Who Makes LG Refrigerators? – A Brief Overview

Who Makes LG Refrigerators

The answer to the question of who makes LG refrigerators is that they are manufactured by the South Korean electronics company, LG Corporation. Founded in 1958, LG Corporation has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic appliances and consumer goods.

Let’s take a look at how LG came to dominate the refrigerator market, and what sets their refrigerators apart from the competition.

Evolution of LG Refrigerators

Early Beginnings (1958-1980)

LG was founded as GoldStar in 1958 by Koo In-hwoi. The company began producing radios, televisions, and home appliances—including refrigerators—in the early 1960s. At this time, LG’s focus was on creating reliable and affordable products that could be used by everyday people.

During this period, LG’s refrigerators featured basic designs and minimal frills; however, they were still considered an improvement over existing models due to their energy efficiency and overall quality.

The Era of Innovation (1980-2000)

In 1980, GoldStar became Lucky-Goldstar. This was a new start for the company. They started to focus on making appliances that were stylish and innovative instead of just functional.

At this point, LG made vital advancements such as door-in-door storage, multi-air flow cooling systems, advanced LED lighting systems, and ice makers with crushed ice capabilities. These revolutionary features enabled LG to differentiate from other refrigerator manufacturers and ascend to the top of the industry.

Modern-Day Refrigerator Technology (2000-present)

In recent years, LG has continued to push boundaries with their refrigerator technology by introducing features like InstaView Door-in-Door technology which allows users to see inside their fridge without having to open it up; ThinQ technology that offers voice control capabilities; linear compressor technology that provides enhanced energy efficiency; and more.

When you combine all these features into a single appliance package, LG is the choice for many people looking for refrigerators.

We’re not through yet. Here is the list of countries that make LG Refrigerators.

Countries That Make LG Refrigerators

LG itself is actually a company that was founded in 1947 as GoldStar. It was renamed “LG” (meaning Lucky-Goldstar) in 1995 and has since grown into one of the most powerful companies in Korea with subsidiaries all over North America, Europe, and Asia.

In addition to their electronics division (which includes refrigerators), they also offer chemicals, telecommunications, and more. Their appliances, in particular, have been offering high-quality products since 1968.

Let’s explore some of the countries that manufacture LG refrigerators.

1. South Korea

LG Electronics Inc., a South Korean company, is one of the largest multinational corporations in Asia and produces some of the best-known consumer electronics. One example is their popular line of refrigerators. In fact, many of their high-end refrigerator models are made in South Korea to ensure quality and reliability for consumers worldwide.

2. China

LG has several factories located throughout China to meet global demand for its products. These factories make many different types of LG refrigerators for both domestic and international markets. In addition to making refrigerators, these factories also manufacture other home appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers.

3. United States

In addition to Asian countries such as South Korea and China, LG also has a manufacturing facility located in Tennessee that manufactures its popular refrigerator line for the American market. This factory is important because it gives LG an advantage in terms of producing refrigerator models that are tailored specifically to American tastes and needs.

4. Mexico

LG also has a manufacturing plant in Mexico that produces refrigerators for the Mexican and Latin American markets. This factory produces models tailored to these regions with features such as larger interior spaces and more specialized cooling technologies designed to meet their needs.

But wait – there’s more!

5. India

LG also has a factory in India that produces both refrigerators and air conditioners for the Indian market. This plant is important because it helps to meet the growing demand for home appliances in India as well as providing additional jobs for local workers.

6. Vietnam

To meet the growing demand for their most sought-after refrigerator line, LG just opened a cutting-edge manufacturing plant in Vietnam. The new factory not only meets LG’s current refrigerator needs but also creates job opportunities in the local area.

7. Thailand

LG has established a manufacturing facility in Thailand to produce refrigerators for the Southeast Asian market. Thanks to this factory, LG is able to meet the rising demand for its products within the region and provide more job opportunities for local workers.

8. Philippines

LG also has a manufacturing facility in the Philippines that produces refrigerators for the Filipino market. This factory is important because it helps to meet the growing demand for LG’s refrigerators and provides additional jobs to local workers.

9. Indonesia

LG has a manufacturing facility in Indonesia that produces refrigerators for the Indonesian market. This plant is important because it helps to meet the growing demand for LG’s refrigerators and also provides additional jobs to local workers.

Yes, you read that right. Would you want to know the secret behind the great demand for LG reFrigerators?

What Sets LG Refrigerators Apart?

One thing that sets LG refrigerators apart from other brands is their innovative features. For example, some models come with a SmartThinQ app which allows you to control temperature settings remotely from your smartphone via wifi or Bluetooth.

Another popular feature is their InstaView Door-in-Door technology which allows you to see what’s inside without having to open the door and let out all of the cold air. These innovative features give consumers more control over their refrigeration needs and make it easier than ever before to keep food fresh for longer periods of time.


An LG refrigerator is one of the most reliable and stylish refrigerators out there today. With factories in seven countries, LG is able to meet consumer demands while consistently providing quality products. No matter where you are in the world, LG has you covered, whether you’re looking for an affordable fridge or one of their top-of-the-line models! LG refrigerators offer dependable cooling performance for years to come, so invest today.

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