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I bought a set of two synthetic pillows for my bed that claimed to be free of allergens. Since I have sensitive skin, I soon began to have rashes and breakouts all over my face. Therefore, I had to get rid of them immediately. 

I disposed of the pillows and searched for a safe and organic pillow option. I bought the organic pillows for my bedroom and buckwheat pillows for the living room. These pillows are soft and extremely friendly to my skin. Locally made pillows give me more comfort than any other pillows I’ve ever used.

Before reviewing some of the best organic pillows made in USA for you, it is important to know how an organic pillow differs from other pillows.

What are Organic Pillows?

Pillows made from 100% organic materials are known as organic pillows. These materials include organic cotton, organic buckwheat, and organic wool. Sometimes, organic pillows may also contain natural latex which is also 97% organic. 

Based on the type of materials used, organic pillows have the following types:

Organic latex foamLatex is a processed product that comes from a tree. But, it is organic and does not lump or clump.
Organic goose-down pillowsThe pillows are filled with goose-downy feathers.
Organic buckwheat pillowsThe organic buckwheat pillows consist of buckwheat hulls. They do not retain body heat and hence remain cool.
Organic kapok pillowsThese pillows are filled with kapok, which is a soft fiber that comes from the Kapok tree. It is lighter than cotton.
Organic wool pillowsOrganic wool pillows contain the wool sheared from sheep.
Organic cotton pillowsAs the name suggests, these pillows involve long-staple cotton in their manufacture and are thus softer. 

Organic Pillows Made In USA






Digital Decor Cotton Pillows


Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillows




WheatDreamz Organic Cotton Pillow


Puredown Down Pillows

You might be wondering what makes the organic pillows made in the USA stand out among others of their kind. Let me tell you some stuff.

Why Should You Go with USA-made Organic Pillows?

ISO 9001 standard refers to several quality management principles such as motivation and implication of top management, strong customer focus, process approach, and continuous improvement. Companies certified with ISO 9001 provide better quality products and services. The organic pillows made in USA also have ISO 9001 certification.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) applies to all products involving wool, fibers, cloths, upholstery fabrics, and fabrics except for products composed of leather. To get GOTS certification for textile products, they should have a minimum of 70% organic agriculture contribution. Organic pillows manufactured in the United States have GOTS certification, making them environmentally friendly and free from harmful chemicals.

Organic Cotton Standard (OCS) is responsible for verifying the presence and amount of organic material in the final product. Again all types of products fall under OCS except for leather products. Products with at least 95% certified organic fiber get OCS certification. The American-made organic pillows also have the OCS certification.

WRAP is a symbol that shows the commitment to upholding ethical and social standards. Companies certified with WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production) certification follows rules and regulations of the country in which it operates. Organic pillows manufacturers in the USA are WRAP certified.

Want to know more about some tips that would make you purchase organic pillows with ease.

Things To Consider Before Buying Organic Pillows

To check the type of organic pillow best suitable for you, be thoughtful of the following things:

  • Whether they have a natural or synthetic filling (go for the natural one)
  • Pillows with a natural and breathable fabric of cotton, silk, wool, or bamboo (filling material)
  • The thickness of the pillows
  • Size of the pillows (standard and king size) 
  • Multipurpose pillows (for home and camping)
  • Allow healthy sleeping posture 
    1. Face down sleepers should choose a softer pillow, around 500 grams.
    2. A firm pillow over 1000gr is ideal for back or side sleepers. Pillows with higher GRs have denser filings, and therefore are firmer.
    3. The best pillow for a back sleeper is a firm-down pillow that supports your neck while providing the luxurious comfort that a synthetic pillow cannot offer.

Now, comes the best organic pillows made in USA. You can check them down below:

What Organic Pillows are Made In USA?

1. Digital Decor Cotton Pillows

Digital Decor Cotton Pillows

This set of 2 down alternative pillows is 100% organic cotton pillows made in USA. The pillows have a medium virgin polyester filling, ensuring breathability and coolness. Besides, the material is hypoallergenic and irritation-free and you can wash and dry the pillows in a washing machine too. See the latest price here.

Last longerThe polyester filling is a cheap one
Resilient pillows and do not flatten
Perfect softness level of head support
Super comfortable

Company Overview: They manufacture and sell quality bedding products at affordable rates. The company manages its products from their manufacture to their shipment and delivery and thus provides each of its customers with quality products. If that was not enough, Digital Decor also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for all of its branded products.

2. Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillows

Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillows

These pillows with memory foam filling give a perfect balance of support and firmness and are lightweight too. Plus, the kool-flow bamboo cover keeps you cool and sweat-free for the whole night by allowing air to pass through the pillow. These pillows in addition have GreenGuard Gold certification, preventing you from air pollutants exposure. See the latest price here.

Stretchy and breathable Memory foam stop working and become hard
No irritation or roughness to sensitive skin
Incredibly soft pillow 
Pillowcase is awesome

Company Overview: Snuggle-Pedic’s founder, Dr. Rick Swartzburg brought the company into existence when he found a remedy for chronic pain and thought it would benefit everyone. Likewise, their wide range of bedding products serves specific sleep needs like spinal alignment support, overheating, or allergy-friendly materials that help in sleeping better.

3. DREAMTOWN KIDS Organic Pillow


This kids pillow contains a 100% organic cotton shell with a polyester filling and is handmade. Plus, the pillow is 100% safe and free from allergy feathers or poisonous memory foam. Besides, it serves multiple purposes such as a travel pillow for planes, cars, or strollers’ rides. The pillow can make your child fall asleep fast. See your latest price here.

Perfect for toddlersLoses its fluffiness over time
Soft and smells great
High-quality and durable fabric
Washes well

Company Overview: Based on the love for children, Dreamtown Kids began in 1998 in a small office with a new vision for Chicago real estate sales. Now, the company has 400 brokers across five locations in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Besides, both children and parents approve of each of the Dreamtown Kids bedding products as their textiles hold all certifications.

4. WheatDreamz Organic Cotton Pillow

WheatDreamz Organic Cotton Pillow

This pillow provides versatile and flexible support to the head, neck, spine, and back. Also, the organic buckwheat pillow made in USA is available in various sizes and can withstand hand or machine wash. The best part about this pillow is that its cotton fabric features a hidden zipper that gives a complete adjustment. See the latest price here.

Cool and breathableThe pillow is not full 
Firm yet contours exactly to any body shape
Perfect size, not too thick or too thin

Company Overview: Since its establishment in 1987, Bean Products is not only the leading but also a consistent manufacturer of eco-friendly products for its customers. The company makes sure to manufacture most of its products in the United States. Therefore, their products provide superior comfort by using organic cotton, buckwheat hulls, kapok, natural latex, hemp, etc.

5. Puredown Down Pillows

Puredown Down Pillows

The organic down pillow made in USA includes 85% gray goose feathers and 15% gray goose down in various sizes. Also, it is suitable for every type of sleeper such as side sleepers, combination sleepers, and back sleepers. The material used is 100% premium quality cotton, making it breathable, skin-friendly, and durable. See the latest price here.

Pillows are super fluffyPillows do not maintain their shape 
High-quality stuffing
Thick and luxurious cotton cover

Company Overview:  Having an experience of more than 20 years, the US-based Puredown is the largest down products manufacturer that focuses on product innovation and brings forth eco-friendly products to you while keeping the prices fair too. The company only uses the best quality down feathers in its pillow, blanket, and comforter.

Are you still with me? Below are some questions and answers you must read.

Why Organic Pillows are Important for you? 

You can determine the significance of organic pillows for the following reasons:

  • Can relieve pain
  • Contain fewer allergens 
  • Soft so keep muscles and ligaments relaxed
  • Last longer than non-organic pillows
  • Recyclable and environmentally friendly 

What is the Healthiest Type of Pillow?

Organic pillows are a good choice for you and the environment regardless of whether they are made with buckwheat, latex, wool, cotton, or some other organic material. So, always go with organic pillows if you need a comfortable and healthy sleep.

How often should I change my Pillow?

It is recommended that pillows be replaced every one to two years by most doctors. This will ensure that you are sleeping on pillows that are allergen-free, clean, and supportive. Furthermore, it is important to maintain the pillows you use so that they last for a long time. Keep your pillows in sunlight once a month to keep them sanitized.


Your face has direct contact with your pillow for at least 8 hours each day and if the pillow is synthetic, it can harm your health due to toxic chemicals. So, it is wise to invest in an organic pillow instead of a nor-organic one. The organic pillows of the USA give you the sleep you want while being safe for you and the environment.

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