What Quilts are Made in USA? – A Quick Answer

It was the winter of last year that I got sick and tired of my mother’s old, creepy, and traditional quilts. I almost threw them away after spending the whole winter in cheap quilts that didn’t provide warmth.

I couldn’t manage to buy new quilts in time for Winter, so I had to use an old one again. This quilt was so thin and couldn’t keep me warm and I had a really hard time sleeping the whole night. It really made me restless.

The next day, I began browsing for cozy quilts and I found what I had been looking for since last year. I bought two king-sized quilts made in USA. Now, I feel as warm as a chick feels around feathers.

Wouldn’t you like to know the types of these USA made quilts? Let’s scroll down!

What are the Different Types of Quilts?

The quilts are classified according to the material used.

Cotton: There are a variety of classic cotton fabrics that are used as quilt tops, such as calico and gingham..

Silk: It is an elegantly luxurious choice for quilts, but it is slippery and expensive. The quilters find it difficult to stitch with it.

Corduroy: Corduroy is more casual than silk or velvet. It usually has ribbed, striped, or textured patterns all over.

Denim: It is very common to use this fabric to make jeans, but it is also used to make rustic quilt styles in dark or light shades.

There are a lot of American companies that provide the best quilts. Hand-made quilts, king-size quilts, and organic cotton quilts made in USA are famous all around the world.






Red Land Cotton Classic Luxury Quilt


Black Forest Decor King Size Quilt Set


Bear Creek by Donna Sharp quilt


Christmas Bear Patchwork Quilt Blanket


Bear Panels Lodge Quilt Set

Without lingering on this, let me be honest with you. Why did I choose the option of buying USA made quilts? Be with me.

Why Choose USA Made Quilts?

The quilts made in USA are certified according to the standard 100 labels by OEKO-TEX, which ensures all the accessories are free from harmful substances. Human health is always the primary concern.

In addition, the American Quilter’s Society (AQS) takes responsibility for testing and certifying quilters and never allows companies to compromise on quality.

But wait ! you are in a never-ending battle! Having decided on the quilts, you must have some understanding of the product. Keep heading with me:

Things to Consider Before Buying a Quilt

You should consider the following points before buying quilts:

  • Be very much careful about the fabric, cotton or denim would be comfortable.
  • Make it a rule while buying you need to consider the size of the quilt that should definitely cover the whole bed.
  • Quilt density must be observed, always try to select a quilt with a high loft.
  • Checking fillings need to be done when you buy the quilts. The popular fillings are bamboo fibers, wool, cotton, and synthetic fills. 
  • The weight of the quilt is one of the most considerable matters. Choose according to your country’s climate.

That’s enough for know-how. USA has many recognized companies that produce amazing quilts. Would you like to know?

What Quilts are Made in USA?

Just find out the best quilts made in USA below

  • Red Land Cotton Classic Luxury Quilt
  • Black Forest Decor King-Size Quilt Set
  • Bear Creek by Donna Sharp quilt
  • Christmas Bear Patchwork Quilt Blanket
  • Bear Panels Lodge Quilt Set

1. Red Land Cotton Classic Luxury Quilt

Red Land Cotton Classic Luxury QuiltRed Land Cotton Classic Luxury Quilt

The company works for classic quilts that are light weighted, durable, and even washable in home washing machines. These 100 percent cotton quilts made in USA provide warmth and use natural fabrics that are really appreciated by the customers. See the latest price here.


  • Perfect weight for hot summer nights
  • Extremely comfortable
  • A very nice heritage-style appearance.
  • Exceptional quality + timeless design
  • Natural fabric
  • Lightweight and durable


  • A little heavier than expected

Company Overview: North Alabama-based company produces 100% cotton quilts, bed sheets, bath towels, and other home linens. They work closely with the vendors to ensure quality.

2. Black Forest Decor King-Size Quilt Set

Black Forest Decor King Size Quilt Set

The company is recognized for its eye-catching rustic designs. The quilt’s lightweight microfibre fabric lets you feel a gentle touch that keeps you feeling cozy and warm. These quilts are machine washable and they are wrinkled free so don’t need any specific extensive care. See the latest price here.


  • So Soft and warm
  • Great quality set and durable. 
  • Nice print and the shams are well-made


  • Colors of quality are not always the same

Company Overview: Black Forest Decor has a warehouse and in-house call center in Enid, Oklahoma. It is expanding its online business worldwide. The company produces quilts and other home furnishing items.

3. Bear Creek by Donna Sharp King Quilt

Bear Creek by Donna Sharp quilt

A well-known USA company that provides cotton quilts that fit king-sized beds. These King size quilts made in USA have a cover that is cotton and the fill is polyester and cotton. It produces rustic bedding for your cottage, lake house, or lodge. See the latest price here.


  • Nice stitching and looks handmade
  • Lightweight washable 
  • Great Embroidery work 


  • The pattern on the spread is only on three sides.

Company Overview: Known for its versatility, this reputable brand is producing quilted handbags, home decor, and crafted quilts. Their organic quilts made in USA are admired worldwide.

4. Christmas Bear Patchwork Quilt Blanket

Christmas Bear Patchwork Quilt Blanket

These organic quilts made in USA are a perfect match for your queen-size bed. The blankets are purely organic as they are woven with a mixture of recycled and virgin cotton. See the latest price here.


  • A thick blanket, beautiful and bright colors
  • Comfortable, soft, and warm
  • High-quality weaving 


  • Not so heavy

Company Overview: Company products depict American craftsmanship. The company produces home necessities, such as pillows, handmade blankets, quilt blankets, and more to make people’s homes more comfortable.

5. Bear Panels Lodge Quilt Set

Bear Panels Lodge Quilt Set

These wonderful Lodge quilt sets have a polyester cover and cotton polyester filling. The company is serving as the best quilt producer who makes sure to satisfy the needs of its customer. It always brings the most unique styles of quilted bedding sets for the bedrooms. See the latest price here.


  • Beautiful, well-made, soft, and lightweight quilts
  • The perfect quilt for summer 
  • Gorgeous colors, good quality material
  • Nice stitching 
  • Perfect weight 
  • Fits the bed nicely, doesn’t wrinkle, 


  • Expensive for quality

Company Overview: An American-owned brand, Dona Sharp is known for its wonderful production of handmade quilts, home decor accessories, tapestries, and handbags. They are known for producing handmade multicolored quilts, home decor accessories, tapestries, and crafted handbags. They strive to provide people with the Best quilts without compromising on customer comfort.

Don’t Skip the Useful Information Below.

What is Batting for Quilts?

The batting makes quilts warm and heavy. It is the middle layer of your “quilt sandwich” that makes your quilt look puffy, and it adds warmth to your quilt. It’s usually made from cotton, polyester, or wool, but manufacturers have started using bamboo fibers recently.

Can You Wash Quilts?

Yes, quilts can be washed by hand as well as in the washing machine, but before washing the quilts you must read the washing instructions o the tag. Normally, quilts can be washed with cold water.

How to Store Quilts in Closet?

It is best to fold the quilt in a way that allows the back side to face out. Use acid-free paper as a cushion in the folds to prevent permanent folds. Then wrap quilts in clean cotton sheets or pillowcases, or use specially designed bags to store quilts in the closet. See more about quilts storing bags.

Are Quilts Warmer than Comforters?

Generally, quilts are not as warm as comforters, because they tend to be more decorative. Two layers of fabric are sandwiched between insulating batting to make a quilt. While a comforter, however, is a thick, soft pouch filled with fabric made from wool, silk, cotton, or polyester fibers.


There’s no need to worry about choosing quilts when you can get amazing USA made quilts! It is always a better option to choose USA made best organic handmade quilts that fill your life with comfort.

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