Hunting Knives Made in USA: Your Hunting Partner

Hunting Knives Made in USA

Hunting is not just a profession; it is also a hobby. I am also a hunter by hobby. The only thing that I trust for hunting is hunting knives made in USA. There are many reasons to choose this hunting knife.

Once, I went hunting and shot a deer, but unfortunately, the bullet only touched his feet and was the last bullet in my gun. Now I only have my hunting knife.

I think for a minute that I may just leave this deer and go empty-handed. But my inner hunter does not allow me to do this, so I decided to use my hunting knife.

At that time, I was using one of the best hunting knives made in USA, and it worked well. That was the moment when I realized the importance of good hunting knives. As it helped me hunt deer in a critical circumstance.

So if you are a hunter and looking for good hunting knives, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, I am going to share my knowledge about hunting knives in detail. It includes its importance, factors to consider before buying one, and which brands are offering the best hunting knives that you can check out. Let’s begin!

Why Do You Need USA-Made Hunting Knives?

As a hunter, the hunting knife is a life-saving tool. They are well-known for their reliability, sharpness, performance, and craftsmanship. That’s why, in a developed country such as America, it is designed with high precision by skilled craftsmen.

In America, it is a basic requirement for the craftsman to either have ABS or NIMS certification. The American Bladesmith Society (ABS) encourages the practice of bladesmithing by offering certification courses like Journeyman Smith (for those with basic blade-making skills) and Master Smith (for those with more advanced knowledge).

NIMS certifies metalworking abilities for a variety of professions. In the end, both seek to acknowledge and validate the skills of craftsmen.

Don’t stop here, as next I am going to discuss something that will help you get a hunting knife that meets your requirements. So if you want to know more about it, continue reading.

What Types Of Hunting Knives are Available in USA?

There is more than one kind of hunting knife. There are different kinds of hunting knives available on the market. Following are some types of hunting knives made in the United States:

1. Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

The fixed-blade hunting knives made in USA are those in which the blade is permanently attached to the handle. These kinds of hunting knives are suitable for attacking from a distance. As these knives are very strong, if you set the target correctly, you will succeed.

2. Folding Hunting Knife

This is another kind of hunting knife, which you can say is made in USA pocket knives. Its blade folds in the handle, which makes its size very suitable to be placed in a pocket. It is the best hunting knife for long trips where you have very limited space.

3. Skinning Knife

This is a hunting knife with a very sharp and thin blade. Specially designed knife separates the skin from meat without damaging it.

4. Gut Hook Knife

As is clear from the name, it is a hunting knife with a hook-shaped blade. It is designed to perform a special function. Its hook-shaped blade helps you open the abdomen without affecting other organs of the animal.

5. Bowie Knife

A long, thick, and strong knife is ideal for slicing the hard parts of the meat, such as bones, and a bowie knife plays a very important role. It helps in cutting the animal and converting it into a form that is easy to carry.

6. Boning Knife

It is another kind of hunting knife that is specially designed to cut joints. Moreover, this boning knife has a thin and flexible blade that helps you cut the meat according to your preference.

Wait, we’re not through yet. Now I am going to discuss how you can make the right decision when buying a hunting knife and not waste money.






Benchmade manual Hunting Knife


Old Timer Fixed Hunting Knife


SOG Folding Hunting Knife


Benchmade EDC Folding Knife


ESEE-6HM Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

Key Considerations Before Purchasing a Hunting Knife

Always consider your needs and requirements while buying hunting knives. After the types of hunting knives, the other thing is the material. The material of both the blade and handle

Blade Material

Usually, three types of steel are used in making blades for hunting knives. This includes stainless steel, alloy steel, and high-carbon steel. You can choose the material according to your preferences. 

As for the physical characteristics of the steel, there are two types. One is hot-rolled steel, and the other is cold-rolled steel.

The hot rolled steel has a non-oily surface with a scaly edge. While cold rolled steel has a kind of greasy or oily surface, it is very smooth and has very sharp edges and corners as compared to hot-rolled steel.

Blade Type

The blades are of two types: one is clip-point and the other is drop-point. Drop point blades are thicker than clip point blades. So, that’s why a clip point blade is less efficient at skinning and splitting. Where the drop point blade is good for splitting the ribs, etc.

Handle Material

For the handle of the hunting knives, the materials used include wood, fiberglass, and bone. Each has its strengths and properties. So, you can choose according to your needs and preferences.

So how do you know which hunting knives manufactured in the USA are reliable and durable? There are several brands manufacturing this product in the USA. Don’t worry; that’s what I am going to discuss next.

List of Best Hunting Knives Made in USA

Every brand that produces hunting knives has its own unique features and specialties. Here are some of the best hunting knife brands that you can check out and go with the one that suits your needs and saves time.

  • Benchmade Manual Hunting Knife
  • Old Timer Fixed Hunting Knife
  • ESEE-6HM Fixed Blade Hunting Knife
  • SOG Folding Hunting Knife
  • Benchmade EDC Folding Knife

1. Benchmade Manual Hunting Knife

benchmade manual hunting knief

It is a versatile hunting knife with CPM-S30V steel for easy and controlled cuts. It is made with durable composite materials that can withstand harsh elements. Stronger than natural wood. AXIS locking, reversible clip, and lanyard hole for safety and convenient carry in classic style with modern tech—great for EDC, survival kits, and much more. See the latest price here.


  • Durable and sharp
  • Perfect size
  • Beautiful
  • Well-balanced


  • Expensive

Company overview: Benchmade Knife Company was established in 1987. The company focuses on innovation and customer needs and strictly adheres to business ethics to produce high-quality products.

2. Old Timer Fixed Hunting Knife

Old Timer Fixed Hunting Knief

This is a reliable 7.25 inch hunting knife with a 3.77-ounce weight. It has a curved stainless steel clip point blade for precision. Also, it has classic silver nickel bolsters on the handle. It is lightweight and includes a USA-made custom leather belt and a lifetime warranty. See the latest price here.


  • Durable
  • Precise cutting
  • Easy to grip
  • Tight blades


  • Small in size
  • Difficult to clean

Company overview: Old Timer was established in 1958 and created knives for the working class and outdoorsmen. Their knives are known for their durability and are comfortable enough to be used day after day.

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3. ESEE-6HM Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

ESEE-6HM Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

It is an 11-inch knife with a 6.0-inch plain-edge blade. It is made with carbon steel and has a 55-57 hardness with 188″ max thickness. Also, it has a textured powder coat handle and round canvas micarta with a lifetime guarantee. See the latest price here.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Easy to clean
  • Well-balanced
  • Precise carving


  • Low-quality paint

Company overview: The company makes quality knives that can be used to perform a variety of outdoor activities. Their knives are perfect lightweight survival kit blades and hunting knives, so you get the one that meets your needs.

4. SOG Folding Hunting Knife

SOG Folding Hunting Knife

The knife functions as a seal knife and can be folded to use as a pocket knife. The product is designed by professionals to meet your needs. Also, it has an ambidextrous design, durable steel, a rapid opening feature, is easy to sharpen, and the XR lock can withstand 1500 pounds of pressure. See the latest price here.


  • High-quality
  • Best price
  • Well-made
  • Comfortable grip


  • The handle’s finger grooves are large

Company Overview:  In 1986, Spencer Frazer founded SOG and introduced a unique combat knife. Now, they offer a comprehensive range of innovative tools designed and approved by Special Forces, including Navy Seals. Their knives can be used to perform a variety of functions.

5. Benchmade EDC Folding Knife

Benchmade EDC Folding Knife

It is a metal folding hunting knife that is stylish, lightweight, and suitable for survival kits. It has sharp edges and a thin blade for precise cutting. See the latest price here.


  • Good quality
  • Easy to sharp
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect grip


  • A little big for an everyday carry knife

Company overview: Benchmade Knife Company was founded in 1987. They make products in the US with a focus on quality and developing good customer relationships. Their innovation, focus on customer needs, and strict adherence to business ethics enable them to provide top-quality products globally.

Other USA Manufacturers of Hunting Knives

1. Cutlery Shoppe Inc.

Address: 3956 E Vantage Pointe Ln, Meridian, ID 83642, United States

Products: folding pocket knives, hunting knives, kitchen, and professional knives, swiss army knives and tools, multi-tools, rescue knives, and tools, etc

2. Knife Country USA

Address: 1109 Ripley Rd, Linden, MI 48451, United States

Products: camping gear, fixed blade knives, folding pocket knives, knife kits, security equipment, survival gear.

3. ESEE Store

Address: 8297 US-165, Columbia, LA 71418, United States

Products: tools and knives

How Do I Properly Maintain My Hunting Knife?

  1. Always clean your knife after use using warm soapy water and a soft cloth.
  2. Handle your hunting knife with care and respect, as it is a valuable tool that can be dangerous if not used properly.
  3. To shield the blade from moisture and stop rust, lightly coat it with oil.
  4. Be careful when cleaning your knife because using abrasive or harsh chemicals can harm the blade.
  5. Check the handle and screws regularly to make sure they are secure and tighten as needed.
  6. If your knife is damaged or in need of repair, take it to a professional knife sharpener or repair shop.
  7. To avoid rust or corrosion on the knife’s blade, make sure to completely dry the knife after washing or using it.
  8. A dull knife may be unsafe and less useful. To keep the blade sharp and in good shape, use a honing rod or sharpening stone. 
  9. To keep the knife safe from harm and to avoid unintentional wounds, store it in a sheath or blade cover while not in use.
  10. Keep your hunting knife dry and away from humidity and moisture.

Wrap Up

In the end, each hunting knife has its own specialty and purpose. Custom hunting knives made in USA are very useful, and you can get them as per your personal preferences. Moreover, before buying any hunting knife, you must clearly know your requirements.

In other words, handmade knives made in USA are the best and are designed by specialized people. There are different companies that make different knives, giving you a wide range. So, you can choose according to your choice.

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