What Bottle Jacks are Made in USA?

My friends and I just got out of the routine, so we decided to go to the nearest resort by car. As I was driving, I noticed something was wrong with my vehicle. I came out and found there was something stuck under it.

When I lay down, I could not see anything. I didn’t have a tool to lift the car. Several minutes later, one of my friends approached me. He used to keep an American made bottle jack in his truck. It helped me lift the car and I could see a few thorny bushes that stopped the car.

Would you love to know further about the bottle jacks made in USA. keep scrolling down then!

What are the Different Types of Bottle Jacks?

1. Hydraulic Bottle Jack: 

A hydraulic bottle jack requires a pump plunger to operate. They are commonly used because they lift heavy loads with maximum ease.

2. Mechanical Bottle Jack

Mechanical jacks lift loads using screw threads. They have safety features that make laborious tasks easier and safe.






U.S. JACK 12 Ton Bottle Jack


AFF Heavy Duty 20 Ton Bottle Jack


AFF Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack


Stark Low Profile Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Why Choose USA Made Jacks?

Jacks made in other countries haven’t earned as much recognition as American made bottle jacks have. Their advanced features always let people buy it anyway. But wait there’s more that makes these USA made bottle jacks more worthy to buy.

The US made bottle jack meets the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code standards and is very safe and secure. In addition, their maintenance of boilers and pressure vessels lets the customer trust them to perform their duties well.

In particular, NBBI focuses on pressure equipment, implying basic laws and regulations. NBBI Boiler and Pressure Vessel certification makes bottle jacks made in USA the best among others. They develop standards for installation, pressure adjustment, and maintenance.

Moreover, the AS9120 Standard ensures that the materials are handled appropriately. Having such certification who would stop himself from buying these USA made bottle jacks?

We’re not through yet. While buying bottle jacks following things can be helpful for you. Let’s move ahead!

Things to Consider Before Buying Bottle Jacks

The following considerations should be made before purchasing a bottle jack:

  • When buying bottle jacks, the lifting load capability is the most important specification.
  • There is a need to check if the hydraulic jack will fit beneath the load.
  • For side lifts, you can use toe-type bottle jacks.
  • Telescoping bottle jacks offer higher lifting heights but lower lifting capacities.
  • Your lifting point must be within reach of the bottle jacks i.e. the height of the bottle jack.
  • It is important to consider the vertical lift and horizontal push of hydraulic bottle jacks.
  • An automatic hydraulic jack is best since it uses a powered pump to lift heavy loads.

There are renowned companies working to provide the best bottle jacks made in USA and you cannot even try to deny it when knowing about their quality jacks. Let’s have know-how about USA companies providing the best bottle jacks.

What Bottle Jacks are Made in USA?

1. U.S. JACK 12 Ton Bottle Jack

U.S. JACK D-51125 12 Ton Bottle Jack

If you are looking for the best bottle jack made in USA then this high-quality jack is the one. This 12 ton bottle jack made in USA provides a lifting height of 151/4 inches. With a weight capacity of 12 Tons, the package weighs only 20.85 pounds. See the latest price here.


  • Fantastic and works smoothly
  • Long-lasting, high quality


  • Expensive

Company Overview: The company is dedicating its efforts to producing USA made hydraulic jacks. Their products are of the highest quality and they offer fast delivery at competitive rates. U.S. Jack is always looking to fulfill the need of customers.

2. AFF Heavy Duty 20 Ton Bottle Jack

AFF Heavy Duty 20 Ton Bottle Jack

This 20-ton bottle jack made in USA is used to lift heavy loads vertically and horizontally. They have manual pumps that help to balance properly. These jacks are reliable for secure lifting and are considered best for industrial and construction usage. See the latest price here.


  • Good high reach for lifted Jeeps
  • Great jack built well
  • Great little rig


  • Gets slowly lower under heavy loads

Company Overview: With a rich heritage dating back to 1963, American Forge & Foundry provides exceptional products, customer service, and value. The products’ amazing quality sustains the trust of customers. The motto of the company is facilitating the people and their safety.

3. AFF Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack

AFF Bottle Jack

This hydraulic bottle jack made in USA proves a very significant instrument for automobile industries as it completely ensures their safety. Its dual hydraulic system makes the lifting faster and smooth. This 20-ton bottle jack made in USA has shielded screws that ensure the safety of workers as well. See the latest price here.


  • Quality product
  • Maximum stability, smooth functioning

Company Overview: Since 1963, American Forge & Foundry has provided exceptional products, customer service, and value to its customers. Its motto is to facilitate the people and keep them safe.

4. Stark Low Profile Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Stark Low Profile Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack

The jacks are really helpful for manual lifting as they are manufactured with solid steel that helps the lifting easy and smooth. The most convenient function of this 20-ton bottle jack is to carry it anywhere because of its small size. The easy connectivity of these USA made bottle jacks make them more reliable. See the latest price here.


  • Pleasant to use with an air option
  • High quality and smooth functioning


  • Loose Packing

Company Overview: STARK USA Industrial, Inc. works for high-quality products and focuses on the affordability of customers. It ensures the satisfaction of customers and always meets their expectations by maintaining its standard.

Other Manufacturers Include

1. Name: Zinko Hydraulic Jack

Address: 4221 E Brickell St, Ontario, CA 91761, United States

Products Offer: a vast variety of cylinders, jacks, pumps

2. Name: Metro Hydraulic Jack Co

Address: 1271 McCarter Hwy, Newark, NJ 07104, United States

Products Offer: cylinders, pumps, hydraulic jacks, hydraulic pumps, pullers, lubrication equipment, etc

3. Name: Gustin Hydraulics, Inc.

Address: 151 W Commonwealth Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84115, United States

Products Offer: hydraulic pumps and cylinders, hydraulic accessories, jacks and auto shop equipment, etc

4. Name: Harbor Freight Tools

Address: 1002 Industrial Blvd, Chula Vista, CA 91911, United States

Products Offer: Retail chain carrying a wide range of tools, hardware & other products for the home, garden & car

5. Name: Stillwell Inc.

Address: 12401 Washburn Ave S, Burnsville, MN 55337, United States

Products Offer: Hydraulic equipment supplier, individual jacks, accessories

Are Bottle Jacks Safe?

A bottle jack in good condition is a perfectly safe way to lift a car no heavier than its listed capacity. It is important to note that I said lift, not hold.

I believe that if you are going to do more than change a tire, you should have jack stands to support the weight of your car, not just the jack alone.

How do Bottle Jacks Work?

A bottle jack uses fluid pressure to lift a heavy load by multiplying force in a cylinder and, It works on Pascal’s principle. A bottle jack upstroke pulls oil into the pump cylinder. With a jack downstroke, pressurized oil is applied to the main cylinder, raising the piston. With each motion of pumping the jack, the check valves will open and close. As the jack is pumped, the piston keeps rising.

What are Bottle Jacks Used for?

The bottle jacks are used to lift weight to higher elevations and are normally used for changing tires and lifting heavy loads.

Are Bottle Jacks Good for Changing Tires?

It’s fair to say that bottle jacks are good for changing tires. Since bottle jacks are narrow, they can’t provide high stability. They don’t work with low-profile cars either. So used them only for changing tires or lifting loads.


The world has changed into an industrialized sector that has to deal with heavy loads. Machines have replaced the laborious activities of the workers in different sectors and bottle jacks are one of the most facilitating equipments being used in the automobile industry.

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