List of Truck Tool Boxes Made in USA – Manufacturers Included

In my tough routine, I never get enough time to organize my truck tools over and over again. And so, I always ended up losing many important tools, which eventually cost me a lot. But luckily, when I was at my cousin’s house one day, I happened to discover a chest-type truck toolbox that was looking super cool and helpful.

I realized that adding a toolbox to the truck bed can be a cost-effective, simple, and time-saving option for keeping all the tools secure, safe, and out of the elements. Without any further delay, I started to find some options on Amazon to consider the best possible Truck Tool Boxes Made in USA that can protect my tools efficiently. 

Want to know what I found in my entire research? Stay with me to know everything about it; First, start with the types.

What are the Different Types of Truck Toolboxes?

Based on the installation, the types of toolboxes are as follows:

1. Crossover boxes

Crossover boxes are installed right behind the cab. Generally, they run through the whole width of the bed of the truck. Also, they rest on the truck bed’s sides.

2. Side mount boxes

These types of boxes are mainly installed either on the left or right side of the specific truck bed.

3. Chest toolboxes

The American chest truck boxes are typically installed right behind the cab. Also, they are placed on the truck bed floor.

4. Top mount boxes

Top mount boxes are mounted on the side bed rails (top side). They don’t extend into the floor area of the bed and extend most of the time upwards.

5. Storage drawers

This kind of storage truck box usually sits on the floor bed. Typically, they are horizontal and flat and placed perfectly on the floor bed.

6. Wheel well boxes

Wheel well boxes are a kind of storage box that is tall and narrow. They are ideally mounted on the bed of the floor.

7. Fifth-wheel boxes

These boxes are specially designed in a way that they aren’t a hindrance whenever a trailer requires to be attached. And yes, they are also designed to be placed on the truck bed floor.

Have a look below to know why USA-made products are best to consider;






Lund Mount Lid Truck Tool Box


Buyers Products Underbody Truck Box


CamLocker 71 Inch Crossover Tool Box


UWS Matte Truck Tool Box


UnderCover SwingCase Truck Bed Box

Why Choose USA-Made Truck Tool Boxes?

All these American truck boxes have been tested and approved by international standards because of the wonderful conformity assessment, CASCO TOOLBOX, used by regulators in various sectors.

Most of the USA-made products are manufactured & published jointly by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).

Truck tool boxes made in USA are guaranteed to meet the requirements of the World Trade Organization Agreement on products. In accordance with the WTO Agreement on Specific Technical Barriers to Trade, the CASCO toolkit contains International Standards and Guides.

Six sigma certification makes these USA-made products even more valuable. The goal of the Six Sigma certification program is to teach participants how to analyze processes and results in order to cut down on waste and improve quality. There are several tiers of certification, from beginner to expert, in the Six Sigma framework.

Now, check the some important factors you should consider before buying a toolbox.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Truck Toolbox

Below are a few things you need to consider before buying the truck tool boxes;

  • Most important thing is to check the size of the tool box whether it fits in your truck or not.
  • Choose the type of toolbox according to your tools and stuff.
  • Go with the low-profile lid to prevent driver-view obstruction.
  • The lid and box must be wielded completely for strength and rigidity.
  • Secure closing and ease of opening are a must.
  • There should be adequate cargo capacity left.
  • Additional strength in its structure, as well as a bulb weather seal, should be considered for protection against dirt and damage.
  • The construction material of the truck box must be kept in mind. Usually, plastic boxes tend to be inexpensive & they are not really strong. Metal is a better option for the utmost with regard to durability and strength, but they cost a little more.

So, what’s the next step? Without any further ado, let’s choose a product from the below list that best suits your needs;

List of Truck Tool Boxes Made in USA

  • Lund Aluminum Flush Mount Truck Tool Box
  • Buyers Products Underbody Truck Box
  • CamLocker S71MB 71 Inch Crossover Tool Box
  • UWS Matte Truck Tool Box
  • UnderCover SwingCase Truck Bed Box

1. Lund Aluminum Flush Mount Truck Tool Box

Lund Mount Lid Truck Tool Box

The toolbox is a low-profile toolbox of 60 inches with a diamond-plated finish. It is perfect for adding extra storage while not compromising on the view of the road. The rush-resist finish can efficiently withstand surprising beatings & protects against rust and water. See the latest price here.


  • Good locking mechanism
  • Well-built box
  • Lightweight and works well
  • Solid construction


  • The black color absorbs so much heat, and it becomes super hot to touch

Company Overview: In 1965, Allan W.Lund decided to start his company. Before the foundation of LUND & producing accessories, Allan was a teacher. In 1974, he started making sun visors. By the late 1970s, the truck market was growing nicely, and LUND added high-quality accessories for the light trucks in their item selections.

2. Buyers Products Underbody Truck Box

Buyers Products Underbody Truck Box

It is specially designed for a long haul with aircraft cables and a replaceable gasket sealing system, so it will last for many years. Power-coated and durable steel makes this highly professional box ideal for storing your equipment and tools. It also comes with a compression latch to protect your equipment and tools. See the latest price here.


  • Heavy-duty craftsmanship
  • Durable and reliable
  • The door hardware is solid
  • Adjustable latches


  • It’s not waterproof

Company Overview: Established in 1946, this company has grown to become the best American manufacturer of equipment for the truck industry. The mission of Buyers is to provide the best possible items at the most reasonable costs. This company leads the industry in velocity and value for custom manufacturing.

3. CamLocker 71 Inch Crossover Tool Box

CamLocker 71 Inch Crossover Tool Box

The lock assembly of the CamLocker Tool Box uses revolving cams that smoothly hook through welded catches in order to secure the box lid in every closed position. The insulation and waterproof nature of this product keep your gear dry in every kind of weather. See the latest price here.


  • Easy to install
  • Excellent quality
  • Fits the truck efficiently
  • Looks great


  • The packaging is not good enough

Company Overview: CamLocker produces exceptional quality toolboxes and many other truck accessories in the United States. Their parent company was established 20 years ago. Now, they have expanded their line of products to include the best “CamLocker”. Also, these truck toolbox manufacturers have great designs and accessories.

4. UWS Matte Truck Tool Box

UWS Matte Truck Tool Box

This truck box is equipped with dual-locking, easy-to-operate handles that can be easily locked on both sides of the truck. Its lid is filled with a rigid foam that enhances structural integrity & assists in preventing binding. The low profile of this amazing box provides a better view out the cab window. See the latest price here.


  • Simple to mount
  • The carpet is present inside
  • Really quick & easy to install
  • Perfect sealing


  • Its locking mechanism requires improvement

Company Overview: UWS is a leading designer and manufacturer of USA-assembled truck boxes & accessories. Their products are built to excellent quality standards, providing reliable and tough storage solutions for expert truck enthusiasts and tradesmen alike. They offer a range of toolboxes, chest boxes, transfer tanks, and dog box storage solutions.

5. UnderCover SwingCase Truck Bed Box

UnderCover SwingCase Truck Bed Box

This product offers ultimate accessibility. The SwingCase has a great key-lockable lid & can hold up to over 75 lbs of stuff very easily. Moreover, it features a moisture seal and organizational tray to keep the tools in place and dry to enhance protection. See the latest price here.


  • Right size
  • All-inclusive package
  • Easy installation
  • Nice storage space


  • It cannot be used with the bed cover

Company Overview: UnderCover is a great manufacturer of the ABS one-piece amazing truck bed cover. It was founded in 1999 and entered the market of truck bed covers and toolboxes in 2001. The proprietary blend of polymers and plastic, as well as the patented design of their products, give the covers unparalleled durability and strength.

Other Truck Tool Box Manufacturers in the USA

1. Company Name: Simpson Tool Box | Truck and Van Equipment

Address: 2440 W McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85009, United States

Products they Offer: tuck equipment (tool boxes, bed covers, liners, ladder racks, bed accessories) and van equipment (ladder racks, partitions, shelving, accessories)

2. Company Name: 800-Tool-Box

Address: 7905 Agate Rd, White City, OR 97503, United States

Products they Offer: Pickup Truck Tool Boxes & Accessories, Truck Bodies, Semi Trucks, etc.

3. Company Name: American Truckboxes, LLC

Address: 15750 6th St SE, Blanchard, ND 58009, United States

Products they Offer: cargo boxes, tool boxes, penal boxes, in-frame boxes, battery boxes, underbody boxes, etc

4. Company Name: Highway Products Inc.

Address: 7905 Agate Rd, White City, OR 97503, United States

Products they Offer: Truck accessories, truck slides, pickup packs, utility decks, service bodies, flatbeds, semi accessories, etc

5. Company Name: Truck Logic

Address: 3535 S Platte River Dr Suite H, Englewood, CO 80110, United States

Products they Offer: Tonneau bed covers, tents, tool boxes, floor liners, mats, step bars, Nerf, toppers, campers, seat covers, cargo drawers, bed slides, etc

After exploring so many truck toolboxes, let’s have some important questions and answers.

Why do you Need a Truck Toolbox?

There are many reasons that show the high-end importance of truck toolboxes made in USA. Some major ones are listed below:

  • The most impressive benefit of investing in truck toolboxes is the capability to protect the tools. They help you protect the expensive tools in a safe place.
  • You can also keep your tools away from being stolen, damaged, rusty, or scratched.
  • You can easily manage all your tools in one place.

Are Truck Tool Boxes Universal?

NO, The truck tool boxes are not universal. Your truck toolbox will depend on what tools you need and the size of your vehicle. Different truck brands have different designs and dimensions, so choose the toolbox that is most appropriate for your vehicle and your need.

What Size Toolbox for Truck?

A truck toolbox measurement is somehow technical as you need to measure all the dimensions of your truck bed, such as the height and width of the bed rails, the rare view, the wheel wells, etc. Check the below steps for the measurements.

  1. The first thing you need to do is measure the distance between your bed rails
  2. Measure the height of your truck bed walls
  3. Measure the distance between the bulkhead and the base of your wheel wells
  4. Take your rear view measurement into account as well so that the toolbox will not obstruct it

How do Truck Tool Boxes Mount?

In order for a truck tool box to be mounted properly, some drilling is required. You will need the following tools:

Drill Machine, Wrench/Spanner, J-bolts, and washers. (I would recommend 3/8″ bolts)

  1. First, apply rubber tape or padding to the toolbox’s back where it will contact the bed rails to prevent scratches.
  2. Place the toolbox on the bed rails and check for a hurdle in the lid opening.
  3. After that, mark the hole locations and drill the holes.
  4. Complete the installation by tightening the nuts and J-bolts.

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