What Towels are Made in USA?

During laundry time, it was very foggy. As I had to go out of the station the next day, so it didn’t matter if it rained or fogged!

In a hurry, I hung all the linens to dry. The next morning, I awoke and was about to take a shower. As I grabbed the towel, it felt wet since it had been soaked in water. It was even a bit smelly because of its dampness. It was too late for me, so I had to dress up without a towel.

Throughout the trip, my hair was damp, which made me uncomfortable until they dried. As I discussed the matter with my friend, he recommended using top-quality cotton towels, and there is nothing better than American-made towels.

I know you are eager to know about the towels made in USA. There are many types of towels for various purposes in our daily life.

Let’s dive into more about types of towels!

What are the Different Types of Towels?

Bath Towel: Bath towels are usually available in a rectangular shape, used after taking a shower, and specifically to dry the water from the body.

Beach Towel: These towels are different from bath towels as they are quite large and have colorful designs. These beach towels can be used for laying down even on the beach and could also be used to dry or remove sand from the body or other objects.

Hand Towel: These are the most commonly used towels. They are considered effective for drying hands. These towels have an accurate size that is easy to carry and use.

Foot Towel: A very suitable alternative to a bathroom rug or mat. The rectangular size makes it ideal for placement on the bathroom floor.

Kitchen Towel: You can use this kitchen towel to dry shelves or other utensils in the kitchen.

You should not stop buying towels after learning about the different types. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know why it is wise to choose towels made in USA? Be with me and keep reading!






Made Here Luxury Bath Towels


1888 Mills Crown Touch Towel


Bleach Safe Luxury Beach Towel


Custom Luxury Towels Monogrammed


I Wet My Plants Kitchen Towel

Why Should I Choose USA Made Towels?

Cotton from the United States is always recognized as the best for manufacturing and producing the highest quality organic cotton towels made in USA.

After passing all the necessary tests, the towels manufactured in the USA are labeled with OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, the most recognized label that guarantees the safety of human health. Therefore, certification by OEKO-TEX makes USA made towels in high demand.

GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD (GOTS) CERTIFICATION tests the entire manufacturing process of towels. The certification encourages manufacturers to use organic raw materials and fibers.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) determines the safety standards during the manufacturing process of USA made towels. Terry fabric is specifically tested to identify proper water absorption capability.

The ASTM D5433 – 12 standard inspects all types of towels during and following the manufacturing process.

After getting to know about well-recognized certifications of USA made towels, you would definitely love to experience them. But wait …you need to know a few important things before buying.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Towel

  • You should always choose towels with a higher split because they are more effective at cleaning.
  • Towels made from plush microfibre with long threads are best for protecting your skin from scratches.
  • You should make sure that the towels have a high fiber density as they are more absorbent. Towels of low density might be problematic for different surfaces.
  • Typically, you should choose cotton towels made in USA because the cotton towels are the best of all.
  • You should choose towels with silk or satin edging since non-edged towels are not worth using for a long time.
  • In order to achieve perfect cleaning, you must use a good-quality microfiber towel.

What Towels are Made in USA?

The following brands are well-recognized to manufacture organic microfibre towels internationally.

1. Made Here Luxury Bath Towels

Made Here Luxury Bath Towels

Luxury bath towel is the best towel made in USA. It is made from 100% cotton, which is durable and quick to dry. Additionally, these USA cotton towels have a fine texture and quality that make them a favorite among customers. These towels are made from an excellent absorbent material, so they are ideal for use after showers. See the latest price here.


  • Thick, absorbent, and soft
  • Good quality material
  • Fluffy and huge in size


  • No Cons

Company overview: The company is based in a small town, however, they have developed a reputation in the industry for manufacturing high-quality towels that are within everyone’s price range in order to reach a larger market.

2. 1888 Mills Crown Touch Towel

1888 Mills Crown Touch Towel

Microfiber cotton is used to manufacture these towels. These 1888 mills towels made in USA feature a classic pattern that is liked by customers. The microfiber bath towels made in USA are soft to the touch and provide effective cleaning. See the latest price here.


  • USA made with quality fabric
  • Soft and smell nice
  • Nicely made 


  • Not 100% cotton as described

Company Overview: This company has employed creative and crafty employees who are dedicated to manufacturing innovative and quality towels for the people. It always finds new ways for maximizing production and satisfy customers’ needs.

3. Bleach Safe Luxury Beach Towel

Bleach Safe Luxury Beach Towel

The luxury beach towels are made with ring-spun cotton. These beach towels made in USA are very durable and have absorbent quality. They can be washed in machines. See the latest price here.


  • Attractive colors and thick
  • Very comfortable and absorbent
  • Not too weighted 


  • Look flimsy but is good to use

Company Overview: Due to their commitment, dedication, and innovation, 1888 mill towels are flourishing amazingly. Their towels are noteworthy in the industry.

4. Custom Luxury Towels Monogrammed

Custom Luxury Towels Monogrammed

If you are looking for the best cotton towels made in USA then Custom Luxury is the one. Turkish cotton and US cotton are used in the manufacturing of these towels. The bath towels made in USA are beautifully embroidered with beautiful patterns by expert craftsmen. See the latest price here.


  • Thick towels with durable stitching
  • Rich-colored and absorbent
  • Attractive monogramming and soft to feel


  • A bit stiff to use

5. I Wet My Plants Kitchen Towel

I Wet My Plants Kitchen Towel

When working in the kitchen, these splendid kitchen towels are perfect to use. These 100% cotton towels are stitched on all sides, and their flour sack dish towel is made with organic cotton. These kitchen towels made in USA are certified which makes the customers rush to buy. See the latest price here.

Company Overview: Their goal is to satisfy customers by providing them with customized products and services. Most of our attention goes to meeting those needs.

Other Towel Manufacturers in USA

1. American Towels LLC

Products Offer: towels, bedding, towel and bath care

2. The Towel Shoppe

Address: 4420 13th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11219, United States

Products Offer: bathrobes, shavuot. slippers, rugs, table settings

3. The Riviera Towel Company

Address: 17 W Gutierrez St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, United States

Products Offer: towels, blankets, bags & totes, robes, clothing, accessories

4. Avanti Linens Inc

Address: 234 Moonachie Rd, Moonachie, NJ 07074, United States

Products Offer: bath accessories, towels, table linens, bedding

5. Goza Towels

Address: 13852 Park Center Rd, Herndon, VA 20171, United States

Products Offer: Bed Sheets & Pillowcases, Bath Towels & Bath Mats, Bath Robes & Wraps, Beach Towels and Pool Towels, Blankets & Throws, Mattress Protectors & Pillow Protectors, Microfiber Cleaning Cloths & Towels, Socks & Undershirts.

Why Do My Towels Smell?

There is no doubt that moisture is a friendly environment for the production of bacteria. When you dry your body with a towel then your body loses some dead skin cells on the towel, which is basically the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore the towel smells unfresh.

What are Microfiber Towels?

It is a synthetic fiber of fewer than ten micrometers in diameter. Its diameter is about a fifth of that of human hair and one denier thick. The towels made of this synthetic fiber are known as microfiber towels. They remove organic matter (dirt, oils, grease), any kind of dirt, and grim as well as germs from surfaces.

Can you Wash Microfiber Towels?

Microfiber cloths can be machine washed with cold or warm water. Avoid hot water. If you use detergent, choose a mild one without fragrance or laundry additives.

Can you Wash Towels with Clothes?

In order to prevent germs and bacteria from spreading between clothes and towels, Don’t wash towels with clothes. It’s also easier to adjust the washing machine’s settings when you put towels in their own load.


In conclusion, towels are essential for every individual. They are used many times a day, whether in the kitchen, the bathroom, or for drying hands. Towels should be chosen accordingly and organic towels made in USA are the best option.

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