What is Idaho Known For? – Interesting Facts

What is Idaho known for

As one of the most beautiful states in the western United States, Idaho is famous for its natural beauty. In addition to its snow-capped mountains and crystal-clear rivers, Idaho has many other breathtaking sights to see.

What else is Idaho famous for? Take a look at a brief history of Idaho first.

Idaho History: A Brief Overview

Idaho has a rich and interesting history that dates back to the early 1800s when fur traders and missionaries first arrived in the area. It was initially part of Oregon Territory, but it became its own territory in 1863 before officially becoming a state in 1890. Throughout its history, Idaho has been home to several Native American tribes, as well as miners searching for gold during the Gold Rush era.

It saw economic growth throughout the 20th century with the development of large agricultural industries, such as potato farming and dairy production. This growth continued into modern times with the expansion of technology companies in Boise and other cities across the state.

Let’s take a look at some of the lesser-known facts and features that make this great state so unique.

What is Idaho Known For?

1. Outdoor Activities

Idaho is the ultimate destination for nature lovers, boasting a plethora of magnificent outdoor activities year-round. From hiking and camping during summer months to skiing and snowboarding in wintertime, Idaho has something fun for everyone! It’s also renowned as one of the best fly fishing spots around – from its 12 species of trout scattered throughout the Snake River to more serene shallow waters suitable for an afternoon spent immersed in tranquil beauty. No matter your passion or preference, you can certainly find it here in Idaho.

The Snake River runs through the state, providing opportunities for kayaking and rafting adventures. Whether you want to ski down powdery slopes or hike up rugged mountainsides, Idaho has a variety of outdoor activities for nature lovers. For anglers, Idaho has some great fishing spots as well.

2. Agriculture

Idaho has long been known for its agricultural industry. The state produces a variety of crops including potatoes, wheat, barley, corn, beans, peas, alfalfa hay, apples, pears, cherries, and other fruits and vegetables. In addition to traditional farming practices, many farmers are turning to sustainable methods such as organic farming or permaculture in order to protect the environment while still producing high-quality crops.

3. Entertainment & Culture

For both visitors and locals, Idaho offers plenty of entertainment options as well as its natural beauty and abundant outdoor activities. Visitors can attend live music and theatre performances at several museums and performing arts centers in Boise all year round. You can also try wine tastings at several Idaho wineries if you’re looking for something a little more lowkey, but still full of culture.

4. Local Cuisine

Idaho has so much more than potatoes to offer! From delectable huckleberry pies to succulent trout sandwiches, the cuisine options in this amazing state are limitless. A few must-try restaurants include Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery (Boise), Ketchum Grill (Ketchum), and The Griddle (Sandpoint). If you are looking for a unique dining experience or a delicious meal, Idaho will not disappoint.

5. Mining Industry

The mining industry has been an important part of Idaho’s economy since gold was discovered here in 1860. Today, mining continues to be an important part of life in many parts of the state as minerals like silver, zinc, lead ore, and molybdenum ore are still mined from underground mines throughout Idaho. The state is also home to two large open-pit gold mines that produce hundreds of thousands of ounces each year and employ hundreds of people across both operations.

But, there’s more to explore. So, keep on reading.

Foods Idaho Is Famous For

Idaho is known for its abundant natural resources, beautiful landscape, and outdoor activities. But it’s also home to some delicious culinary treats From classic potato dishes to fresh seafood caught right off of the shore, Idaho has something for everyone’s palate. Here are some of the most iconic foods that Idaho is famous for:

  1. Potatoes – Idaho is the number one producer of potatoes in the United States, so it’s no surprise that you can find them everywhere in this state! Whether you’re eating French fries, hashbrowns, or mashed potatoes, they all originate from Idaho spuds.
  1. Huckleberries – Since Utah and Washington share a border with Idaho, huckleberries make up part of the state’s produce. The tart, sweet flavor of huckleberries can be found in pies, jellies, and jams all across Idaho.
  1. Trout – Rivers, and streams full of trout are plentiful in many areas throughout Idaho. From Rainbow Trout to Cutthroat Trout, these tasty fish have become an integral part of Idaho cuisine. Locals enjoy catching their own or buying fresh-caught trout at local farmers’ markets or grocery stores.
  1. Bison Burgers – If you’re looking for a unique burger option, look no further than bison! This leaner red meat alternative is packed with nutritional benefits and is becoming increasingly popular among residents and visitors alike. 
  1. Dutch Oven Dishes – Idaho is the perfect place to create delicious meals cooked in a Dutch oven. The heavy-bottomed cast iron pot allows for cooking over an open fire and can make everything from hearty stews to succulent roasts.
  1. Fry Bread – Although it may not be a traditional Idaho food, fry bread has become incredibly popular in recent years. This flat doughy bread is fried until golden brown and then topped with savory ingredients like chili or sweet toppings such as honey or sugar.


Idaho has more to offer than meets the eye, as you can see from all these facts about Idaho! This area is abundant with outdoor recreational opportunities, as well as a thriving agricultural and mining sector that makes it easy to see why so many people live here. There is something for everyone in Idaho, whether you are seeking adventure or just looking for some time away from the city. So come explore what Idaho has to offer!

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