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Friends/family get together are incomplete without BBQ parties. However, grilling good-quality food is a challenge. Usually, the host arranges such parties and cannot spend time with their guests because of constant standing on top of the grill.

So, what’s the solution?

Whether you want to cook a few burgers, steaks, or BBQ itself, Pellet Grills are the option to consider. Pellet grills help to eliminate this problem by being easy to set up. You can set the grills, fill them with food and spend time with your family/friends as your food prepares in the background. 

What are Pellet Grills?

Pellets are made from food-grade wood to create heat and smoke to cook the food and add a smoky taste to it. These are better than gas grills because pellet grills don’t require high amounts of fuel like gas grills.

They also work better for cooking food for party events. Many people prefer their food to have an intense smoke flavor at BBQ parties.

Why Should you Choose a USA Brand?

I know it is a troublesome task to choose the best from a wide range of superior quality products. So, who’s the best manufacturer? Well, after evaluation of global statistics, I concluded that pellet grills made in the USA are leading the market right now. 

You might think, why should I choose them rather than others? 

Let’s dig into the traits of grills made in the USA. The best part about them is that they are super economical as compared to the features they offered. They are built with durable materials to resist corrosion and other fungal attacks if exposed to rain.

Moreover, they offer eye-catching designs, a vast variety of ranges, and ease of working. USA brands also offer great customer support and after-sales services.






Memphis Pellet Grill


Weber Wood Fired Pellet Grill


Green Mountain Wood Pellet Grill


Monument Pellet Grills


Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pellet Grill

People are appreciating the economic and quality grills nowadays. However, you still need to check out a few things before purchasing a pellet grill.

First, you should know if you need a manual control grill or grill controlled by smartphones. 

The manufacturers equip newer grills with programs that connect to your mobiles through Wi-Fi signals. You can control temperature and smoke levels and monitor food cooking progress. However, these grills are more expensive than their manual counterparts. 

What else?

The second thing to consider is the grill area. Now this one will vary from person to person. If you only use grills during parties or events, it is best to buy one with a larger grill area so you can cook large amounts of stuff simultaneously. 

But if you need it for regular use, then a smaller grill might be a better option.

Do you know different grills come with peculiar temperature ranges on which they operate? Again, it depends on what you are planning to cook on it. Check whether the grill can maintain the set temperature so your food properly cooks. 

Finally, check whether these grills are easy to clean and also easy to remove ash.

What Pellet Grills are made in the USA?

So, here’s good news for you! 

I have listed some pellet grills made in the USA alongside their pros and cons:

  • Memphis Wood Fire Grills
  • Weber
  • Green Mountain Grills
  • Monument Grills
  • Oklahoma Joe’s
  • ASMOKE Grills

Memphis Pellet Grill

The Memphis pellet grill is a perfect tool for those who want to accomplish multiple tasks from their grill. The company equips it with Wi-Fi-controlled features and a large grill capacity to cook many things at once. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It acts as a BBQ/smoker/convection oven, all in one.
  • Food gets perfectly cooked.
  • Easy to operate.
  • It works nicely with cold smoking.


  • Temperature fluctuates.
  • Sometimes fire goes out during cooking.

Memphis Wood Fire Grills Company Overview: They offer grills that use natural and renewable fuel. They make pellet grills in the USA. Each grill is a 3 in 1 cooking tool that can grill, smoke and bake. Since 2016, customers can monitor this grill through Wi-Fi.

Weber Wood Fired Pellet Grill

This pellet grill has a convenient design that allows food to receive consistent heat. It is very durable, has a built-in LCD, and high grill capacity. It also has a decent temperature range. Wi-Fi controllability allows many functions to get performed on smartphones. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Temperature Probes and Wi-Fi controls work flawlessly.
  • It cooks delicious food.
  • Large Cooking surface.
  • Easy to cook.


  • It requires cleaning and maintenance after each use.
  • Temperature can drop without warnings.

Weber Company Overview: They started back in 1952 in the small-town USA but now find themselves as a leading global brand for Grilling equipment. Weber utilizes the best resources in the USA to manufacture grills. They make each grill with durability, artistry, and quality.  

Green Mountain Wood Pellet Grill

This pellet grill is the ultimate portable grill. It has a Wi-Fi controller for your ease. Moreover, you will get a meat probe, a peaked lid, and a convenience tray in it. You will also find it equipped with a thermal sensor to monitor constant grill temperature. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Quickly cooks food.
  • You can set different profiles for different dishes.
  • Using its PID controller, you can micromanage temperature.
  • You can program a series of instructions.


  • The temperature fluctuates over the maximum range.
  • Poor customer service.

Green Mountain Grills Company Overview: They are grilling enthusiasts who strengthened the functionality of conventional pellet grills. They offer some of the best pellet grills in the USA at an affordable price range. They take pride in obtaining raw materials from local vendors to keep their grills accessible and affordable.

Monument Pellet Grills

It comes with double adjustable cooking racks. It is also equipped with dual meat probes and many electronic sensors to ensure the best grilling experience. The design allows it to be highly efficient and stay insulated. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It has an effective grease management system.
  • Equipped with a protective grate to give safety protection while adding pellets.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Temperature probes work as intended.


  • It observe repeated error codes during the warm-up phase.
  • It keeps throwing ERL code errors. 

Monument Grills Company Overview: When it comes to grill designing and manufacturing, Monument grills have indeed a leading name on the list. They create pellet grills that give a superior cooking performance, sturdy construction, top-notch features, and high-quality designs at a value price. Their factories are way too advanced in terms of technology. They have robotic welding and advanced coating capabilities. 

Oklahoma Joe’s Pellet Grills

Oklahoma Joe’s pellet grills are unmatched for their versatility and rich wood-fired flavored food. You will find two peculiar cooking guidance features in it. Also, it is famous for its massive temperature range (170-600 F) and impressive grilling space (about 1200 square inches). See the Latest Price Here.


  • It is easy to clean ash and grease from the grill.
  • You can cook professionally with such a high-temperature range.
  • A few temperature fluctuations.
  • Its controls are user friendly.


  • Its sear mode allows more heat than the amount you need in a smoker.
  • The Auger part is problematic in many models.

Company Overview: Oklahoma Joe’s has been around the grilling industry since the last century. It constantly innovates and improves grill products. It crafted each smoker to deliver high performance and go the extra mile to reach the flavor in your food. 

How to Use Pellet Grills?

Using pellet grills made in the USA has numerous benefits. Their most promising advantage is their usage. 

The only thing you will need is water to get it running. Also, we all know that US residents are pretty occupied and busy with their routines. So, they prefer quick and speedy solutions. Here’s great news for you guys!

The pellet grills are pretty easy and convenient to use. 

  • Put the pellets in the grills.
  • Now, select the smoke level and your desired temperature.
  • At last, set the time your food needs to get cooked.

And you are done!

Is Pit Boss made in the USA?

No, Pit boss is a US-based grilling company. However, they manufacture their products in China. Low overseas production cost allows Pit boss to deliver affordable pellet grills.

Are Pit boss grills made in China?

Yes, Pit boss grills are now made in China due to reduced production costs compared to the USA.

Where are Pit boss grills made?

Pit boss currently manufactures its grills in China despite being a USA-based company.  


Now you are all set to organize a BBQ get-together with your family and friends. Grab your pellet grills today and overcome the distances between your loved ones. For further queries, contact your nearest grilling expert. 

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