List of Soft Coolers Made In USA – Manufacturers Included

America is undeniably the second foremost industrial country globally with a very long and extensive list of big industries that are praised and appreciated for the quality of their products worldwide.

Portable coolers may not be on the top of the list but they have a lot more to offer. In this article, you will be familiar with the best American made soft coolers and buying guide to help you decide what cooler would be best suitable for you. Let’s have a brief overview of soft coolers.

What Is a Soft Cooler and Why Do You Need It?

The soft cooler is a waterproof water bag that is insulated on the inner side. You can even carry it on the beaches easily due to its lightweight and waterproof nature. These super amazing coolers are perfect for one-day activities and events. 

Also, the smaller ones are highly efficient to serve the purpose as you can carry lots of snacks or lunch in them. On the other hand, the big ones are ideal for putting the drink cases in them.

Overall, cooler bags will efficiently follow you anywhere to provide you with refreshing drinks, snacks, and fresh food. You can conveniently use them for storing your stuff in it for the long term. These items are more fashionable and lightweight, while they work mostly the same as other coolers,

Such coolers are extremely versatile and you can carry them everywhere including your gym, sports fields, workspaces, golf courses, fishing trips, etc.

Why Should You Choose American Made Soft Coolers?

The soft coolers made in USA are worth every penny of your money. They have unique features, superior performance, and come in a huge range of sizes, too. Below are the unique things that make these USA-made coolers more preferable;

1. Heavy-duty Construction

They feature incredible heavy-duty construction. So, these long-lasting coolers can even withstand severe punching and beating without any scratches or breaking at all.

2. High Portability

These coolers are extremely portable and lightweight. Even if you are deciding to travel long distances, you can opt for these products as they offer great ease of transport and high portability.

3. Leak-Proof Seams

The usa made soft coolers come with leak-proof seams. It doesn’t matter if you are taking your cooler to rainy places, or near seashores, it is not going to leak anyway. Its water-proof nature makes it fine and decent.

4. High-Quality Material

American made soft coolers are not made of rigid plastic, they are made of nylon or vinyl with high-quality insulation material.

5. Multiple Pockets

USA-made coolers come with multiple pockets in them. It will help you put different stuff in various durable pockets without even having to worry about leakage or dropping. Specially designed for lighter tasks like keeping your drinks and food cool for a day-long trip.






Bison SoftPak Coolers


Hatch Canvas Soft Cooler


AKASO Backpack Cooler


YETI Portable Soft Cooler


AO Soft Sided Coolers

Things To Consider Before Choosing Soft Cooler

  • Size:

Keep in mind the size of the soft cooler. The size consideration will depend on what purpose you are going to buy them, like packing lunch, drinks, food, etc. If you are going for an outing with your friends or family, you will need a perfect bag in a larger size.

  • Exterior Materials:

Various brands use different materials. The two most well-known exteriors are vinyl and nylon. Both of them are water-resistant and best for every kind of weather condition. Vinyl bags are inexpensive as compared to nylon and the latter is even more breathable as well. 

  • Foam insulation:

There are 3 kinds of foam insulation that are polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane, and polyester. Polyvinylchloride is cost-effective and durable. It is highly flexible than the other 2 types. Plus, it is also resistant to grease, oil, and chemicals, making it preferable to other types of foam insulation. 

Contrarily, the strength of polyester is higher. It is breathable, flexible, and lightweight. For polyurethane, we can say it is very durable, resilient, versatile, and flexible.

  • Styles:

The styles of the soft coolers are an essential feature to consider before buying. The cooler should efficiently fit a decent amount of drinks and food while being highly able to fold up to even a smaller size as compared to hard coolers. However, the lunch box style will be perfect for workers. Another style is a backpack. You simply have to opt for what best suits your needs.

List of Soft Coolers Made In USA

Below is the list of some soft coolers that are made in the USA:

  • AKASO Backpack Cooler
  • Bison SoftPak Coolers
  • AO Soft Coolers
  • Hatch Canvas Soft Cooler
  • YETI Portable Soft Cooler

1. Bison SoftPak Coolers

Bison SoftPak Coolers

The Bison SoftPal Cooler offers premium cooling in all aspects. Its heavy-duty construction and high durability also make it unique from others. Also, it is a UV-protected product to make sure it does not fade. Well, it also offers an amazing 2-year warranty. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Well-made
  • Easy to carry and clean
  • Not too heavy
  • Nice carry handle


  • The zipper isn’t waterproof
  • Flimsy interior lining

Company Overview: Bison Coolers is a well-reputed family-owned company. Components of their hard coolers typically come from different vendors in the US. They are always willing to visit all the factories & meet the people who work on USA-made coolers. Overall, it is the most trustworthy company with lots of hard-working workers that strive to overcome all the obstacles to make sure the best performance.

2. Hatch Canvas Soft Cooler

Hatch Canvas Soft Cooler

The HATCH cooler is one of the best soft sided coolers made in USA that comes with a removable shoulder strap and high-density insulation. This multi-purpose USA made soft cooler can be used for lots of tasks including hunting, picnics, fishing, and boating. Also, it features a nice pocket for putting dry items there. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Best build quality
  • Tough fabric
  • Removable shoulder straps


  • Poor Stitching
  • If you tip it, water easily spills from the zippers

Company Overview: As HATCH Coolers is the pioneer in the industry of coolers, they have built a great reputation for providing on-time delivery, superior quality, and nice value of the products. Integrity, dedication, and flexibility are what sets this super amazing company apart from the other big companies in the market.

3. AKASO Backpack Cooler

AKASO Backpack Cooler

AKASO Backpack cooler is a great innovative soft cooler with water-resistant materials. It has a large storage capacity and can hold up to almost 24 cans at the same time. And it also has a super cool bottle opener, user manual, and 2pcs zipper lubricant. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Thick walls
  • Impressive build quality
  • Nice quality materials
  • Waterproof covering


  • No protection on the cooler bottom
  • Hard to open

Company Overview: AKASO builds extremely affordable, high-quality action products that allow their customers to enjoy their special moments with great ease. This company offers competitive items, smooth, and nice capacity to people with great customer service.

4. YETI Portable Soft Cooler

YETI Portable Soft Cooler

This super cool Hopper Flip Cooler comes with closed-cell incredible foam and has a high-density fabric, making it an exceptional masterpiece. It features a leakproof zipper that withstands UV rays and punctures effectively. Plus, it weighs about 2.8 lbs. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Fantastic size & quality
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely sturdy and waterproof


  • Small internal space
  • Overpriced

Company Overview: YETI Cooler was established in 2006 with a mission to build the most excellent quality soft coolers for daily use. Today, the products of YETI give super amazing performances – whether that be an expedition into the remote wilderness or anything else.

5. AO Soft Sided Coolers

AO Soft Sided Coolers

The AO Leopard Print Cooler is guaranteed to effectively hold ice in almost 120-degree weather for 24 hours. Additionally, this soft-sided cooler has a removable strap and looks cool. The USA-made cooler offers the best double insulation as compared to its competitors. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Looks cool
  • Keeps things cool for several hours
  • Leakproof liner
  • High-density insulation


  • No cons

Company Overview: From the day first, AO was effectively built on offering active people excellent quality items at an affordable cost. With lots of struggle and hard work, they are making top-notch and high-end products in both marine & off-road sections. All in all, they have grown nicely with their customers.


In this article, I have mentioned the best USA-made soft coolers that offer a long-lasting warranty, portability, reliability, and ease of use. So, you can simply opt for any of them that can fulfill all of your requirements to have a pleasurable experience.

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