What Drill Presses are Made in the USA? A Brief Guide

When I visited Texas last summer, I stayed at my uncle’s place. He is a carpenter by profession and had his workshop. In my free time, I thought of assisting him in the workshop. However, when I went to his workshop, I saw a machine making holes in the wood pretty easily. I asked about the machine and my uncle told me it is called a drill press. 

He further elaborated that a few customers complained about inconsistencies in some furniture he designed. Therefore, he invested in the drill presses. It was his first step toward business expansion. Now he could complete orders way more quickly and produce better quality furniture.

Many people wonder about the correct definition of the drill press. Let’s have a brief overview!

What is a Drill Press?

The drill press might look like a less versatile hand drill, but in reality, it is underappreciated machinery. It contains two principal components, a chuck, and a table. 

The chuck is a part where you attach a drill bit. It is similar to chuck on a hand drill but slightly larger. You will find it attached in a vertically downwards position where you can move it up and down but cannot change the angle.

You will place the workpiece on the table and perform the drilling operation on it. Also, you can adjust the speed of the drill by changing the arrangement of belts on the pulleys. 

The notable advantage of a drill press is that you do not have to maintain a 90-degree angle to drill, which is the case in hand drills. Since the chuck gets locked in place, you have to move the apparatus vertically. As a result, you get perfect and clean drilled holes in your workpiece.

Drill Press Made in USA






Shop Fox Drill Press


Jet Bench Model Drill Press


Klutch Floor Drill Press


Evolution Magnetic Drill Press


Champion Cutting Tool Drill Press

Want to know more? Here are key aspects that distinguish the USA made drill presses from other brands.

Why Should You Choose the USA Made Drill Press?

I know it is quite a challenge to find a US made drill press. The concerning part of these drill presses is their expensiveness. However, the final product is worthwhile and priced. 

The drill presses made in the USA get manufactured from better quality metal. As a result, they are more expensive than a foreign-manufactured drill press. But a one-time investment in a good quality drill press will save you more money in the longer run. 

The USA made drill presses are generally better in overall quality and working. They use eco-friendly materials for manufacturing so that the disposal of waste products does not harm the environment. Therefore, you may find them a bit expensive. 

The chuck and motor are essential components of a drill press. These parts deal chiefly with the load when operational. So, they have to be top-of-the-line components otherwise they will wear out quickly. 

Another cause to purchase drill presses made in USA is the availability of spare parts. You can easily find the spare parts of these drill presses from your nearest local market. However, if you have another brand, you may have to wander for its parts. 

At last, an additional reason to buy drills made in USA is to support local businesses and the American economy. By purchasing local products, you are supporting and encouraging people to continue producing locally. You also get better after-sale support from local companies.

But hang on a minute. How could you buy a drill press without knowing important factors?

Things to Consider Before Buying a Drill Press

It is very crucial to choose the right kind of drill press. These factors define how accurate and proficient your drilling operation will be. So, decide after considering the following factors:

There are two dominant models of a drill press, a floor model and a benchtop model. The floor drill presses are suitable for people working on a bigger scale. They are also more expensive than benchtop models.

However, the benchtop model is an ideal option for regular people. You can use it for minute infrequent tasks. These are inexpensive and space-efficient. Hence, before purchasing a drill press, ensure the type you want. 

The next factor is considering how much horsepower should the motor of the drill press have. If you deal with thicker materials like steel or iron, you will require more power to drill holes in them. The size of the drill bit also determines what size of motor you may want.

A drill press should have multiple speed modes. For different materials, drilling gets done at different speeds. Expensive and larger drill presses have more speed adjustment options than other variants.

Similarly, the weight of the drill press is another important factor. A heavier drill press will be more stable and lead to better control over the drilling process. But it will be less portable. 

The drill press you buy should have an adjustable depth stop, which guarantees that the depth of each hole is the same. For example, if you need to create 15 holes of 1 mm depth, then the depth stop will make sure that all 15 holes are of 1mm depth.

What Drill Presses are Made in the USA?

I have listed a few USA made drill presses alongside their features, to assist you in making the correct choice.

  • Champion Cutting Tool Drill Press
  • Evolution Magnetic Drill Press
  • Shop Fox Drill Press
  • Jet Bench Model Drill Press
  • Klutch Floor Drill Press

1. Shop Fox Drill Press

It is a floor drill press made in USA. This drill press comes with multiple operational modes. You can switch back and forth between them in a matter of seconds. It has a good capacity and stability. See the Latest Price Here.


  • The oscillation feature reduces the heat build-up.
  • The machine is a durable and rock-solid build.
  • It has two tools in one machine.
  • Equipped with a tilted table, which adds to its versatility.


  • It has no mortising attachment available.
  • At higher cutting speeds, vibrations become more violent.

Woodstock International Company Overview:  It is a wholesale supplier of woodworking and metalworking tools and types of machinery. You will also find their manufactured machinery accessories. They have enjoyed tremendous growth recently and are one of the fastest-growing companies in America. They have provided service to thousands of suppliers and vendors.

2. Jet Bench Model Drill Press

Accuracy, versatility, and portability are the salient features of this drill press. It has a potent motor and tilting table to provide an excellent material removal rate and stability. See the Latest Price Here.


  • This drill offers a great range in spindle speeds.
  • Good quality cast iron is used.
  • Its chuck holds the drill bit firmly.
  • It has a built-in bulb holder for casting light on the workpiece.


  • Assembly instructions are missing a few steps.
  • It is pretty heavy for a bench model.

Company Overview: Jet Tools began in 1958. They have an expert team of engineers who constantly strive to manufacture quality products. Their drill presses provide enhanced performance and efficiency with sleek designs.

3. Klutch Floor Drill Press

This drill press is the perfect choice for drilling metal or wood. It comes equipped with a powerful motor that produces accurate drilling results. It is a versatile machine packed on a sturdy floor mount. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Made from solid and durable materials.
  • Changing drill bits is very easy.
  • Speed adjustment is pretty easy to perform.
  • Offers a multitude of drilling angles.


  • This machine is heavy and difficult to assemble.
  • It does not have a dust blower.

Klutch Company Overview: They manufacture power tools for the usage of everyone, from industrial applications to regular garage work. They believe in manufacturing quality products for serious work. They are one of the leading brands in the USA that design and manufacture their products.

4. Evolution Magnetic Drill Press

This drill press makes drilling and boring through steel completely effortless. You will find it equipped with a powerful motor that is ideally suited for working on steel. It has a high torque gearbox and a durable design. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It is pretty easy to set up and use.
  • The material removal rate is very high.
  • It is portable.
  • The machine is entirely stable.


  • No variable speed capability.
  • Customer service is not good.

Evolution Company Overview: It is a global brand with offices in multiple countries. They have one of the most capable individuals who work hard to bring innovations to the tool industry. They have deeply invested in “Research and Development” to produce innovative tools.

5. Champion Cutting Tool Drill Press

This drill press is a lightweight machine capable of providing tons of drilling power. It is lighter than a conventional drill press and equally efficient. It sees application in various industries. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It is pretty easy to transport.
  • It is durable.
  • A powerful magnet gives accurate results.
  • The perfect tool for drilling and boring steel.


  • Machine stability is questionable.

Company Overview: Champion Cutting Tool got established in 1897 and still shares the same core idea and values on which they were founded. They develop high service tools to increase the productivity of individuals. Champion remains focused on bringing innovations and problem-solving tools to the market.

What is a Drill Press Used for?

It is used to drill holes in metal, wood, or other materials using a drilling machine or drill press. By using the drill press, materials that are harder and denser can be cut with less effort. When compared to a handheld drill, the advantages of using a stationary drill press are many.

What is a Quill on a Drill Press?

A quill is a hollow shaft that surrounds a spindle. The quill lock lever securely extends the quill. The spindle of the drill press rotates in relation to the drill press housing, whereas the quill does not. Spindles are rotating shafts on which chucks are mounted.

What is a Drill Press Maintenance Checklist?

Do not forget to maintain your drill press once a month. Keep the below checklist in mind.

  1. Lubricate the moving parts
  2. Check for rust
  3. Check drive belt
  4. Check the quill
  5. Check the switches and power cord
  6. Check the belt condition and tension
  7. Keep drill bits clean and sharp
  8. Keep the working surface clean of scraps, tools, and materials

Where are Makita Drills made?

Makita manufactures tools all across the globe. They have a Telford manufacturing plant, which provides a complete production facility in the UK. It is responsible for manufacturing power tools.


Well, you can install these drill presses in your garage or mini-workshop. It will solve your major drilling issues. Sounds good? I suggest you install a suitable US-made drill press and add convenience to your routine. 

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