What Sleeper Sofas are Made in USA?

After setting up my studio apartment, I started searching for a bed and couch. However, I couldn’t fit both as I was running out of space. So, I opted for a sectional sleeper sofa at an affordable price and I love how it perfectly fits in my apartment and decor. I can doze off comfortably in it just like I would in any large size bed.

Likewise, when guests come over, I do not have to worry about where they will sit, as the sleeper sofa is spacious enough to fit several people.

Therefore, I thought why not share with you the benefits that come with a sleeper sofa made in USA. So, you can also consider it the next time you look for a comfy seating and bedding option. But, let me tell you a brief intro first.

What is a Sleeper Sofa?

Also referred to as a pull-out sofa, hide-a-bed, or bed couch, a sleeper sofa is multifunctional furniture that contains a couch or sofa and a metal frame and thin mattress hidden under the seating cushions for unfolding or opening up to make a bed.

There are various types of sleeper sofas too.

Types of Sleeper Sofas

Sleeper sofas have the following types:

  1. Puma type
  2. Dolphin type
  3. Belgian type
  4. DL type
  5. Futon type

Sleeper Sofa Made in USA






KingRattan Queen Sofa Sleeper Bed


Nouhaus Module Sleeper Sofa Bed Couch


Devion Sectional Sleeper Sofa


BOWERY HILL Reversible Sleeper Sofa


RecPro 65" RV Sleeper Sofa

Do you want to know why I am saying that you should only consider buying the sleeper sofa made in USA? Stay with me and I will explain it to you.

Why Choose a USA-Made Sleeper Sofa?

The sleeper sofa manufacturers USA have approval from the following:

CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) is responsible for the protection of consumers against the dangers of various products such as fire, injury, and mechanical or chemical hazards. The US-manufactured sleeper sofas strictly follow the CPSC regulations.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) checks products that are harmful to both the environment and human health. The sleeper sofas made in the USA are safe and EPA approved.

The American-manufactured sleeper sofa follows the regulations passed by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) for the protection of consumers from unfair business practices under the FTA Act.

For the regulation of the import of certain wood products (mainly wooden furniture) to the USA, the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) is responsible. This restricts the transfer of pests and stops the trade of endangered tree species.

This is a flammability standard for the regulation of the safe production of upholstered furniture. All the furniture manufactured in the United States also follows California Technical Bulletin 117.

Wait, there are a lot more things you need to know to buy the perfect sleeper sofa for your place.

Things To Consider Before Buying Sleeper Sofa 

You cannot just go out and buy a sleeper sofa without being thoughtful of the following things:

  • Size of the room where the sleeper sofa will be placed
  • The design will also matter (choose according to your taste)
  • The thickness of the mattress and whether it is foam or spring
  • Kind of fabric you want (velvet, polyester, microfiber, or woven knit fabric)
  • Easy to assemble sleeper sofa
  • Easy conversion from sofa to bed
  • Sleeper sofa with lifetime or limited time warranty

So what am I talking about, the 5 best sleeper sofas made in USA are as follows:

What Sleeper Sofas are Made in USA?

1. KingRattan Queen Sofa Sleeper Bed

KingRattan Queen sofa sleeper bed

Manufactured from hardwood and rattan, the removable seat and back cushion covers are easy to clean and hence last longer. The sleeper sofa also has a solid hardwood frame to ensure much stronger support. You can get the sofa customized in any fabric of your liking. See the latest price here.

Does not require assemblingNot for heavy persons
The wooden frame is excellent
Best suited for living rooms
Multi colors are available

Company Overview: Since 1982, the US-based company manufactures rattan and wicker furniture. They deal in making furniture for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, and outdoor patios. You can also customize their products in a fabric of your choice. Plus, their furniture is 100% assembled and made in USA.

2. Nouhaus Module Sleeper Sofa Bed Couch

Nouhaus Module Sleeper Sofa Bed Couch

The sleeper sofa of Nouhaus is a combination of the comfy mid-century living room couch and a proper mattress. You can customize the sofa in the color and fabric of your choice. Also, it turns into a bed in 3 simple steps and can fit most compact spaces. Undoubtedly, this sleeper sofa has a breathable and supportive latex mattress. See the latest price here.

Great qualityFabric is slightly thinner
Comfortable sofa bed
Deep like a regular-sized bed
Easy to assemble

Company Overview: Nouhaus has a team of architects, engineers, and creative designers, who work together to bring about furniture that everyone wishes to admire and experience. Their furniture perfectly fits the lifestyle of today’s sophisticated consumers. Their major focus is on creating furniture that feels like a luxury and not a burden.

3. Devion Sectional Sleeper Sofa

Devion Sectional Sleeper Sofa

This sectional sleeper sofa made in USA has a dark grey finishing along with a tufted back. Besides, the material used in its construction is polyester fabric. In addition, this easily convertible sleeper sofa has a storage chaise too. See the latest price here.

Space saver and quite firmA little uncomfortable for sitting purposes 
Great quality
Assembling takes less than an hour
Super comfortable

Company Overview: Located in the United States, Devion Furniture has manufactured thousands of pieces of oak and pine furniture up till now. Their furniture is also available at almost all online stores at discounted prices. Devion Furniture deals in Tv units, sideboards, beds, tables, wardrobes, chairs, drawers, you name it.

4. BOWERY HILL Reversible Sleeper Sofa

BOWERY HILL Reversible Sleeper Sofa

The USA made reversible sleeper sofa comes with a pull-out sleeper, tufted seat, and a back cushion. Moreover, it has a plump stitching fabric linen design and a reversible storage modern chaise. Plus, the seats have foam filled in them with pocket coil springs. See the latest price here.

Easily assembledNot preferred for tall people
Compact yet classy sofa
Reasonable price
Incredibly comfortable

Company Overview:  Bowery Hill brings about timeless style and value to each home. Their casual and comfortable furniture compliments every decor and delivers joy for many years. Besides, the company provides bedrooms, entryways, and home entertainment furniture with crisp profiles and gentle curves, unfussy details, functionality, textures, and colors.

5. RecPro 65″ RV Sleeper Sofa

RecPro 65 inch RV Sleeper Sofa

Available in fossil or neutral oatmeal color, the sleeper sofa of RecPro can blend with any interior. Also, the linen cloth has a built-in UV resistance that keeps you cool. Apart from this, the sleeper sofa is sufficient for two people to sit and sleep comfortably on it as it has everything nestled in completely. See the latest price here.

Reasonable priceThe low armrests are uncomfortable
Lightweight sleeper sofa
High-quality and comfortable mattress
Last much longer

Company Overview: RecPro is a one-stop shop for all RV needs for more than 12 years. The company also focuses on replacing and upgrading the already existing RV appliances, parts, and furniture for RVs. RecPro manufactures products with quality, detail, and design in mind. The performance of their products has no match.

Why Do You Need a Sleeper Sofa?

Sleeper sofas are essential for several reasons:

  • Fits in shorter spaces
  • Have multiple functions (used for sitting and sleeping)
  • Cheaper as compared to other bedding and seating options

A sleeper sofa acts as both a comfortable bed and couch at an affordable price. Also, you can even place it in small spaces and it would accommodate more people than the usual couches that require a large area. The detached ottoman with this sofa serves as storage for extra pillows and seasonal blankets without taking up any extra space.

Can You Sleep on a Sleeper Sofa Every Night?

Yes, you can sleep on a sleeper sofa every night as long as you feel comfortable on it. It is important to ensure that your sofa mattress is comfortable enough for you to sleep peacefully. A couple can comfortably sleep on a full-size sleeper sofa.

What is the Difference between a Sleeper Sofa and a Sofa Bed?

The main difference is that sofa beds are usually designed to lay flat to form beds, similar to futons. They do not offer an additional mattress. A sleeper sofa, however, has a traditional mattress concealed within its frame that can be unfolded easily.

Can a Sofa be Converted into a Sleeper Sofa?

No, it is not an easy task to convert a sofa into a sleeper sofa. In my opinion, purchasing a new sleeper sofa is worth the cost and time involved in converting a normal sofa into a sleeper sofa.


The above-mentioned American-made sleeper sofas would give you the seating and sleep experience of an expensive couch and bed. You can invest in the one that can fulfill your needs the best. For me, the best sleeper sofa made in USA is the one from Nouhaus.

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