Water Dispensers Made in USA – A Brief Guide

Water Dispensers Made in USA

How many times have you had a long day at work and all you wanted was a cold drink of water? Maybe you’re tired of constantly having to refill a pitcher or plastic bottle, or maybe you’re tired of buying expensive bottled water. Whatever the reason, a water dispenser can make all the difference in your hydration routine. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which one to choose?

If you’re looking for a water dispenser that’s both reliable and sustainable, consider investing in one that’s made in the USA. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of choosing a water dispenser made in USA, as well as some of the top brands and models to consider. We’ll also discuss the different types of water dispensers available and what features to look for when making your purchase. So sit back, grab a refreshing drink of water, and let’s dive in!

What are the Different Types of Water Dispensers?

Some common types of water dispensers that are available in American markets:

1. Countertop Water Dispensers: These are compact units that can be placed on a countertop or table. They typically dispense room temperature or cold water and are ideal for smaller households or office spaces.

2. Freestanding Water Dispensers: These are larger units that are designed to be freestanding on the floor. Typically, they can dispense hot, cold, or room-temperature water. They’re ideal for larger households or office spaces.

3. Bottom-Loading Water Dispensers: These units have the water bottle located at the bottom of the dispenser, making it easier to replace when empty. They can dispense hot, cold, or room-temperature water and are often preferred for their convenience.

4. Top-Loading Water Dispensers: These units have the water bottle located at the top of the dispenser and are often more affordable than bottom-loading units. Ideal for small households, they can dispense hot, cold, or room-temperature water.

5. Portable Water Dispensers: These are smaller, portable units that can be taken with you on the go. They’re often used for camping, outdoor events, or other situations where access to clean drinking water may be limited.

6. Filtered Water Dispensers: These units have built-in filtration systems that remove impurities from the water, providing clean and refreshing drinking water. They can be countertop or freestanding units and are ideal for households or office spaces with poor water quality.

7. Direct Piping Water Dispensers: Directly connected to a water source, these units do not require bottled water. They can dispense hot, cold, or room-temperature water and are ideal for larger households or office spaces.

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Elkay Built-in Filtered Water Dispenser


Absolu Stainless Steel Water dispenser


Arrow 2 Gallon Drink Dispenser

What Makes USA Made Water Dispensers Different?

American-made water dispensers are likely to carry these certifications:

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) tests and certifies products. Products with NSF certification have passed rigorous safety and performance tests and are safe and reliable.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent safety certification organization that tests and certifies products for safety and performance. Safety standards have been met by water dispensers with UL certification.

The Energy Star program identifies products that are energy-efficient. By meeting strict energy efficiency standards, water dispensers with Energy Star certification have reduced energy consumption and reduced energy costs.

This independent organization certifies water quality products. Water dispensers with WQA certification have been tested and proven to provide clean and safe drinking water.

Water dispensers with RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certification have been tested and proven to be free of certain hazardous materials, such as lead and mercury.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a non-profit organization that develops and publishes standards for a variety of products. ANSI-certified water dispensers have been tested and proven to perform well.

ETL stands for Electrical Testing Laboratories. Water dispensers made in America are ETL certified and have been tested and proven to meet strict safety and performance standards related to electrical components and systems.

If you’re looking for a way to simplify your life and stay hydrated, some factors you should keep in mind before buying a water dispenser.

How Should I Choose a Water Dispenser?

Here are some important factors to consider before buying a water dispenser:

  1. There are several types of water dispensers available, including countertop, freestanding, and bottom-loading models. Consider which type will best fit your space and needs.
  2. Some water dispensers are designed to be used with bottled water, while others are connected directly to a water supply line. Consider which option is most convenient and cost-effective for your situation.
  3. Consider how much water you and your family typically consume, and choose a water dispenser with a capacity that will meet your needs.
  4. If you are concerned about water quality, look for a water dispenser with a built-in filtration system. Drinking water will taste better and be cleaner as a result.
  5. Look for a water dispenser with an Energy Star certification or other energy-efficient features, which can help reduce energy consumption and save on energy costs.
  6. Consider how easy the water dispenser is to clean and maintain, including how often the filters need to be replaced.
  7. You can find water dispensers for less than $100 or several hundred dollars. Make sure the model you choose fits your budget.
  8. Make sure the brand’s reputation and quality are high before you make a purchase, and check reviews and recommendations from other customers.

Want to impress your guests with a stylish and modern addition to your kitchen or office? Let’s discuss some US made water dispensers.

List of Water Dispensers Made in USA

1. Elkay Built-in Filtered Water Dispenser

Elkay Built-in Filtered Water Dispenser

It comes with a built-in filtration system that removes chlorine, particulates, and other impurities from your drinking water. Using an NSF-certified filter ensures that the water stays healthy and tastes great. Stylish glass and stainless steel design wipes clean. Here is the latest price.


  • Looks and functions great.
  • Filter changes are quick and easy.
  • Great if you like to have it fill about 8oz of water at a time.


  • Lots of connections are to be made in a very small space.

Company Overview: Elkay is an American-based company that specializes in the production of plumbing products and accessories. Founded in 1920 in Chicago, Illinois, the company has been a leader in the plumbing industry for over 100 years. It offers a wide range of products such as sinks, faucets, water coolers, and drinking fountains, all of which are stylish, functional, and eco-friendly.

2. Absolu Stainless Steel Water Dispenser

Absolu Stainless Steel Water dispenser

In addition to the stainless steel reservoir, Absolu’s built-in no-spill system, compressor cooling, and a stainless steel cold water reservoir are all included with this stainless steel water dispenser. It has a removable drip tray and includes our latest faucet design, which incorporates push-button technology with covered dispensing valves. Here is the latest price.

Company Overview: Aquaverve Water Coolers is a leading provider of premium-quality water coolers and dispensers. The company was founded in 1997 by entrepreneur and CEO, Alex Weaver, who recognized the need for high-quality water coolers in the market. Based in Rahway, New Jersey, Aquaverve has quickly grown to become a top supplier of water coolers to homes, offices, and other commercial locations across the United States. The company has It has built a reputation for delivering aesthetically pleasing, functional, and stylish products.

3. Arrow 2 Gallon Drink Dispenser

Arrow 2 Gallon Drink Dispenser

This dispenser can hold up to 2 gallons of liquid, making it perfect for small gatherings, parties, and events. This drink dispenser is made of high-quality, BPA-free plastic material, which is shatter-resistant and safe for use with beverages. With a twist-off lid that makes it easy to fill and clean, and a spigot that provides a smooth and steady flow of liquid. Here is the latest price.


  • Well built and fits perfectly in the refrigerator great product.
  • The quality and clarity of the plastic container are very good.
  • The extra spout was a nice plus and it is lightweight but sturdy when full.


  • Water released in very small amounts

Company Overview: Arrow is committed to American Manufacturing technology, material innovation, and investing in its people as a way of consistently delivering quality, inspired products. Our products are specifically designed to fit our customers’ lifestyles, to delight and inspire them every day, knowing that they are more than just our customers.

Experience the benefits of drinking more water with our easy-to-use and innovative water dispenser. But now it’s time for some maintenance tips.

How do I Clean My Water Dispenser?

To clean your water dispenser, first, unplug the unit and remove the water bottle or reservoir. Then, mix a cleaning solution of one part vinegar with three parts water and fill the reservoir or bottle with the solution. Allow the solution to sit in the reservoir for several minutes, then use a brush or cloth to scrub the inside of the reservoir thoroughly. Empty the cleaning solution and rinse the reservoir or bottle with clean water. Finally, wipe the outside of the dispenser with a clean cloth and allow it to air dry before reattaching the bottle or reservoir and plugging the unit back in.

How do I Fix a Leaky Water Dispenser?

To fix a leaky water dispenser, first, turn off the power and unplug the unit. Then, inspect the dispenser to identify where the leak is coming from. If the leak is coming from the bottle, make sure the bottle is correctly placed and secure. If the leak is coming from the dispenser itself, check the seals and gaskets to see if they are damaged or worn. Replace any damaged parts and ensure that all connections are tight and secure before plugging the unit back in and turning on the power.

How do I Troubleshoot Common Issues With My Water Dispenser?

Common issues with water dispensers include low water pressure, water that is not cold enough, and strange tastes or odors in the water. To troubleshoot these issues, first, make sure that the dispenser is plugged in and the power is turned on. Then, check the water source to ensure that it is not the cause of the problem. You may need to clean or replace the dispenser’s filters if the issue persists. Additionally, make sure that the dispenser is properly cleaned and maintained.

How do I Choose the Right Size Water Dispenser for My Needs?

To choose the right size water dispenser for your needs, consider how many people will be using the dispenser and how much water they are likely to consume. A larger water dispenser may be necessary for a larger family or office, while a smaller dispenser may be sufficient for a single person or small household. Additionally, consider the space available for the dispenser and whether you prefer a freestanding or countertop model.


It is convenient to have access to clean drinking water with water dispensers made in USA. Your American built water dispenser must meet your needs, whether it is for personal or commercial use. It must also be regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure that it functions properly and is providing safe, clean water.

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