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Where Are New Balance Shoes Made

If you’re looking for a pair of running shoes that combines style and comfort, you may be considering New Balance. But where are these shoes made? It’s an important question to ask when making a purchase, especially in this age of globalization. The answer is complex and multifaceted.

Before jumping on to the main topic, let’s take a look at the origins of the footwear produced by New Balance.

New Balance Shoes: An Overview

New Balance is an American footwear company based in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1906, the brand has become one of the most popular running shoe makers in the world. It produces shoes for a variety of activities and budgets, including casual wear, walking, running, and even trail running.

The company puts a huge emphasis on sustainability, so its practices go beyond just producing good quality footwear. They also strive to reduce their carbon footprint through innovative techniques such as using recycled materials and finding ways to reduce energy consumption during production processes.

This has enabled them to become certified as a B Corporation—a status held by only 2% of all companies worldwide.

Where Are New Balance Shoes Made?

New Balance manufactures most of its shoes at five locations around the world: three plants in Maine, one plant in Massachusetts, and one plant in Flimby, UK. Each of these factories is dedicated to producing only the highest quality shoes and employs workers with decades of experience creating footwear with an attention to detail that’s hard to find anywhere else.

However, not all of New Balance’s shoes are made in-house. The company also outsources production to other countries such as China and Vietnam. While this allows them to produce more affordable options for customers who don’t necessarily need the same level of craftsmanship as those made at their own factories, they still ensure that these outsourced manufacturers adhere to ethical labor practices and use sustainable materials wherever possible.

Here’s more you must know about New Balance Shoes production!

Countries That Manufacture New Balance Shoes

1. United States of America

New Balance was founded in the United States in 1906 and has since become one of the world’s leading shoe manufacturers. The company has factories in Massachusetts, Maine, and Flemington, which provide jobs to local economies while also providing fair wages for workers involved with making NB shoes. New Balance is committed to using the best materials available and keeping energy consumption low to benefit future generations.

2. China

New Balance began manufacturing shoes in China in 1988 and now has several factories across the country. Chinese operations have provided great job opportunities as well as safe working conditions for those involved with making NB shoes in this region. New Balance remains dedicated to using sustainable resources and recycling initiatives.

3. Vietnam

New Balance started manufacturing shoes in Vietnam in 1995 and now has several factories across the country. This venture brings plenty of job opportunities as well as fair wages to those involved with production processes within this region. Furthermore, sustainability remains a top priority for NB ensuring that resources are kept at a minimum while still producing premium quality footwear.

4. Indonesia

In 2001, New Balance opened its first factory in Indonesia, allowing them to produce more of its iconic shoes while providing job opportunities throughout the area. Their commitment to sustainability continues there as well, focusing on energy conservation and recycling programs that help keep our environment clean.

5. Thailand

When New Balance set up shop in Thailand in 2002 it brought an abundance of new jobs and economic opportunities for the locals living there. On top of having factories that churn out millions of pairs each year, New Balance strives to utilize sustainable practices when it comes to producing all footwear from this area.

6. Burma

Similarly forged under similar circumstances; In 2003 – NB welcomed its Burmese production chain thus helping provide much-needed job opportunities as well as bringing along with it various sustainable practices such as limiting energy consumption or introducing recycling programs.

7. Bangladesh

Manufacturing began in Bangladesh in 2004 where again much-desired employment was created all whilst utilizing sustainable practices like limiting energy consumption or introducing recycling programs.

8. Cambodia

In 2010 – NewBalance opened up its Cambodian factory which again helped improve people’s livelihoods while continuing their commitment towards sustainable practices like reducing wastage and conserving resources wherever possible.

9. Laos

This same level of commitment towards creating more employment while also following through with their dedication towards preserving our environment continues on into 2012 when they opened their Laotian facility.

10. Philippines

Last but not least; in 2013 – The Philippines saw its own facility come about thus completing yet another successful chapter where job creation does not come at expense of environmental degradation.

What Materials are Used In Manufacturing of New Balance Shoes?

1. Leather: New Balance uses a variety of leather in their shoes, from full-grain to nubuck. This material is known for its durability and a great look, but it’s important to note that most leather used by New Balance is sourced from ethical tanneries that follow strict guidelines for humane animal treatment.

2. Synthetic Materials: Various synthetic materials are used in the construction of New Balance shoes as well, including polyester, nylon, and EVA foam. These fabrics offer lightweight support and breathability, making them perfect for running or sports activities.

3. Rubber Soles: The soles of most New Balance shoes are made from high-quality rubber which adds traction and cushioning while remaining durable enough to withstand regular wear and tear.

Ultimately, New Balance is a company that takes pride in creating quality shoes while also taking steps to ensure they’re produced responsibly.

Want to know a secret? Here’s the answer.

What Makes New Balance Shoes Stand Out?

1. Their shoes provide superior cushioning and stability for a comfortable, supportive fit.

2. New Balance foam insoles provide extra support and comfort in all areas of the foot.

3. They use fresh foam technology that creates lightweight, responsive cushioning with each step you take.

4. The rubber outsoles are designed to give you traction and durability on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

5. All New Balance shoes are designed with thoughtful details such as absorb midsoles, breathable mesh panels, and other sport-specific technologies to help keep your feet feeling energized during workouts or everyday activities.

Bottom Line

New Balance is a brand built upon quality and sustainability, which is why their shoes are made in countries all over the world. Their commitment to ethical labor practices and sustainable materials enables them to provide customers with great shoes that are made responsibly. So, if you’re looking for a pair of running or casual shoes that combine style, and performance, try New Balance Shoes!

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