Where Are Wrangler Jeans Made?

Where Are Wrangler Jeans Made

Wrangler jeans have been around since 1904 when they were first made in North Carolina. Today, their headquarters is still located in Greensboro not far from where they originated over a century ago. They are now one of the most recognizable and trusted denim brands worldwide with its products sold in more than 60 countries.

Despite Wrangler having such a strong presence internationally, many people don’t know where Wrangler Jeans continue to be made today and what steps companies take to ensure each pair is up to the highest standard for quality craftsmanship.

So, if you’re curious about where your next pair of Wranglers come from, read on!

Where Are Wrangler Jeans Made?

Wrangler Jeans has been a trusted name in quality-crafted denim since 1947. While the brand began and remains headquartered in the United States, its jeans are now made all over the world. Here’s a look at where Wrangler Jeans are made:

1. Mexico

Since 1997, Wrangler has had an important manufacturing facility located in Jalisco, Mexico. The plant currently employs just over 1 thousand people that create different styles of jeans for adults and children. Many consider it the most successful plant in Latin America since they produce more than 40 million pairs of jeans per year.

2. Bangladesh

In 2002 Wrangler opened its first production site in Bangladesh with 700 machines that allowed them to produce 7 million pairs of jeans a year. This facility became one of their largest plants and employed 1000 workers who created the iconic American-style jean for men and women around the world.

3. China

The Shanghai VF Makalu Trading Co is owned completely by VF corp which owns Wrangler along with other well-known brands like The North Face, Nautica, and Lee Jeans, among others. VF Makalu produces almost 110 million items annually for 30 countries around the globe including China itself with 63 machines for mass garment production.

3. India

Wrangler has operated factories also from India from as early as 2002 when its subsidiary Swift Sterlite Ltd., located in New Delhi began to operate with 150 million pairs produced every year worldwide since then.

Currently, its facilities are located in Regency Park at Gurgaon which has 500 started machines capable of producing 20 million garments yearly across different categories ranging from casual shirting to denim fabric production including Wrangler bottoms and jackets too.

4. Egypt

One of their brightest units from this region is Heritage International Egypt which runs 6 production lines outfitting tanks, t-shirts, polos, shirts, etc up to 10 million pieces per annum operating since 2005 with around 1650 workers supplying apparel globally. It’s well worth mentioning that Heritage was their first global supplier certified by SCOPE audit.

Additionally, Hercules Textiles Egypt manufactures denim fabrics working jointly with other planetary mills like Turkey, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Vietnam – countries where Wrangler Jeans are also produced with global standards certificated by APEO agreement everywhere.

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How Wrangler Jeans Are Made?

Here is a step-by-step procedure of how Wrangler Jeans are made;

1. Start with Raw materials and Designs from Around the World

The raw materials and designs used to create Wrangler jeans come from all over the world. The threads, of course, are sourced in Europe. Denim is purchased from some of America’s best cotton mills throughout the South, such as Cone Mills in North Carolina and Georgia, and the leather for belt loops comes from Italy and India. Design inspiration is also drawn from all around, giving each pair its own unique look and feel.

2. Manufacturing Facilities

Once all of these components have been carefully gathered together and shipped to Greensboro, they are then sent off to one of Wrangler’s manufacturing facilities located south of the border in Mexico.

Now Wrangler jeans undergo precision crafting with an emphasis on quality assurance ensuring every stitch matches up perfectly before they can begin their journey back stateside again.

3. Final Touches Completed

After arriving back at Greensboro – oftentimes by truck – each pair go through final touches such as leather grommets being added to belt loops or tags being embroidered into the back pocket with “Wrangler” branding.

When complete each pair is put through rigorous testing to make sure it meets standards for wearability before finally making its way into stores.

Safety Tips For Wrangler Jeans Users

  1. Wear thick socks or long underwear beneath your Wrangler jeans to provide extra protection against abrasions and scrapes.
  2. Avoid wearing Wrangler jeans when participating in activities that require a great deal of bending, such as working in the garden or playing sports.
  3. When using tools while wearing your Wrangler jeans, be sure to use a belt to keep them securely in place.
  4. When working with sharp objects, take extra care to ensure that your Wrangler jeans are not in the way of any potential danger.
  5. If you plan to wear your Wrangler jeans while riding a motorcycle, be sure to wear all the necessary protective gear, including a helmet.
  6. Take time to inspect the seams and fabric of your Wrangler jeans before wearing them. Look for any signs of weakening or thinning fabric that could pose a safety hazard.
  7. Make sure that you have the right size of Wrangler jeans for your body type. A pair that is too large or too small could be dangerous.
  8. Wash your Wrangler jeans regularly to keep them in good condition and prevent any potential safety hazards.

Wrap Up

Wrangler has become a well-known and respected producer of quality jeans, with production sites located all around the world. The Wranglers jeans are made in Bangladesh, China, India, and Egypt and have all been certified as meeting global standards for safety and quality assurance. Additionally, regular inspections and washes are recommended to keep Wrangler jeans in optimal condition.

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