What Hand Tools are Made in the USA? – You Need To Know

Are you looking for the best handmade tools?

In this regard, You need to know about the best companies that make high-quality and most popular hand tools because nowadays, thousands of brands provide handmade tools. 

For your convenience, I have mentioned some hand tools companies that are actually working in the USA. The most powerful, durable, and best hand tools made in the USA. Before getting into the brand list, here I’m sharing with you a short introduction to hand tools.

Let’s get started,

What are Hand Tools?

The simple definition of hand tools is the tools used by hands without any electricity supply. The primary purpose of making hand tools is to ease the work of electricians, homebuilders, and plumbers. 

Hand Tools come in different sizes and shapes and are used in different kinds of work. Some of them are used in every sort of work, but some are designed for specific work.

Below some types are given.

  • Wrench or Ring Spanner

It is used for opening or tightening the nuts and bolts of any machinery. Most plumbers and vehicles mechanics have used these tools. These are made of alloy steel, metal, and aluminum. 

  • Hammers

Hammers are basically used to hitting the object. It has two sides, one is rounded, and the other is edgy. A long wood or steel stick is fixed with the hammers for perfect grip. 

  • Screwdrivers

These are the most valuable tools to tighten the bolts, screws, and nuts. They have different sizes and shapes. 

  • Pliers

Almost every house has pliers because they are used in many ways. They are used for bending or holding the object and removing unwanted objects like wires and nails. You can easily cut down or straighten the copper-aluminum wires with pliers.

  • Files and Rasps

These tools are used to give new shapes to objects. These are also used to remove unwanted material and make plastic, wood, and metal surfaces smooth.






DEWALT Machines Toolset


TEKTON Pliers Set


Crescent General Purpose Tool Set


Williams Premium Mixed Screwdriver Set



Why Should You Choose the USA-Made Hand Tools?

Thousands of companies are offering handmade tools. But, why still do people love to use USA-made tools?

The features of USA-made tools give you the answer.

  • The USA-made tools exhibit longer durability and protection features.
  • These tools are designed by keeping in mind workers’ approach.
  • Rustproof and ecofriendly material used in manufacturing which ensures no rust on tools if used under the water.
  • Though these tools are slightly expensive, the thing is that you’ll ensure exactly what you are looking for, and pay for.
  • Tools made in the USA are the most popular in the world so you can easily find them in the market or online stores.
  • US companies provide the best customer services.

What Hand Tools Are Made in the USA?

Below I’m sharing the list of the hand tools companies working in the USA:

  • Porter Cable
  • Kobalt 
  • Craftsman 
  • Tekton
  • Wright 
  • Snap-on

DEWALT Machines Toolset

This toolset consists of 192 pieces, which means it contains all the necessary tools and features. Dewalt tools are designed for the purpose of heavy-duty. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Lifetime warranty and replacement facility
  • Best for heavy-duty
  • Reasonable prices 
  • The high-quality material used in manufacturing 
  • 37.1 pounds weight 


  • Need ample space to store it 
  • Heavy in weight 

Dewalt Company Overview: In 1924, Dewalt started to design hand tools and accessories with the aim to provide up-to-mark and standard quality tools to ease the tough jobs of homebuilders, plumbers, and electricians. These tools help to keep your working performance at the peak. 

During the COVID-19 session, Dewalt remained open to serving its customers. The staff of Dewalt strictly followed the given health care institutions and guidelines.

TEKTON Pliers Set

One of the best hand tools made in USA. All the pieces have different sizes and shapes. High-quality, durable aluminum, alloy steel, and metal materials used in manufacturing. This tool includes one piece of nose plier 8 inches long, 1 piece of diagonal cutting plier that has 7 inches length, 1 piece of linemen, 2 pieces of slip joint plier, and 1 piece of groove joint plier. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Stainless material 
  • Durable and uniquely design 
  • Affordable prices 
  • You can use it on a daily basis 
  • Perfect for hard-working 


  • Expensive 
  • Poor Finishing

TEKTON Company Overview: The company’s primary focus is to provide high-quality tools at reasonable prices. TEKTON hired professional and experienced staff to manufacture the hand tools. Sockets and ratchets, wrenches, and pliers are the company’s core manufacturing tools. 

Crescent General Purpose Tool Set

The set of tools consists of 170 pieces which means it contains all necessary tools that are used in electrical and industrial work. This set includes different sizes and shapes of tools like 2 extensions, 2 spark plug sockets, 22 six-point sockets, 25 twelve-point sockets, and many other tools. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Decent quality of tool case 
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Finishing of the tools are very professional


  • The tools in the case are never fixed properly

Company Overview: Crescent company is the most rated and worldwide famous due to their high-quality made tools. The core product of the company is the adjustable wrench. Nowadays, the brand introduces a variety of hand tools.

Williams Premium Mixed Screwdriver Set

This set contains 8 pieces made of alloy steel and chrome blade hard plastic made handles help to perfectly grip. The set has 3 slotted, 3 Philips, and 2 electricians screwdrivers. See the Latest Price Here.


  • The hard plastic is used to make the handle
  • Durable than other toolsets
  • Ideal size and length
  • Made of alloy steel which provides it more durability


  • Low-quality Plastic used in handles
  • High prices as compared to material

Company Overview: Since 1882, Williams started to design quality tools. They never ever compromise on their tools’ quality. That’s why the Williams tools are widely used all over the world, and professionals show trust in their tools.

The expert staff of Williams company ensures that the tools are highly manufactured. The core tools of the company are the hammer, ratcheting flare nut, super combo wrenches.


This USA-MADE tool contains 4 pieces and is made of high-quality, durable steel. Tongue and Groove 9-½ inches pliers, 1 piece of diagonal cutting plier 7 inches long, 6 inches slip joint plier, and 8 inches nose plier are included in this toolset. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Perfect for routine work 
  • Perfect sizes 
  • Price is too low as compared to material 
  • Durable steel materials used in manufacturing 


  • Expensive 

Company Overview: The name of CHANNELLOCK founder is George B. DeArment. He started to design quality pliers in 1886. Now the fifth-generation owns and runs the business successfully. Nowadays, More than 350 employees work in this organization, and they make 75 types of pliers with different sizes and features. The pliers made by CHANNELLOCK are exported all over the world.

What are the Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Hand Tools?

  • Check the material of the tools
  • Lightweight tools are beneficial during working 
  • Make sure that the joints and grips are perfectly designed 
  • It is essential to check the warranty and quality of the tools
  • Consider your work needs 
  • Choose suitable tools for yourself 
  • Choose tools according to your skills

Are Craftsman Hand Tools Made in USA?

Yes, Craftsman hand tools are made in the USA, and they provide durable and reliable tools to ease your work. Craftsman also made quality products for garden and lawn equipment.

Are Milwaukee hand tools made in the USA?

Most people think that the Milwaukee hand tools are made in the USA. Milwaukee hand tools are made by Chinese company TTI. The real Milwaukee company closed in 2004. Now, the brand name is only used. There is a big difference between real Milwaukee hand tools and Chinese Milwaukee hand tools.

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