What Solar Lights are Made In USA?

During the past week, I had the chance to visit the home of one of my colleagues. He has a large house and an impressive lawn. When we were sitting out on the lawn and having coffee, the garden lights suddenly turned and I was completely surprised by what had happened. I asked my colleague how these lights turn on. He laughed and said these are solar garden lights that automatically turn on at night.

He told me that these lights are easy to install; simply push them into the ground with the spikes at the bottom, and the light sensor will do the rest. It will automatically turn on and off.

He said he bought these lights from Amazon, so I started searching for these lights after getting home. So, stay with me to know what I found in my research and I will discuss everything you need to know about solar lights made in America and some of the best solar lights made in USA. 

Let’s start with the basics.

What are Solar Lights?

As the name indicates, solar lights utilize solar energy as an energy source. The solar panels convert solar energy into electrical energy and also charge the battery during the daytime. The battery then provides energy to the solar light at night. These lights are a little more expensive than the traditional lights but save you a lot in the future.

But wait – there’s more about different types of solar lights.

Types of Solar Lights

The following types are available in solar lights:

1. Solar garden lights

These solar-powered lights are specifically used for lighting up a garden or balcony at night. Also, their batteries are recyclable too. 

2. Solar landscape lights

Solar yard or landscape lights are mainly for home security and safety purposes at night.

3. Solar lanterns

In villages, solar lanterns have replaced kerosene lanterns as they are cost-effective and eco-friendly. 

4. Outdoor solar lights

Outdoor solar lights are for homes and they involve freestanding lamp posts, pathway light sets, security lights, and wall-mounted lamps.

Now the main concern, why should you go with USA made solar lights. So, allow me to tell you.

Why Choose USA-made Solar Lights?

The reason why USA-made solar lights stand out among others of their kind is only because they have several certifications.

The United States Underwriters Laboratory (UL) checks and approves products for the safety of consumers. The solar lights made in USA are UL listed and thus safe for usage.

One of the reasons for choosing American-made solar lights is that these lights are Energy-star certified. It is for checking the energy efficiency of various products that help customers make informed decisions.

Initiated by Thomas Edison in 1896 under the title Lamp Testing Bureau, the ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) tests the safety of light bulbs. The USA-made solar lights are safe and hence certified by ETL.

Last but not the least reason is RoHS which refers to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances in electrical or electronic products. The restricted materials that were once used in traditional light bulbs are harmful to the environment.

These materials include lead, cadmium, mercury, the 4 types of phthalates, hexavalent chromium, PBDE, and PBB. However, the American-made solar lights do not involve these restricted materials and are therefore RoHS certified. 

Moving on, what are the key reasons why solar lights will last longer and provide maximum lighting? I can help you with that.

Solar Lights Made In USA






Sunco Lighting Solar Outdoor Garden Lights


GLORIOUS-LITE Solar Security Light Outdoor


Brightech Outdoor String Lights


Solar Deck Lights Driveway Dock Lights


Bobcat Solar Pathway Lights

Things To Consider Before Buying Solar Lights 

Solar lights having the following listed features will give you the experience you are looking for:

  • Sensing power (to provide effective lighting for a maximum area) 
  • Size of the light (choose according to your space and place) 
  • Light Power (more the watts the more the light brightness) 
  • Type of the bulb used (SMD or LED, both are good but SMD is the latest technology)
  • Should be weatherproof and rust proof
  • Remote control or manual control
  • Swivel motion is also a good option
  • Solar light with warranty and easy to maintain
  • Auto switch mode for efficiency (turn on and off itself)

Without further ado, let’s look at the 5 best made in the USA solar lights: 

What Solar Lights are Made In USA?

1. Sunco Lighting Solar Outdoor Garden Lights

Sunco Lighting Solar Outdoor Garden Lights

These solar garden light are weatherproof. These lights are dust tight, making them ideal for patios, pool areas, gardens, decks, backyards, and terraces. Further, the RoHS and CE-certified solar lights have a rechargeable battery as well. See the latest price here.

Easy to install lightsPlastic above the panels fades with time
Lights with mighty illumination
Decorative and effective lights
Last for 6-8 hours

Company Overview: The family-owned and operated company, Sunco Lighting has an experience of more than 20 years of manufacturing solar lights. Located in Southern California, their products promise optimal performance and safety in addition to the 12-year industry-leading warranty. Sunco Lighting continuously expands its services to other countries.

2. GLORIOUS-LITE Solar Security Light Outdoor

GLORIOUS-LITE Solar Security Light Outdoor

With a 180-degree wide motion detection angle, the solar motion outdoor light can sense moving, animals, people, or cars. It can tolerate snow, rain, and sleet. In addition, these solar motion lights made in usa have an amazing brightness of 1600 lumen. See the latest price here.

Works well in all temperaturesThe battery capacity is low
Easily to install
Adjustable motion detection
Waterproof light

Company Overview: Glorious-Light is a US-based manufacturer of energy-saving lights that are of excellent quality. Their solar-powered motion sensor light has a longer lifespan and does not utilize extra electricity. The lights produced by Glorious-Light are perfect for both outdoor and indoor applications.

3. Brightech Outdoor String Lights

Brightech Outdoor String Lights

These USA made solar string lights have a 48 ft long string with 15 LED lights and a detachable solar panel. WeatherTite technology allows them to bear wind up to 50MPH, snow, and rain. Likewise, the bulbs have shatterproof plastic shells, enabling them to resist heat up to 122F. A full charge lasts for 5-6 hours. See the latest price here.

Charge lasts longerhtsNot very bright lights
Sturdy lights withstand every weather
Great quality string light
Easy to install

Company Overview: The main vision behind American Brightech is to provide designer lighting at affordable rates without compromising on the quality of its products. Apart from this, the company always focuses on bringing improvements in its lights by listening attentively to their customers. This makes them the first to manufacture solar string lights and to add USB and wireless charging to their lamps.

4. Solar Deck Lights Driveway Dock Lights

Solar Deck Lights Driveway Dock Lights

These FCC-certified lights contain cast aluminum and high-quality heavy metal frame, enabling them to bear 50% more weight. Besides, the monocrystalline silicon solar panel charges automatically during the daytime and illuminates at night. Plus, the lights have a working temperature of -20C to -70C. See the latest price here.

Bright but not glaring lightsLights work for a maximum of 6 hours
Quite sturdy and strong
Easy to install and use

Company Overview: Committed to innovation, Volisun provides unique and great products to its customers. Their solar dock lights made in USA suit all kinds of environments, be it a garden, pool area, patio, terrace, or any other outdoor location making it fashionable and pleasing.

5. Bobcat Solar Pathway Lights

Bobcat Solar Pathway Lights

These made in the usa solar lights have a 2-in-one light mode that allows you to change the light color as required. The stakes and parts are UV-resistant and made from high-impact and strong ABS plastic and thus do not break with the lawn mower. See the latest price here.

Great extension rodsLights fail to last all night 
Allow flipping between warm and daylight
Bright emitted light
Easy to install

Company Overview: The solar lights by Bobcat Lighting are both elegant and reliable. For the company, both quality and design are essential. Their area lights are eco-friendly with an energy-saving motion sensor technology that prevents you from compromising your area’s security. 

Here are some Big Questions that may come to your mind:

Why are Solar lights So important?

The usage of solar lights has reached routes, parking lots, streets, security, and signpost lighting systems for they have promising security benefits. Their other benefits are:

  • Lights don’t require an electricity source nearby.
  • Have a much longer life span than traditional lights
  • Reduces pollution 
  • Require no maintenance 
  • Saves a lot of electricity

Why is There an on-off Switch on Solar Lights?

As I told you earlier that solar lights are automatically switched on and off via a sensor. But every solar light comes with a manual switch as well.

The main reason for this on-off switch in the solar lights is the maintenance and cleaning of the lights, as doing the cleaning when the lights are ON, might cause electric shock.

There are some other reasons depending on your mood and situation sometimes, if you just want to be in the dark or you’re planning a backyard party, you’ll need to make sure your lights are fully charged. Not using for a longer time and moving from one place to another, are also the reason for this switch.

Why are My Solar Lights Dim?

Since solar lights are powered by sunlight, they need sufficient sunlight to be charged and function properly, but sometimes the lights lose their brightness after a while.

The main reason behind this problem is the cloudy weather or the solar panel not receiving the proper sunlight. When the weather is cloudy, the batteries cannot charge properly, making the lights dim.

Another factor may be the faulty batteries as well check the voltage of the battery to make sure that it’s in good working condition.

Where is the Sensor on a Solar Light?

Normally, solar light sensors are located under LED light panels. It looks like a small LED or a tiny spot. It’s easy to find if you look closely. Modern solar lights have sensors on the solar panel so that they work efficiently.

You can find the sensor by putting your hand on this thing and if the light turns on, then it’s actually a sensor.

How to Install Solar Lights?

The process of installing solar lights is not difficult at all. The installation procedure depends on the type of light you’re installing. The main concern when installing the solar panel is finding the sweet spot for it so that it receives the most sunlight. Don’t forget to check the user manuals before installation. Here’s how you can install different kinds of solar lights:

  1. Solar garden lights are the easiest to install since they have built-in solar panels and batteries, so you just need to fit them with the help of spikes and the light does the rest.
  2. The other type of light is a security solar light or an outdoor light. The first step is to find the exact location for the light, usually where the intruder’s motion is expected. And after that with the help of screws, attach the light to the wall. Set the solar panel’s position and you are done.


After purchasing the solar lights made in USA, you are free from the constant worry of power costs that comes along with traditional lights. The outdoor solar lights made in USA ensure the maximum possible quality and durability.

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