What Rain Barrels are Made In USA?

An uncle of mine lives in a small town in Virginia. He collected rainwater for several purposes. I came across a rain barrel for the first time at his house. He told me he uses rainwater for gardening and cleaning. I really like the idea of reusing the rainwater otherwise it would be wasted.

Since this day I have been using the rain barrel made in USA and my water bills have gone down for sure. I can now use the stored rainwater for my landscape and for other cleaning purposes without having to pay a penny.

So, this article will help you in choosing a rain barrel, you will know about the distinguishing features of the made in USA rain barrels, and some of the best USA-manufactured rain barrels.

But before explaining anything, let’s introduce you to a rain barrel.

What are Rain Barrels Used for?

A rain barrel is a water tank that stores rainwater collected on a roof. This water is then given to lawns, indoor plants, or gardens and other purposes except drinking.

So, a rain barrel saves both money and the environment by putting rainwater to good use. You might think that the rainwater stored in the rain barrel would include insects, critters, or debris on a rooftop? Wrong. For this purpose, a plastic mesh is there in a rain barrel that prevents the undesirables from entering. Thus, a rain barrel stores just water.

Moving on, let’s discuss some of the types of rain barrels. Rain Barrels are available in different types of materials:

Rain barrels can include different materials in their construction such as:

  • Plastic (polyethylene)
  • Galvanized steel
  • Concrete
  • Fiberglass and stainless steel (chemical and rust resistant)

Rain Barrels Made In USA






Earth Minded Rain Barrel


Good Ideas Rain Barrel


RTS Rain Water Collection Barrel


Mi Rain Barrel

Hold on, we’re not through yet, and let’s make you walk through the outstanding characteristics of the made in USA rain barrels that would make you want to use them.

Why Choose USA-made Rain Barrels?

The rain barrels made in USA include food-grade recycled plastic raw materials that after usage is again recycled. This prevents plastic from ending in landfills and polluting the environment.

Products having Bisphenol A (BPA) can affect the brain and prostate gland of fetuses, infants, and children. This is because, in the containers made with BPA, some amount of BPA can seep into the food or beverages and ultimately enter the human body and harm it. Therefore, the US-manufactured rain barrels made with plastic are bisphenol-A free and are thus safe to use.

The American made rain barrels comprise rotomolded polyethylene and are thus impact resistant. The rain barrels on exposure to sunlight prevent fading and remain intact.

ISO 9001 certified companies show quality management systems. This helps brands enhance their efficiency and customer satisfaction. The US-made rain barrels are also ISO 9001 certified.

Wouldn’t it be great if I guide you about the things to look for in a rain barrel before you go for its purchase? If you want to know more, keep reading.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Rain Barrel

Based on what factors you can purchase the right rain barrel? I can help you with that by listing down those factors:

  • Size of the rain barrel (50 gallons, 80 gallons, etc)
  • Design of the barrel (depends on your need)
  • The material used in construction (whether it is oak, wood, or plastic)
  • The presence of an overflow spout (brass spigot or plastic spigot)
  • The presence of proper sealing on the top lid
  • A plastic mesh to keep the debris from entering

Lastly, you can check the 4 best rain barrels made in USA down below:

What Rain Barrels are Made In USA?

1. Earth Minded Rain Barrel

Earth Minded Rain Barrel

This USA manufactured rain barrel is the perfect size for balconies, decks, patios, etc. The rain barrel contains about 85% recycled plastic and is of charcoal color. Besides, it can catch and store water up to 48 gallons. Also, its installation and usage are extremely easy. See the latest price here.

Amazing water holding capacityPlastic is little thin
Easy to install
Highly durable
Great design and function well

Company Overview: The American-based EarthMark focuses on inventing and manufacturing environment-friendly products that can also improve the quality of life for people. By using the products of EarthMark, you can conserve both nature and resources.

2. Good Ideas Rain Barrel

Good Ideas Rain Barrel

The faux wood rain barrel can hold 50-gallon water and hence lower the water bills. Plus, it has a flat back and front side overflow design that allows the rain barrel to rest against a house and prevents water from washing over a wall. The rain barrel comprises the strongest polyethylene resin that can withstand cold without cracking or splitting. See the latest price here.

Can store a sufficient amount of waterNeed to clean before use
Lightweight and the spigot is easily put on
Easy to install
Reasonable price

Company Overview: The US-based Good Ideas has been bringing sustainable and stylish products that enhance any garden or lawn for more than 18 years. They offer composters for turning yard and kitchen waste into organic materials, as well as rain barrels.

3. RTS Rain Water Collection Barrel

RTS Rain Water Collection Barrel

The rain barrel is a 190L flat back one that can hold 50-gallon rainwater. Besides, the barrel comprises commercial-grade 12-year UV stabilized polyethylene that makes the barrel durable and resists impact. Also, it has a genuine oak barrel appearance and will not fade or rot. See the latest price here.

Highly durableThe drain is at the very bottom of the rain barrel
Easy to assemble
The rain barrel works well
Lightweight rain barrel

Company Overview: The American-based RTS is a renowned manufacturer of custom and proprietary molded plastic products since 2000. The head office of RTS is in St. Clements, Ontario, which has engineers, research and development teams, technical managers, sales associates, and office staff.

4. Mi Rain Barrel

Mi Rain Barrel

This comes from a used food-grade barrel that holds olives. The rain barrel has a new brass spigot and a new brass overflow valve. Moreover, the barrel has a water capacity of 58 gallons and the seal is waterproof and made from 100% silicone caulk. See the latest price here.

The rain barrel is bisphenol A (BPA) freeStored water can give out a strong smell of olives 
Eco-friendly rain barrel
Affordable price
Easy to install and highly durable

Company Overview: The USA-based brand, located in Detroit focuses on only one thing and that is to help people save money by providing them with a DIY kit that anyone can easily set up. Their DIY kits have helped people from floods and they have successfully sold over 7,000 such kits.

Why Rain Barrels are Important for You?

We are well aware that water is an essential component required for survival. But, you can observe that with time, water scarcity keeps increasing. This shortage in water calls for saving water as much as you can. And what could be better than conserving rainwater that is free of cost and usually ends up in sewerage? Certainly nothing. For this purpose, you can use a rain barrel. 

If you are living in an area that receives excessive rainfall and still paying huge sewer bills for watering your gardens and plants, then you should consider a rain barrel purchase and save yourself from huge bills.

The rain barrel can be used in dry weather as well as during rain. Another major advantage of having a rain barrel is the prevention of flooding that usually arises when there is excessive rainfall and the gutters get clogged.

Do Rain Barrels have to be Food Grade?

Food-grade rain barrels are best for safety reasons, but rain barrels need not be food-grade. Materials that are food-grade are free from toxins and chemicals. It is not recommended to drink rainwater, but you can use it in your house if you keep it clean.

How to get Water out of a Rain Barrel?

There are different options you can work on to get all the water out of a rain barrel. Make sure that you raise the elevation of your rain barrel from the ground level so it will gravity flow at an acceptable rate, and also the spigot must be at the bottom of the barrel. Below are some of the options:

  1. Hand pump that is on top of the barrel with a pipe going into the barrel.
  2. A plug-in electric pump that connects to the lower spigot. This would then connect to a hose.
  3. Electric submersible pump.
  4. A hose with a separate valve at the business end to water your garden.

How to Keep Rain Water from Stagnating?

To prevent it from stagnating, keep it away from the sun and keep it circulating. Water won’t become stagnant if it doesn’t contain organic matter. You should keep it covered (dark) to prevent algae growth and to keep out any organic matter that might decompose (twigs, leaves, insects, etc.).

How many Rain Barrels do I Need?

The above question is asked by many people, but actually, only the people asking the question give a clear answer. It all depends on your needs and the purpose for which you intend to use rain barrels. The more uses, the more rain barrels you need.


By using a rain barrel, you are not only saving money and benefiting your home garden but also contributing to the environment by preventing used plastic from ending up in landfills. The rain barrels made in USA are the best in conserving rainwater and preventing floods in any area.

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