Where Are Tecovas Boots Made? – Countries Included

where are tecovas boots made

Tecovas Boots are some of the most stylish and comfortable boots on the market today. Tecovas offers unique leather goods like wallets and hats, as well as belts and buckles for those looking for a more modern take on the classic cowboy look. The company also offers a wide selection of apparel, including jeans, shirts, and outerwear.

But where might you find them being made? Let’s explore!

An Overview of Tecovas Boots History

Tecovas Boots has a long and storied history. The company was founded in Austin, Texas, in 2014 by Paul Hedrick and Blake Zieff. Tecovas was born out of the desire to bring classic Western-style boots into the modern era. After sourcing high-quality leathers from around the world, Hedrick and Zieff set out to craft boots that embodied the spirit of the West.

The result was a collection of timeless boots that combined classic silhouettes with modern technology. Tecovas boots are handcrafted using Goodyear welt construction, and they feature a combination of leathers, suedes, and exotic skins.

Tecovas Boots has also expanded its offerings in recent years. In addition to its classic Western-style boots, the company now produces a variety of shoes, sandals, and accessories.

Get ready to learn about the manufacturing countries of Tecovas Boots!

Where Are Tecovas Boots Made?

1. Mexico

Tecovas sources leather from some of the finest tanneries in Mexico to produce the highest quality footwear. All Mexican leather is traceable and processes utilizing the latest technology for decades. Tecovas boots crafted with this leather offer comfort and sustainability that cannot be found anywhere else.

2. Italy

The Italian Leather used by Tecovas is renowned for its superior craftsmanship and durability. Italian tanneries use traditional methods that have been perfected over generations to ensure each pair of Tecovas boots is created with only the highest standards in mind. This level of hand-crafted expertise allows Tecovas to provide superior comfort for all wearers.

3. India

Indian tanneries possess an infinite selection of unique leathers and skins, ranging from jungle cats to exotics like an ostrich, python, elephant, crocodile, and so much more. By applying centuries-old knowledge combined with modern technology, Indian leathers prove ideal for almost any type of footwear production while maintaining ethical and sustainable practices throughout their facilities.

4. The United States

The American-made leather used by Tecovas is tanned exclusively at Sam Allen Tanneries located right here in Texas, USA! With a rich history dating back to 19th-century American Cowboy culture, these hides come from respected US suppliers known far & wide for their dedication to producing heavy bull hides that can stand up to hundreds of miles on the trail or just a night on the town!

5. Peru

Inspired by Peru’s very own vast landscape & culture, Tecovas has developed special enhanced technological solutions that bring warmness & energy into every boot we create using Alcasa Leather (calfskin), which provides tremendous properties such as flexibility & quickness hydrating amongst many others resulting in luxurious boot lines unrivaled across multiple industries.

6. The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is home to some of the finest leather tanneries in the world. Tecovas proudly sources its British leather from a variety of sources, including local independent tanneries and historic, family-run companies that have been operating for generations.

We are not through yet stay with me to find out different types of Tecovas Boots.

What are the Different Types Of Tecovas Boots?

1. Western-style boots:

Tecovas is best known for its classic Western-style boots. These boots feature traditional silhouettes, but they are updated with modern technology and materials. The company uses high-quality leather to create a variety of styles, including Chelsea boots, lace-up boots, and dress boots.

2. Cowboy boots

In addition to their Western-style boots, Tecovas also produces classic cowboy boots. These boots feature a variety of leather and exotic skins, as well as traditional stitching patterns. The company offers several different styles, including ropers, square toes, and snip toes.

3. Work boots

Tecovas also produces work boots that are designed to be comfortable and durable. These boots feature Goodyear welt construction and a variety of leather, including full-grain cowhide and oil-tanned leather. The company also offers waterproof styles for those who work in wet environments.

4. Safety boots

Tecovasa manufactures safety boots that comply with ASTM specifications regarding impact and compression resistance. They have steel or composite toes and slip-resistant outsoles.

5. Casuals

Tecovas also offers a variety of casual shoes and sandals for both men and women. These include classic oxfords, loafers, sneakers, mules, and slides. The company also produces dress shoes that are perfect for formal occasions. Tecovas’ selection of shoes features a range of styles, from traditional to modern.

What Makes Tecovas Stand Out?

  • The quality of Tecovas Boots is unmatched. Each pair of boots is designed with comfort in mind, using only the best materials available.
  • Tecovas boots stand out for their unique designs, which combine classic style with modern trends. From exotic skins to heavy bull hides, Tecovas offers a variety of styles to fit any look or occasion. No matter the season, Tecovas has the perfect boot for any wardrobe.
  • The quality of Tecovas boots is second-to-none and it starts with the leather. Every step of the process, from sourcing to production, is handled expertly by a team of dedicated professionals who take great pride in their craftsmanship.
  • All leathers are sourced ethically, ensuring every pair of Tecovas boots is free from animal cruelty and environmentally friendly. With a wide variety of leathers, styles, and colors to choose from, Tecovas has something for everyone.
  • The use of traditional craftsmanship combined with modern technology ensures that each pair of  Tecovas Boots is stylish, long-lasting, and able to keep up with your demanding lifestyle. Additionally, every pair of boots are constructed with sustainability in mind, using only traceable and ethical leather sources.


To sum up, Tecovas Boots are renowned for their superior craftsmanship and durability. The company sources all of its leathers ethically, ensuring that each pair of boots is free from animal cruelty and environmentally friendly. Tecovas also offers a wide variety of styles, colors, and exotic skins, allowing you to find the perfect boot for any occasion. With traditional craftsmanship combined with modern technology, Tecovas Boots are stylish, long-lasting, and able to keep up with your active lifestyle.

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