Organic Cotton Sheets Made in USA – Worth Buying

After using the cotton sheets of numerous brands, I can say that the organic cotton sheets made in USA have no match. What makes me say this? Several factors present only in the USA made organic cotton sheets make them the best partner of any mattress.

In this article, I will discuss with you about organic cotton bed sheets made in USA, the things to consider before buying cotton sheets, the 5 best organic cotton sheets made in USA, and much more.

Before listing those factors, let me introduce you to organic cotton.

What is Organic Cotton?

It is a well-known fact that cotton is one of the most commonly grown crops across the globe. However, with the passage of time and increase in its demand, the cotton produced currently is detrimental to the environment and human health. This is because these cotton crops are now treated with excessive chemicals.

On the other hand, an organic cotton crop is grown without taking up harmful chemicals such as toxic pesticides and fertilizers.

Why Organic Cotton Sheets are Important for You?

Organic cotton sheets are essential for various reasons. They not only preserve the environment from toxic chemicals for future generations but also keep toxins off of your skin. Likewise, all of us spend one-third of a day in bed, so it wouldn’t be wise to go for something other than organic cotton sheets.

Organic cotton sheets are breathable, meaning they do not make you feel unnecessarily hot or cold during the night and thus risk your sleep which happens with almost every bed sheet.

Organic cotton sheets are best suited for folks who wish to buy eco-friendly products. One of the major reasons why you should switch to organic cotton sheets is that when you sleep on a bed sheet, your face and mouth are in direct contact with them. As a result, it can risk your health.

Organic Cotton Sheets Made in USA






Whisper Organics Cotton Sheet Set


Fabdreams Cotton Sheets Set


Peacock Alley Organic Cotton Sheet Sets


Degree 4 Dreamfit Cotton Sheets


California Design Den Luxury Sheets

Moving on, let’s talk about why you should choose made in USA organic cotton sheets.

Why Choose Cotton Sheets Made In USA?

The characteristics of organic cotton bedding made in USA discussed down below make them stand out among others:

1. GOTS Certification

This certificate stands for Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), meaning the cotton used is 100% organic. The cotton sheets made in USA are 100% organic cotton sheets.

2. OEKO-TEX Certification 

The organic cotton bedding made in the USA is independently tested for thread count and performance and is thus certified as standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. This is to ensure no harmful substances get in your bed.

3. Production Process

Creating organic cotton percale sheets and bedding is a process that demands precision, quality, and care. This time-honored tradition starts on the farm and ends during the combing, spinning, cutting, and sewing of the products packaged in recycled and upcycled materials. Only the organic cotton percale sheets made in USA follow this production process.

4. Finishing

The organic cotton flannel sheets made in USA are the most comfortable and luxurious with a pure finish because they avoid the usage of pastes, resins, or heavy dyes. Some cotton sheets utilize formaldehyde resin which is the most harmful chemical fabric finish.

Whereas the organic cotton flannel sheets made in the United States do not utilize any toxic chemical in their making.

5. Quality Control

Each organic cotton bed sheet made in USA is meticulously inspected by trained quality monitors before its packing and shipping. This is to ensure top-notch quality products for the customers. 

Hold on, it keeps getting better as you move down. Before you decide to make an organic cotton sheet purchase, you need to consider several factors which I am going to discuss in the next part.

Things To Consider Before Buying Organic Cotton Sheets

You can check the following listed things in an organic cotton sheet to know if it’s a perfect fit:

  • Size of the mattress (whether it is full size, queen size, or king-size) 
  • The thickness of the mattress 
  • Check your mattress thickness and must see the deep pocket size of the sheet before buying.
  • Washing instructions on the cotton sheets 
  • Dimensions of the cotton sheets 
  • GOTS tag (cotton sheets with a GOTS tag are 100% organic)

Lastly, let’s look at the 5 best organic cotton sheets made in the USA.

Best Organic Cotton Sheets Made in USA

1. Whisper Organics Cotton Sheet Set

Whisper Organics Cotton Sheet Set

These cotton sheets are GOTS certified and come with a 90-day return policy. These are naturally flat and fitted sheets that are excellent for kids and adults with sensitive skin. See the latest price here.


  • Sheets are perfect for hot summer evenings
  • Compared to other sheets, they have fewer chemicals attached 
  • Pillowcases can even fit king pillows
  • Remain incredibly smooth and soft after washing


  • The sheets are too thick 
  • Sheets do not fit a slightly oversize queen mattress

Company Overview: The New York-based Whisper Organics is a family-owned business. Whisper Organics protects the environment by practicing healthy farming. Their cotton is 100% organic and GOTS certified.

2. Fabdreams Cotton Sheets Set

Fabdreams Cotton Sheets Set

The sheets come in 100% recyclable packaging with no plastic involved in them. Their cotton is grown from 100% natural seeds, so there are no harmful chemicals involved. Besides, the presence of a luxurious percale weave gives the sheets a cool, crisp, and moisture-wicking texture. See the latest price here.


  • Affordable price
  • Eco-friendly sheets
  • Sheets are 100% breathable
  • Durable organic cotton sheets


  • Sheets are thin
  • Sheets have shallow pockets

Company Overview: The US-based Fabdreams believe that its customers can only dream after sleeping on its organic cotton sheets. Therefore, they involve the word “dreams” in their name.

3. Peacock Alley Organic Cotton Sheet Sets

Peacock Alley Organic Cotton Sheet Sets

These organic cotton sheets are grey and come in queen size. The sheets are also GOTS certified and have a 300 thread count, providing them with supreme quality. See the latest price here.


  • Sheets are ideal for summers 
  • Better quality sheets 
  • Super soft and comfortable sheets 
  • Lightweight


  • Slightly rough
  • Well constructed yet very thin

Company Overview: The founder of Peacock Alley, Mary Ella Gabler began this brand in 1973 when she sold 250 patchwork pillows. Since then the company has maintained a tradition of its own by manufacturing luxurious bedding and bath linens.

4. Degree 4 Dreamfit Cotton Sheets

Degree 4 Dreamfit Cotton Sheets

The DreamFit sheets comprise 100% extra-long-staple Egyptian cotton. They also have a 360-degree elastic band for giving that perfect fit. These sheets are highly durable due to their excellent quality. Plus, DreamFit sheets offer a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. See the latest price here.


  • Sheets are silky yet cotton-like
  • Soft and comfy sheets
  • Sheets remain on the mattress and prevent pop-off or bunching up
  • They are nicely oversized fitted and tops sheets


  • Not large enough as it is a fitted sheet

Company Overview: The American-based DreamFit manufactures cotton bed sheets that easily fit even the thickest mattress and they stay on no matter what.

5. California Design Den Luxury Sheets

California Design Den Luxury Sheets

These luxury sheets comprise 100% cotton with a lustrous sateen sheen. This makes the sheets remarkably heavy, thick, and durable. The sheets utilize the finest cotton grown in India. See the latest price here. 


  • Perfect for hot weather 
  • Reasonable price
  • Goes well with tall mattresses 
  • Comfortable and soft sheets


  • Sheets can pop off from corners
  • Fitted sheets do not remain fitted to the mattress

Company Overview: California Design Den develops top-quality, stylish, and value-priced textiles. These high-quality textiles improvise the lifestyle, sleep, and living environments of people throughout the world.

What do You Gain After Buying Organic Cotton Sheets?

Having organic cotton sheets gives you that wonderfully comfortable feel. Whereas polyester is either too hot and sticky or too cold and clammy. It is also true that cotton sheets get wrinkled but that won’t cause an issue considering cotton does not harm you or your pets.

How to Identify Organic Cotton Fabric?

A cotton fabric that is marked GOTS certified is 100% organic. This means that during the manufacture of the cotton, no harmful chemicals were involved.

Is Organic Cotton Better for the Environment?

Undoubtedly organic cotton is better for the environment as it does not involve any harmful pesticides or fertilizers. As a result, the atmosphere remains free from pollutants.


These organic cotton sheets provide comfort and sleep like none other. My personal favorite among all of them is the degree Fabdreams sheets and I would highly recommend them. You can purchase any one of the above-mentioned 5 best organic cotton sheets made in USA and I kid you not, you will be beyond satisfied.

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