What Log Splitters are Made in USA?

One cold night my wood stove stopped running due to a lack of wood lugs. It was snowing outside, so I couldn’t cut the wood. It was this night that I realized how important log splitters are, and so I decided to purchase one to avoid such a situation again.

My search for the best log splitters has finally ended up with the five best splitters that can make life easier and make work easier. My aim is to give you some information about log splitters made in USA, basic types, and other factors that may help you to choose a log splitter according to your budget and needs.

Now let’s get started.

What are the Types of Log Splitters?

Here are the basic types of log splitters.

  1. Manual Log Splitter 

The manual log splitters are lightweight and easy to operate and store. The models of log splitters come in types one’s foot-powered, and the second is hand-powered. Some models operate with hydraulic but mostly need manpower to operate them.  

  1. Electric Log Splitter 

The most rated and popular type of log splitter is the electric log splitter. They are made in a compact size. That’s why they are lighter and more portable than other types of log splitters. Electric Log Splitter has more high working power than manual types. 

You can use them indoors, and outdoors, and use them anywhere where electricity is available. One more surprising thing is that electric logs need less maintenance.

  1. Gas Log Splitter 

Gas log splitters are the most powerful and expensive type of log splitter. You do not need electricity plugs to use them. They can’t be used indoors because of the noisy engine and wide size. You need to maintain them regularly to work effectively. 

Log Splitters Made in USA






XtremepowerUS Hydraulic Log Splitter


Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter


WEN Electric Log Splitter


PowerSmart Electric Log Splitter


VULCAN Log Splitter Heavy Duty

If you want to get the knowledge about how to choose the best log splitters for yourself. Below I am going to share with you the complete information. Stay with me.

Why Should You Choose the USA Made Log Splitter? 

Choosing USA made log splitters come up for a lot of reasons. A few core ones are described below:

  • The high-quality and best commercial log splitters are made in USA.
  • The eco-friendly material used in the construction of products.
  • These log splitters are long-lasting ensuring enough durability.  
  • Interestingly, the American log splitter price is high but worth the price.
  • Most of the trusted and well-known companies work in the USA.
  • Easy availability of spare parts and better customer services than other brands.
  • A variety of designs are available.
  • All types of log splitters are available.

So, you want to know about factors to consider before buying a log splitter.

Factors to Keep in Mind Before Buying a Log Splitter

For your convenience, I have divided it into points. Keep these points in mind before buying log splitters.

It depends on your needs and also what size of log you want to split as it comes in different sizes. You have to decide before you buy.

It depends on your workplace. Electric log splitters need limited maintenance but you can’t use them without electricity. Gasoline needs regular maintenance but you can use them anywhere they don’t no need electricity.

It depends on the log weight and diameter, and how much pressure you want to split the log into pieces. Cycle time means after splitting, the log splitter comes back to its original position and is ready to cut the next one.

Now, the wait is over for the log splitters made in USA.

List of Log Splitters Made in USA

Here are the five most rated log splitters that are made in the USA. Check them out.

  1. WEN Electric Log Splitter
  2. XtremepowerUS Hydraulic Log Splitter
  3. Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter
  4. PowerSmart Log Splitter Electric
  5. VULCAN Log Splitter Heavy Duty

1. XtremepowerUS Hydraulic Log Splitter

XtremepowerUS log splitters are used for the purpose of heavy-duty because it contains a 196cc engine that can produce up to 45 mph and they can work in dual positions horizontally and vertically which can ease your work. Steel, metal, and aluminum materials are used in the manufacturing process. It is beneficial for softwood cutting. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It can easily work in both positions vertically and horizontally 
  • Easy to operate and install 
  • Extra-large wheel
  • 510 pounds weight 
  • Noiseless engine 


  • Sits down on the soft ground
  • Expensive

Company Overview: Xtremepower is the most rated and worldwide popular company for making durable and unique features products. They provide a variety of different products like Generators, Chain saws, jackhammers, and much more indoor and outdoor equipment products. They also provide home appliances.

2. Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter

The electric log splitter fitted a 2 HP electric motor that can produce 3500psi hydraulic pressure, which helps to do work more quickly and efficiently. This log splitter is made of high-quality durable steel material. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Two-year warranty 
  • Reasonable prices 
  • High-quality manufactured 
  • Introduce automatically ram return system 
  • It can bear 7 tons of weight easily 
  • Only 122 pounds weight 


  • Expensive everyone can’t afford it
  • it is not a good choice for large logs

Company Overview: Boss Industrial is the real boss of all the companies. They provide all kinds of equipment that is used in indoor and outdoor activities and also they manufacture personal protective products, gloves, and hygiene products.

3. WEN Electric Log Splitter

Wen introduced the electric log splitters with a 15A powerful motor fitted into them, which can help the splitter to do work more efficiently. This log splitter needs less maintenance and electricity. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It needs limited maintenance 
  • Easy to operate and install 
  • Large wheels provide stability 
  • Fast reveling speed 
  • 34 inches long stand provided


  • There is difficulty in forwarding gear.
  • Expensive

WEN Company Overview: In 1951 Nick Anton started his company with the name Wen. Nowadays, Wen company is top-rated and worldwide famous due to their quality of products. Bench grinders, miter saws, generators, and air compressors are the few names of wen-made products. 

4. PowerSmart Electric Log Splitter

The power smart log splitter has a 15 Amp motor and 6-ton hydraulic system, which uses less electricity and works effectively. This high-quality splitter easily split large logs into pieces within a minute. Also, it has rare wide wheels which help for easy transportation. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Two years warranty 
  • Only 104 pounds weighted 
  • It can easily split 23 inches lengthy and 11 inches in diameter the log
  • Ideal size 
  • Affordable prices 


  • Wheels are annoying 
  • Safety issues occur 

Company Overview: Powersmart is a USA company that provides the most powerful outdoor and indoor equipment at reasonable prices to ease your work. They manufactured lawnmowers, yard cleaners tools, and many more tools with durability and unique features. PowerSmart has a group of experienced and qualified professional staff that ensure the durability and protection of products.

5. VULCAN Log Splitter Heavy Duty

The log splitters made by Vulcan are used for heavy-duty because they are made of steel and have more durability and protection than other log splitters. It has an ideal length of 23 inches which can easily be adjusted in cars and SUVs. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Lightweight 
  • Foot pump operating system 
  • Portable 
  • Easy and safe to operate 
  • Best choice for outdoor and indoor use


  • It can only split dry wood
  • Expensive in respect to the features

VULCAN Company Overview: Paul Allen and his sister Jody Allen start the VULCAN company in 1986. VULCAN company is a worldwide famous and well-known company due to its high-quality construction materials and other highly constructed products. The company’s first priority is to earn the respect and belief of the customers and provide high-quality materials constructed products and services at reasonable prices.

Don’t Miss the Below Information

Are Electric Log Splitters Any Good?

For logs, 20″ – 24″ long and 12″ in diameter, electric log splitters are the best. There is no need to maintain an electric motor. Also, electric log splitters are not affected by cold weather. Just plug in the switch and you’re good to go.

Furthermore, there is no emission of harmful fumes like in gas splitters. My only problem was that the unit jumped a little when the log split.

Which Electric Log Splitter Hydraulic Oil Should be Used?

Log splitters should be lubricated with AW22 or AW32 hydraulic oil, which provides lubrication for gears and other mechanical parts during extreme cold and heat. Buy the specially made hydraulic oil for the log splitter now.

Why do you Need a Log Splitter?

Log splitters help you to ease your hard work. They can split wood vertically and horizontally into small pieces within a few minutes. You can easily work without any hassle and complete your entire day’s work in a few hours.

Where are Countyline Log Splitters Made?

Countyline log splitters are designed, manufactured, and checked by a Chinese company named YTL and they were sold at Tractor Supply Company stores. In 2018 the countyline log splitters were made in China for the first time.

Where are Champion Log Splitters Made? 

These log splitters are based in the USA and made in China. The company also manufactured different kinds of products like home standby generators, inverter generators, engines, and log splitters. Their products are durable and of good quality.

Where are Northstar Log Splitters Made?

Northstar log splitters are manufactured in the USA. The quality, performance, durability, reliability, and value of Northstar log splitters are outstanding which makes these log splitters the best in the market. They save your time and fuel and also do work more efficiently within a limited fuel. 

Bottom Line

Above the article, I have described the best log splitters made in the USA with their pros and cons. If you want the best ones, I suggest you choose the one which suits your needs.

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