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I have always reached for the steering wheel, and never realized how hard it was until I was involved in a slight accident that caused my knees to cramp up. After a week, I stepped on to reach for the driving seat, but my knees couldn’t support me as I climbed on.

My friend was observing me and then really made my life easy when he suggested truck running boards. Being quality conscious I looked for running boards made in USA, and then bought one. Since that day, I am at ease!

Would you like to know further about different styles of running boards? Then keep gliding with me!

What are the Different Types of Running Boards?

Running boards are categorized in the following styles:

1. Plank Running Board:

They are made from flat metal that is long enough for your vehicle. They are commonly used to facilitate the passengers as well as protect the vehicle’s trim.

2. Nerf Bars:

These steps are cylindrical and are used to assist passengers to enter and exit the car easily. However, they do not protect your trim from road debris.

3. Side Steps:

The steps are specifically designed for helping you get in and out of cabs. These steps are very short and do not cover the full cab.

It is important to ask yourself why you should choose USA made running boards. Find the answer below.






AMP Research 76151-01A Electric Running Boards


AMP Research 76137-01A PowerStep Electric Running Boards


AMP Research 76139-01A PowerStep Running Boards


Ram Promaster Running Board Step Bar

Why Choose USA Made Running Boards?

The convenient features of USA made running boards attract customers, who can’t resist buying them. They are available for all types of vehicles.

The ATF 16949:2016 certification ensures the quality standards of running boards so that customers will continue to trust them.

American made running boards are the best because they meet ISO/TS 16946:2009 testing requirements.

Running boards made in USA are reliable all over the world because of the General Services Administration’s (GSA) approval.

That’s enough to know but wait there’s more. A few important things that need to consider before buying. Do you really want to know? Let’s go ahead!

Things to Consider Before Buying:

  • Select the type of running board keeping in mind the model of your vehicle.
  • Must be functional and stylish.
  • The surface should have more friction.
  • Off-road, rock sliders provide superior rocker protection.
  • Go for a traditional running board if you really want a wide platform for your vehicle.
  • Installation should be easy and requires minimum drilling.

I know what you’re thinking now. Want to know where you can get these USA made running boards? So keep reading as notable Running Board Companies are producing amazing running boards.

List of Running Boards Made in USA

1. AMP Research 76151-01A PowerStep Electric Running Boards

AMP Research 76151-01A electric running boards

These automatic electrical running board brands are highly recommended and used for the ford F-150. They have enough length with a proper LED system. They are made in USA with a 5-year warranty. Their standard electric motors and capability to stand in different weather make them unique. See the latest price here.


  • Perfect lightening system
  • Helpful to a challenging height
  • Easy installation 


  • Does not fit in regular cab models

Company Overview: AMP Research manufactures innovative products and is dedicated to finding solutions to the most common problems of truck drivers. It doesn’t compromise on the perfection of the products. The company provides perfect electric running boards for the convenience of its customers.

2. AMP Research 76137-01A PowerStep Electric Running Boards

AMP Research 76137-01A PowerStep Electric Running Boards

The instant function of these truck running boards made in USA makes them popular for Toyota Tundra. Highly recommended based on standard strength. The running boards withstand hard conditions and have 600-pound weight capacity. Maintenance-free, firm stability, and durability make these running boards high in demand. See the latest price here.


  • Work wonderfully and properly aligned with truck bodies
  • Well-constructed and good quality


  • Might be affected by cold weather

Company Overview: The company manufactures innovative products that solve the common problems faced by truck drivers. It does not compromise on the quality of its products, making them perfect for the convenience of its customers. The company manufactures quality universal running boards and meets high standards to produce running boards. The customers get 100% satisfaction with the product having long-lasting durability.

3. AMP Research 76139-01A PowerStep Running Boards

AMP Research 76139-01A PowerStep Running Boards

These iron cross automatic electrical running boards are compatible with 2016-2017 RAM 1500/2500/3500. These truck running boards feature die-cast aluminum alloy components with an anodized and PTFE coating, which are capable of weighing 600 pounds. They have a limited warranty of 5 years. See the latest price here.


  • They operate flawlessly
  • Wider step 
  • Very comfortable to get in and out


  • Do not install it yourself if you are not a handyman

4. Ram Promaster Running Board Step Bar

Ram Promaster Running Board Step Bar

This is a side-step running board that is extremely useful for cargo vans or delivery vans. Its unique extended metal treads and broad surface sustain the safety primarily. It is very strong and can stand against the hard conditions of weather. Customers are attracted to opt for these running boards as they are simply easy to install. See the latest price here.


  • Fits perfectly and has nice hardware
  • Adjustable to heights
  • Universal running boards


  • Convenient step but slightly recessed

Company Overview: They have been engineering and manufacturing glass transport racks, truck bodies, and trailers for more than three decades. The company is working to produce innovative and quality running boards. Their motto is to manufacture durable and standard universal running boards all over the world.

Other Running Boards Manufacturers Included

1. Name: Northwest Running Boards

Address: 10325 SE Hwy 212, Clackamas, OR 97015, United States

Products Offer: Auto Accessories, Bed Rail Caps, Drop Hitch Ball Mounts, Fender Flares, Fifth Wheel & Gooseneck Hitches, Transfer Fuel Tank Systems, LED Headlight Conversions, Leather Trimmed Interiors, LEDs, and High-Performance Bulbs, Mud Flaps, Nerf Bars, Power Steps, Rocker Panel, Running Boards, Seat Covers.

2. Name: ABCS Truck Accessories

Address: 11259 Goodnight Ln Ste. 1111, Dallas, TX 75229, United States

Products Offer: Bed covers, camper shells, running boards, grill guards, toolboxes, and bumpers.

3. Name: Leer Truck Accessory Center

Address: 7161 Engineer Rd, San Diego, CA 92111, United States

Products Offer: shells and covers, liners and racks, lights and step bars, and accessories.

4. Name: AMP Research Shipping Center

Address: 400 Cypress Ave Warehouse B, Los Angeles, CA 90065, United States

Products Offer: power steps, power steps XL power steps Xtreme, Bedsteps, Bedstep2, bed extender.

5. Name: The Truck Shop

Address: 2732 Mannheim Rd, Franklin Park, IL 60131, United States

Products Offer: fiberglass caps, fiberglass lids, commercial truck caps, truck bed covers, truck bed protection & organization, step bars and running boards, RV accessories and parts, and cruise America RV rental.

What are Running Boards Used for?

Running boards’ main purpose is to provide support when entering and exiting high-profile vehicles, as well as protect the vehicle from dirt and debris. They will also give your vehicle a sporty appearance.

Are Running Boards Universal?

It is important to know that running boards are not universal. Different types of vehicles have different designs, so make sure you find one that fits your vehicle before making a purchase.

What are Running Boards on an SUV?

running board on suv

Running boards on SUVs are platforms attached below the doors that make it easier for passengers to get in and out of their vehicles quickly.


Running boards made in USA are a great help to let you in and out of high vehicles. They are considered the best running boards for trucks all over the world. The American running board brands’ quality and standard production make the running boards unique.

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