What Massage Chairs are Made in USA? – A Quick Answer

I used to go to the massage center once a month to relieve stress. Every time I get a massage, I always choose the same masseuse because her hands have magic and ease my tension and stress. A few days later, she told me that we had added new massage chairs at the center and recommended that I try one out for a few minutes.

Initially, I refused, but after her recommendation, I became ready to use it. It looks pretty cool, and comfortable. After sitting on it, she turned on the massagers and adjusted the pressure according to what I requested. In just five minutes, I feel so relaxed that I fall asleep. The massager stops working after 15 minutes.

I was woken up by her laughing at me when she came over. I told her that the experience had been fantastic. Since then, I have always used the massage chair anytime I want and haven’t needed to take an appointment with my masseuse.

So in this blog, I am going to discuss why getting a massage chair made in USA is a good option and the benefits it offers. Also, which brands are providing quality massage chairs in the USA.

Why Choose an American-Made Massage Chair?

American massage chairs use infrared heat, which prevents them from getting hot. The warm heat produced gets deep inside the muscles and tissues, which reduces the pain.

USA-made massage chairs are made from technically up-to-date and heavy-duty technology. It has a fast-responding smart handheld control and has a noise reduction tool. It’s pure American technology.

These massage chairs come with the additional feature of 3-D roller technology. It helps you adjust your rollers and how strong of a massage you want.

American massage chairs are fully-equipped. These chairs have the latest motor-heated massage controller and a thermo-electric cooler. Built-in telephone and Bluetooth speakers are also plus features.

The brands that claim to offer the best massage chair made in USA always offer a long warranty. This shows that the brand backs up its products. Also, local products give you the ease to maintain them.

Massage Chairs Made in USA






Luraco Medical Massage Chair


Forever Rest 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair


Real Relax Massage Chair


Osaki Zero Gravity 3D L-Track Chair


Kyota Yosei Massage Chair

Now, the only problem lies here how you will know that the massage chair you are buying is actually going to meet your needs. Don’t worry we are going to discuss it next.

What Things to Consider Before Buying Massage Chairs?

This is the main thing to consider because you need to get a massage chair that offers repair and maintenance services. Due to its regular use and moving friction, the machine parts can become loose or degrade. So, getting a maintenance or repair service will help the machine give its best performance for a longer period of time.

The prices depend on the quality and features of the product. The product’s high price is because of its features and functions. For example, it can have Bluetooth, a touchscreen, speakers, music, etc. If you are not into getting such features and just want to relax, then you can get one at a lower price. Also, the difference in quality between high-priced and low-priced massage chairs is minimal.

The leather material of the chair should be easy to clean using a wet cloth. So ask if it can be cleaned or not.

These chairs are made with different features. So choose the one that fulfills its purpose in meeting your needs. Just randomly buying a chair will relax you, but it won’t fix your triggering points.

The massage chair rollers should be able to measure your body through sensing and adjust accordingly.

Now, comes the best part check out the below American Brands of Massage chairs.

List of Massage Chairs Made in USA

Here is a list of full-body massage chairs made in the USA

  • Luraco Medical Massage Chair
  • Kyota Yosei Massage Chair (Infinity)
  • Forever Rest Massage Chair
  • Real Relax Massage Chair
  • Osaki Zero Gravity 3D L-Track Chair

1. Luraco Medical Massage Chair

Luraco Massage Chair

It is made with up-to-date technology and has advanced features. It has Bluetooth speakers, noise reduction sensors, start and stop buttons, etc. It offers more program options like measuring blood pressure and heart rate. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Flexible in adjusting the heat, massage length, intensity, music, etc.
  • Made with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology.
  • Body scan technology detects the shape and neck position of the body.


  • Poor quality cloth.
  • No padding exists between the roller and your body.

LURACO Company Overview: Founded in 2005, this company has produced innovative, advanced, and best massage chairs. The company does not import chairs from Asia but produces them in the USA.

2. Forever Rest 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Forever Rest 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This massage chair is fully equipped with advanced features like a 3D heated rolling mechanism, built-in heat, 11 massage techniques, triple foot rolling massage, and built-in Bluetooth speakers. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Flexibility to choose from various massage options using automatic mode.
  • Manual mode enables you to perform a precise massage on the affected area.
  • You can customize the heat options.
  • Top-notch quality in materials and workmanship.


  • Costly
  • The 3D heated mechanism seems too strong at the beginning, and the air massage bags stretch your shoulders a lot

Forever Rest Company Overview: Forever Rest offers a variety of quality massage chairs for home and office use. Their products are the best to treat sore legs and backs and fully relax your body. They possess years of experience, so you can count on them.

3. Real Relax Massage Chair

Real Relax Massage Chair

This full-body massage chair covers shoulders, armrests, waist, thighs, and calves. It has an automatic body detection system, 8 preset programs, 5 intensity adjustable massage and air pressure, built-in bluetooth, a USB charge port, and much more. See the Latest Price Here.


  • High-value products with convenient control systems.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Aesthetically built and stylish.
  • Fully assembled with good lower back heating and foot rollers.


  • Makes a humming sound while operating.

Real Relax Company Overview: In 2015, they launched their first massage chair, and since then they have developed 5 different models. They offer high-quality chairs and the best aftercare and customer service in over 40 countries worldwide, like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

4. Osaki Zero Gravity 3D L-Track Chair

Osaki Zero Gravity 3D L-Track Chair

This quality product has 3D massage rollers, 4 massage styles, a foot roller, multi-language support, a USB connection, and a Bluetooth speaker. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Provide the best full-body massage experience possible.
  • Pre-programmed massages help in targeting a specific area.
  • A zero gravity massage system.
  • Fully equipped with the latest features.


  • Difficulty assembling.
  • It does not work well for the neck, upper back, and legs.

Osaki Company Overview: Osaki is one of the leading distributors of the latest electric massage chairs. They offer affordable prices on their high-quality products and the best aftersales and maintenance services.

5. Kyota Yosei Massage Chair

Kyota Yosei Massage ChairKyota Yosei Massage Chair

This massage chair feels and looks good. It is not only of superior quality with the latest features, but you can also customize your message as per your needs. See the Latest Price Here.


  • High-quality chair.
  • Relax and loosen your back if it gets tightened up.
  • It uses PU synthetic leather, which doesn’t wear quickly.


There are no cons mentioned for this product.

INFINITY Company Overview: The company is located in New Hampshire. They possess a team of qualified engineers that help in producing innovative, amazing, and advanced massage chairs. They keep individual parts and components in their warehouse and can provide assistance quickly.

Caution: Do Not Miss the below Information.

Why Do You Need a Massage Chair?

A massage chair is a modern way of providing massages. It uses advanced electronic vibrators and motors to give the best and most thorough massage. Now I am going to briefly discuss its uses.

1. Full Body Massage: It offers the best massage for your whole body. It includes the neck, muscles, and legs.

2. Save Your Time: You don’t have to visit a specialist masseuse or a therapist to get therapy when you are suffering from stress or pain issues. You can get therapy at home

3. Promote Proper Blood Circulation: When getting a massage, your body will get hot. It is an indication of proper blood circulation in your body, and this is important for your body.

4. Relax You From Stress: The rollers apply significant pressure on your body to give you a soothing effect.

How much do Massage Chairs Cost?

Depending on the brand, model, and features, the price will vary, massage chair prices can range anywhere from $700 to $10,000. While more expensive models often come with advanced massage functions and high-quality styles, less expensive models are also worth considering.

Are Massage Chairs Good for your Back?

Yes, massage chairs are good for your back. In addition to softening stiff and tight muscles in your back, it increases blood flow. As a result, your skeletal structure becomes more relaxed.

Why can’t you Massage Someone with Diabetes?

In insulin users, massage may cause hypoglycemia as an adverse effect. This risk is extrapolated from massage studies using healthy volunteers. In most studies, massage does not appear to be harmful to people with diabetes. Patients using insulin may be at risk for low blood sugar.


If you want to reduce your stress after long working office hours, then you need to buy a massage chair immediately. You can easily buy fabulous massage chairs at great prices by reading the above article.

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