List of Wood Chisels Made in USA – Most Selling Brands

Wooden artwork requires professional tools so that you can do crafting in a better way. That’s where wood chisels come.

These are basically tools that help to improve artwork cleanness and to make your designs look perfect. Like if you are doing minor changes in design, these tools can help you a lot to make changes without disturbing the whole. 

This article will definitely provide you with the complete information about USA made wood chisels, companies overview, and yes, the things which you need to keep in mind before purchasing.

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What Are Wood Chisels and its Types?

Wood art is a rapidly growing art field and is most popular among people. Professionals made attractive and unique art on the wood. In this regard, they need some professional tools to do their work more efficiently and quickly.

These tools come in different sizes and angles to make work easier. Below the types are given.

  • Bevel Edge Chisel

The most valuable and popular tool for wood art is the bevel edge chisel. The popularity of this tool is because it can fit into the tight corner, and the second is you can use it in pairing and chopping both. Professionals must have this tool in their wood art tools collection. 

  • Mortise Chisel

The mortise chisel tool is made for making a hole called a mortise hole in wood art language. This tool is specially made for tenon joints. Mortise chisel is made of steel, and it has a 90-degree edge and 30-degree primary bevel, which makes it thicker and more robust than other tools. 

  • Paring Chisel

A paring chisel is best for softwood working because it has a 17 degrees angle and a fragile edge. It has a long length and handles.

  • Dovetail Chisel

Dovetail chisel is specially made to make interlocking joints with hands, and it is also used to clean those joints you make with the help of a machine. It has a long length with a wooden handle.






FLEXCUT Carving Tools


RAMELSON Wood Carving Tools


Micro-Mark Premier Elite Chisels Set


WoodRiver Bench Chisel Set



Why Choose The USA Made Wood Chisels?

Though there are dozens of manufacturers present worldwide, the thing is, why should you choose the woodworking chisels made in USA. Below are some essential features:

  • USA made wood chisels equipped with the best quality of carbon alloy steel material to enhance the durability of chisels 
  • These wood chisels are highly trusted ones because they are designed by keeping in mind the user safety and protection 
  • Though, USA-made chisels are expensive but have more durability than others. It means you’ll get what you are paying for
  • Easily available in the market that you’ve no need to search
  • Wood chisels made in USA ensure qualities that should be appreciated and also come with life time warranty.
  • Another interesting feature is that, if there is a problem with the chisels, USA companies offer exchange and repair services

What are the Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Wood Chisel?

You should keep in mind the below factors before making a purchase.

  • Firstly, keep in mind what kind of woodwork you want to do with the wood chisels.
  • Always choose chisels with sharp working blades, otherwise it may harm you
  • Check the edge shape of chisels.
  • Warranty of wood chisels 
  • Gather information about the stability of wood chisels. Because some chisels are used for only woodwork, but some can be used on the stone and iron
  • More than 5 inches of length of chisel saves your hands from injury.
  • Always check the blade material of chisels thoroughly before purchasing

List of Wood Chisels Made in USA – Product Recommendations

Check out the list of some wood chisels made in the USA below:

  • Flexcut
  • Ramelson
  • Woodcraft Supply
  • Irwin Tools
  • Micro-Mark

FLEXCUT Carving Tools

Flexcut carving tools carry ten different tools with different sizes and shapes. The blade is made of hard carbon steel with a sturdy ash handle perfect for hardwood carving. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Ideal size and shape 
  • High-quality carbon steel used in manufacturing 
  • Reasonable prices 
  • Only 7 ounces weight of each piece 


  • Storage box made by cheap material
  • Poorly assembled

FLEXCUT Company Overview: The company’s primary purpose is to provide highly manufactured products at reasonable prices. The company is proud of the fact that its tools are used to create impressive and attractive images on wood. It has been observed by the magazines, and interviews of company representatives that it is always grateful to the artists and wood painters who used their tools in the artwork.

RAMELSON Wood Carving Tools

Ramelson wood chisel blades are made of high-quality durable steel, while their handles are made up of lacquered hardwood charmed ferrules. It has 5-½ inches overall length 1-¾ blades length. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Perfectly designed 
  • Ideal size and length of each piece 
  • Every piece of this set has a different size and weight, which can help you to ease your work.
  • Affordable prices 
  • Easily available in every size 


  • Some tools poorly made 
  • Expensive 

RAMELSON Company Overview: In 1937, U.J. Ramelson started his handmade tools in America. They used only high-carbon steel to make the best American made wood chisels tools. Now, the third generation of the U.J. Ramelson family owned his business, and still, they manufacture the tools with hands and carbon steel. Over time, the third generation, whose names are William, Daniel, and John, have many different ways to run their business successfully.

Micro-Mark Premier Elite Chisels Set

Premier elite chisels set consists of 10 pieces that handles are made of premium Japanese and French stainless steel and blade made of titanium which provide them more durability and protection. It has only 1 mm in width and 6-½ inches in length. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Provide low profile(25 degrees)
  • Manufactured by using the high-quality stainless steel 
  • Beneficial for hardwood carving 
  • Prices are lower as compared to the material
  • Each piece is only 8.8 ounces weighted 


  • Expensive as compared to material 

Micro-Mark Company Overview: In 1928, the founder of Micro-Mark company started his company from a shop in the state of America. He manufactured and sold model airplane kits. Earlier in 1983, he converted his shop into a company. Nowadays, the Micro-Mark company comes in the top-rated and well-known companies list. The third generation of his family owns the Micro-Mark company and manufactures different kinds of tools and machines, and supplies worldwide.

WoodRiver Bench Chisel Set

WoodRiver chisels boxes contain six pieces of chisels whose blades are made of CVR steel, and handles are made of RC 59-63 genuine Bubinga. These chisels box contains ¼, ⅜, ½, ⅝, ¾, and 1 inches chisels size in this chisels set. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Durable and unique features 
  • Perfect for rough woodwork 
  • Box material is quite good 
  • All required features for wood art is available in this set    


  • The handle of one chisel is poorly made.

Woodcraft Supply Company Overview: When it comes to woodcraft, it is one of the oldest companies providing quality woodworking tools. Besides, the company was founded in 1928 and started selling from the one-room shop. But now, woodcraft has become the largest woodworking tools supplier worldwide. It has been observed by the import-export analytics of the company that it has more than 70 stores in metropolitan areas in the US and distributes more than 1.5 million catalogs annually.


This wood chisel set made in USA contains eight pieces of long and thin blade chisels ideal for woodworking, high-carbon chrome steel used to make the blades, and a leather pouch used for storing the tools safely. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Durable and unique design than other types of chisels 
  • Hornbeam handles enhance the quality
  • Affordable prices 
  • Stainless steel 


  • Expensive 

Company Overview: IRWIN Tools may be the prioritized choice for getting professional hand grades and power tools. The company was founded back in 1885 and started out progressing with the introduction of the Vice-Grip Locking Tool, MARATHON Saw Blades and other superior tools for professional-grade men. 

The company promotes different surveys on job sites, listens to tradesmen’s concerns, and many other things to increase the pros of their activities.

What Are The Best Wood Chisels?

WoodRiver Chisel Set would be the best choice because it offers advanced design and less effort during work. Besides, you can also go with the Flexcut wood chisels.

Who Makes Good Wood Chisels?

Many companies made chisels in the USA like Ramelson, Woodcraft supply, Swan, and Wetherby. People show trust in USA-made products because the USA-made products have more durability and unique features than others. Lie-Nelson is also an American company that made high-quality and most rated wood chisels.

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