What American Made Sleeping Bags Worth Buying?

On one camping journey to Michigan, temperatures dropped to freezing point. I never took sleeping bags with me on camping trips. Blankets. Quilts and campfires always kept me warm sufficiently. I couldn’t sleep all night and instead fell ill the next day. We needed to abandon our camping trip. It was the time when everyone compelled me to buy sleeping bags.

During my last camping experience, I slept in a sleeping bag. The outdoor temperature changed to -8 degrees Celsius, but it didn’t hassle me throughout my sleep. I regret downplaying the importance of a sleeping bag. Now, it is the primary object for my camping. So, here is the main concern.

What American Made Sleeping Bags Worth Buying?

Sleeping bags made in the USA are excessively in demand. Folks that often move on camping journeys will usually pick the American made sleeping bags over imported sleeping bags. I have listed some American sleeping bags for your convenience.

  1. Coleman Sleeping Bag
  2. KingCamp Double Sleeping Bag
  3. ALPS Sleeping Bag
  4. TETON Sleeping Bag
  5. MalloMe Sleeping Bag

Let’s get deep into it. After knowing about American made sleeping bags let’s talk about their types

What are Different Types of Sleeping Bags?

A sleeping bag is an important part of your camping accessories. It will help you sleep comfortably during the night when the weather is cold. Sleeping bags come in a variety of designs. So many options allow everyone to get a customized fit.

1. Cotton Sleeping Bags

These sleeping bags are lightweight and allow good air ventilation. However, these are not advised for colder campsites as cotton absorbs moisture.

2 Synthetic Sleeping Bags 

These sleeping bags get manufactured from man-made material, which usually includes polyester. They can resist severe temperatures and are remarkably durable. They work flawlessly in wet and rainy areas as their insulation is unaffected by moisture, unlike cotton sleeping bags.

3. Down Sleeping Bags

These sleeping bags provide excellent insulation from cold. These are very lightweight and durable. However, their insulation decreases when they are wet. They are made from natural materials. Therefore, they may be a cause of allergies in some people.

Sleeping Bags Made in USA






TETON Sleeping Bag


Coleman Sleeping Bag


ALPS Sleeping Bag


MalloMe Sleeping Bags


KingCamp Double Sleeping Bag

Have you wondered why people prefer American brands?

Why Should You Buy the USA Made Sleeping Bags?

The most common purpose comes right down to the designs and craftsmanship of sleeping bags manufactured in the USA. Their sturdiness is likewise unrivaled. They have better operational temperature stages. Therefore, they are expensive compared to imported sleeping bags. However, their tremendous overall performance makes it all worth it.

Sleeping bag manufacturers USA guarantee their products perform properly on the temperature rating. These sleeping bags are essentially made of excellent quality bio-degradable material.

The USA sleeping bag manufacturers offer better customer care services. They are available 24/7 for your assistance. Furthermore, purchasing local products also promotes small businesses. It ultimately strengthens the economic order of the country.

Before going to products recommendation, take a break and read the factors to consider before buying a sleeping bag.

Things to Consider Before Buying Sleeping Bags

Never buy a sleeping bag without looking at its specifications, like the material used in bags, the quality level, etc. Consider the following points while buying a sleeping bag.

  1. Weather is the first thing to consider at a campsite. Different sleeping bags come with peculiar temperature ranges. So, choose sleeping bags depending upon which season you go on camping trips.
  2. During summer camping, you might require thinner sleeping bags, and during winter trips, you might need a sleeping bag with proper insulation against cold weather.
  3. Other factors include the temperature rating of a sleeping bag. Throughout its temperature range, it will provide comfortable sleep.
  4. Finally, do not forget to check the size of your sleeping bag. I suggest buying the one which suits and fits you the best. They come in different sizes and shapes, so choose respectively.

Now, comes the best sleeping bags made in USA.

American Made Sleeping Bags – Product Recommendations

1. TETON Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is huge and very comfortable for sleeping. You can unzip it from either side or bottom. It has innovative fiber fill to provide warmth. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It has a soft lining, zipper, and shoulder draft to keep warm air inside the bag.
  • It is greater than a queen-sized mattress.
  • The zipper does not make any contact with your skin.
  • Two people can sleep at once in its spacious area.


  • It is challenging to pack/unpack.
  • It is very challenging to get in and out of this bag.

Company Overview: TETON is a Utah based business enterprise that manufactures mountaineering tools. Camping is their ardor, and this passion drives them to make such adventures more amusing for every person. Their products permit the experience of nature without sacrificing consolation.

2. Coleman Sleeping Bag

It is an adult-sized sleeping bag and can accommodate most people for heights up to 6 feet 4 inches tall. Excellent design features allow warmth and heat retention. You can pack it easily. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It has a lot of room for sleeping.
  • Cotton lining is comfortable for a sound sleep.
  • The zipper is easy to open/close.
  • It is made from durable material.


  • Polyester fill is not warm enough according to its temperature rating.
  • It soaks up liquid very quickly.

Company Overview: Coleman commenced their adventure a hundred and twenty years ago. Now, you can find their mountaineering gears everywhere. You can use their products in various environments like lakesides, valleys, or campsites. Their products comprise high-quality-controlled finishing, long-lasting material, and elevated consolation degree.

3. ALPS Sleeping Bag

ALPS Sleeping Bag

It is an oversized rectangular sleeping bag made of cotton. The two-layer construction provides excellent insulation. You can roll it up comfortably, allowing transportation. It comes with a temperature range of -10 degrees Celsius. See the Latest Price Here.


  • This sleeping bag is large, heavy, and well-made.
  • You will find it pretty comfortable while sleeping.
  • They perform best in cold conditions.
  • It is made from good quality material.


  • It is very bulky and difficult to carry around.
  • No carry bag is included.

Company Overview: ALPS mountaineering emerged in 1993 and rapidly has turned out to be an innovation and industry leader in mountaineering add-ons. They have got a particular desire to manufacture fine traveling and camping gadgets. They want camping accessories to be available to all people.

4. MalloMe Sleeping Bags

MalloMe Sleeping Bags

This sleeping bag has padding and cushioning inside to provide an extra comfort level. It is waterproof and excellent for keeping warm at ordinary altitudes. These are ultralight for backpacking and easy to clean. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It provides excellent warmth in freezing conditions.
  • You can easily keep it in a bag.
  • Excellent after-sales customer service.
  • Zippers move smoothly, and coupling is quite simple.


  • It cannot withstand machine washing.
  • Not suitable for mountain camping.

Company Overview: MalloMe is an industry leader in competitive outdoor products. From family picnics to mountain climbing, MalloMe has super merchandise and accessories to offer splendid consolation and improve your general experience. Client satisfaction and high quality is MalloMe’s initial consideration.

5. KingCamp Double Sleeping Bag

KingCamp Double Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag gives the flexibility to sleep alone or share with others. It is warm and cozy. Regardless of its colossal size, it is easy to hold around. It is made from solid and durable materials. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It is lightweight.
  • Provides comfortable sleep.
  • Has excellent heat retention.
  • It has a large room and can easily fit two adults.


  • It can be problematic to pack due to its enormous size.

Company Overview: KingCamp turned into a global icon in 2002. It has emerged as an expert emblem in the production and distribution of outdoor accessories. Each product has outstanding quality and offers customer satisfaction. They focus on developing gears that provide comfort and safety to their customers.

What are Sleeping Bags Made of?

Different materials are used to make sleeping bags. The outer cover is made of canvas, polyester, or nylon, while the inner liners are made of cotton flannel or silk. As an insulation material, all sleeping bags use synthetic fibers and poly fibers.

How to Determine Sleeping Bag Rating?

A sleeping bag’s rating indicates the lowest temperature at which it will keep you warm. A simple way to determine the sleeping bag rating is:

Lay the bag out on a flat surface and let it loft fully. Then measure the top loft. and check out the Below temperatures ratings.

TemperatureThickness (Top Loft)
40F1.5 inch
20F2.0 inch
0F2.5 inch
-20F3.0 inch
-40F3.5 inch
-60F4.0 inch

Sleeping bags usually have a tag that indicates the temperature rating, sometimes hidden inside a pocket. You can also see the other instructions as well.

Are Sleeping Bags Comfortable?

The majority of people are comfortable with sleeping bags. When it comes to comfort, the material of the sleeping bag plays a significant role. Your skin will feel different against different materials.

There will also be a variety of thicknesses and some will be even more “noisy” than others. It is also important to take into account the type of insulation used in sleeping bags. It retains and maintains heat.


If you are not in favor of using sleeping bags, I suggest you may change your present perception. Many find them uncomfortable, but not all the products are the same. My perception was inverted after using the down sleeping bags made in USA. Try it, and you will experience the exact results.

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