What Outdoor Thermometers are Made in USA?

Watching your outdoor family event washed out due to rain or snowy weather is very annoying. We all are living pretty busy lives presently. Therefore, finding a day where all families will gather is always troublesome.

Some of you may prefer using a weather forecast. However, the forecast system may or may not be accurate. 

So, what’s the solution?

Now, you can install outdoor thermometers that will provide outdoor temperature readings. So, you will be able to decide a date for a family gathering event without any weather disrupting this meetup.

Here, I will cover all the significant features of outdoor thermometers made in USA. The outdoor thermometers manufactured in the USA have numerous traits. Thus, for your concerns, I have enlisted the reasons for you to buy outdoor thermometers, things you must consider before purchasing outdoor thermometers, and much more.

How Do Outdoor Thermometers Help You?

An outdoor thermometer is a device that measures the temperature of the outside air. As the call implies, it is connected to the outer fringe of the wall of a building.

Outdoor thermometers might not look immensely significant, but I think they are underrated in many aspects. They can genuinely provide improvement in lifestyle. This improvement might not be substantial, but it is still worth considering and even necessary for people who live in towns with extreme weather conditions.

Usually, you will find them coupled with indoor thermometers. So, you get readings inside and outside your house. It can help you maintain better temperatures inside your home and improve human comfort levels.

Types of Outdoor Thermometers

I have briefly explained the basic types of outdoor thermometers. 

1. Bulb Thermometer

A bulb thermometer is the most basic kind of thermometer with a mercury-filled glass. It can be a cheap option and often very accurate, but it can be problematic because mercury is a toxic substance that can leak from the glass if the thermometer is damaged.

If we consider its working mechanism, the mercury will rise or fall depending upon the temperature change.

2. Analogue Thermometer

These are often known as dial thermometers. It has a coil that comprises two metal pieces. You may find these pieces connected that if the thermometer senses the temperature change, there will be either expansion or contraction of the metal piece that will move the dial, showing the temperature reading.

3. Digital Thermometer

Digital thermometers are the most accurate and reliable thermometers available in the market. It contains a thermistor so that it will alternate its resistance according to the temperature change. There is also a sensor that will read this value and display it on the screen.

These thermometers are great options as they can be visible at night too. Reading out analog or bulb thermometers at night can be challenging.

Outdoor Thermometers Made in USA






SensorPush Wireless Outdoor Thermometer


BALDR Outdoor Thermometer


AcuRite Outdoor Thermometer

Why Use the USA made Outdoor Thermometers?

Outdoor Thermometers made in USA are superior options to choose from for the people of America. They are better in every aspect when compared to foreign products. Following are some reasons justifying this point.

1. NIST Certified

American made Outdoor Thermometers are certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). It means that the readings on these thermometers will be accurate and according to standards.

2. Accurate Readings

The USA made Outdoor thermometers provide very accurate temperature readings. They become great value for your money as you get a properly functioning instrument.

3. Multiple Functions

Outdoor thermometers offer a wide range of easy-to-operate functions. You will find numerous operations like weather alerts for drastic climatic situations, humidity levels, and pressure (in atm) in the USA made outdoor thermometers. Therefore, we can use them for diverse purposes.

4. Durable

Outdoor/Indoor thermometers made in the USA will stay functional for years to come. Their build quality is significantly higher than imported products. It allows them to keep functioning accurately.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Outdoor Thermometer

Outdoor Thermometers are elementary instruments with distinct functions. However, consider the following factors before buying one to ensure you get the best value for your money.

1. Temperature Accuracy: It is by far the most crucial to test with a thermometer. It should be accurate in all climatic conditions.

2. IP Rating: An IP or Ingress Protection is one of the most essential aspects in terms of consideration while purchasing an outdoor thermometer. An IP rating for any electrical device is a crucial factor. It covers the rate of protection offered by any electrical device. However, the recommended IP rating for outdoor thermometers manufactured in the USA is IP-53.

3. Smart Thermometers: If you are looking for an all-in-one thermometer, look for one which has additional features such as multiple sensors, humidity calculation, barometer data, etc.

4. Readability: These thermometers are easy to read. Even the analog variants of outdoor thermometers are handy and operatable to deduce temperature readings.

What Outdoor Thermometers are Made in USA?

1. SensorPush Wireless Outdoor Thermometer

SensorPush Wireless Outdoor Thermometer

It is a highly accurate thermometer, assembled with professional-grade components. It is durable and resistant to various climatic factors. You can connect its sensor with your mobile phone for data retrieval. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It can be easily calibrated
  • The setup is plug and play
  • The graphic display is easily readable
  • Batteries remain durable for years


  • The sensors sometimes lose connection with the gateways

Company Overview: SensorPush has worked and supported global brands like Nike and FedEx. Their data visualization work got featured in mainstream media such as The New York Times Magazine and Popular Mechanics. Furthermore, they have extensive knowledge and experience in diverse subjects, including history and music.

2. BALDR Outdoor Thermometer

BALDR Outdoor Thermometer

This thermometer is equipped with a large LCD to enable visibility of temperature readings from distances or at night. It has a built-in barometer and five kinds of temperature prediction with 70% accuracy. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Visible from inside the house
  • It shows accurate readings
  • Easy installation
  • You can customize the brightness to enable visibility at night


  • It produces a beep when changing the brightness
  • The indoor humidity sensor does not work properly

Company Overview: BALDR is a professional manufacturer of weather stations and indoor and outdoor thermometers. They take professionalism, quality, and service as our business philosophy. BALDR is always striving to provide high-quality products to customers all across the globe through standardized manufacturing processes and strict quality control.

3. AcuRite Outdoor Thermometer

AcuRite Outdoor Thermometer

This thermometer has a temperature range of -60-to-140-degree Fahrenheit. It is durable and weather resistant. You can use it in indoors as well as outdoors. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It is easy to read from house windows when placed outdoors
  • Easy to calibrate and instructions are also available
  • Has a large dial that helps in increasing visibility from distances
  • Easy to mount


  • It is highly inaccurate when placed in direct contact with the sun
  • There is no mechanism to calibrate it without forcing its needle into the right position

Company Overview: Founded in 1943 by Chaney Instrument Co, the AcuRite brand has longstanding recognition. It is a leading producer of weather equipment and products that enhance environmental monitoring. At AcuRite, they build the trusted domestic and climate sensors that have made AcuRite the primary weather monitoring emblem in North America.

Where to Place the Outdoor Thermometer?

Digital Thermometer placement is a very crucial aspect. If placed in the wrong position, it may display incorrect temperature measurement results.

Remember to place the outdoor thermometer in a shady area with decent airflow and 5 -6 feet above the ground. Moreover, keep it separated from element interaction, such as rainwater or snow.


Instruments like outdoor thermometers are getting popular nowadays. They have revealed a new picture of technology. Thus, I suggest purchasing outdoor thermometers so you can save yourself from embarrassment.

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