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