Hunting Knives Made in USA: Your Hunting Partner

Hunting Knives Made in USA

As a hunter, having a durable and reliable hunting knife is crucial. The knife I bought last time didn’t meet my expectations due to its sharpness. After returning, I started looking for a better product, and after reading customer reviews, I found that hunting knives made in USA were better than others. There’s nothing better and they’re tough enough to survive harsh environments.

When it comes to hunting knives, consider buying one made in the U.S. Not only will you be supporting American companies, but you’ll get a good knife. We’re going to talk about the reasons to buy a USA-made hunting knife, the types available, and what to look for when you buy one.

Let’s begin by taking a closer look at a couple of the finest and most popular hunting knives made in the United States.

What Types Of Hunting Knives are Available in USA?

There are respective types of hunting knives manufactured in the USA each with its own unique features and benefits. Listed below are some of the most popular types of hunting knives.

1. Fixed Blade Knives

One of the most common hunting knives is the fixed-blade one. Fixed-blade hunting knives have a fixed blade that doesn’t fold. The cutting edge is attached to the handle, so it’s easy for you to hold. They’re great for hunting because they’re strong and durable.

2. Gut Hook Hunting Knives

Gut-hooked hunters’ knives are used for cutting open and skin wildlife. These knives feature a specialized blade with a hook-like curve at the tip, which makes it easy to slice through the skin of the animal without damaging the internal organs. 

3. Foldable Hunting Knives

Due to their mobility and convenience of use, folding hunting knives, often known as pocket knives, are a favorite choice among hunters. Their blades fold into grips, making them portable and easy to store. Folding hunting knives come in a number of blade configurations, including straight and serrated blades, and are suited for smaller games.

4. Skinning Hunting Knives

Skinning hunting knives are designed for removing the skin from animals. These knives feature a narrow blade that is ideal for making precise cuts around the animal’s hide. Skinning knives are available in both fixed-blade and folding-blade designs and are perfect for hunters who want to preserve the quality of the hide for tanning.

5. Bowie Hunting Knives

Large, robust hunting knives called bowie are made for cutting and chopping. These knives have a long, curved blade that works well for cutting through branches and dense bushes. Bowie hunting knives are also suitable for heavy-duty tasks such as butchering and skinning.

6. Survival Hunting Knives

Survival hunting knives are designed for use in emergency situations. These knives are usually heavy-duty, with a blade that is thick and strong enough to chop through wood and other materials. Additionally, survival hunting knives come with whistles, compasses, and fire starters.

7. Multi-Purpose Hunting Knives

Multi-purpose hunting knives are designed to handle a variety of hunting tasks. These knives feature a versatile blade that is suitable for skinning, butchering, and chopping. Multi-purpose hunting knives often have interchangeable blades, allowing hunters to switch between different blade types depending on the task at hand.

Before we move on to the next topic, let’s briefly go through why should you consider USA made hunting knives.






Benchmade manual Hunting Knife


Old Timer Fixed Hunting Knife


SOG Folding Hunting Knife


Benchmade EDC Folding Knife


ESEE-6HM Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

Why Opt for American Made Hunting Knives?

When it comes to hunting knives, choosing a USA-made one is a smart choice. These knives are durable, sharp, and comfortable to use, making them well-suited for specific hunting tasks. Choosing a hunting knife made in the USA can be a great decision as they offer many benefits.

Firstly, they are durable, sharp, and comfortable to use, making them well-suited for the specific hunting tasks you have at hand. Additionally, American Bladesmith Society (ABS) Certification and National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) Certification ensure that the knives are crafted by skilled artisans and meet high-quality standards.

The ABS Certification ensures that bladesmiths have undergone rigorous testing and training to produce high-quality knives. The NIMS Certification assesses and certifies the skills and knowledge of individuals in various metalworking-related occupations.

Choosing hunting knives made in America not only supports American craftsmanship but also ensures that you have a high-quality and reliable tool with eco-friendly materials.

Now, that we’ve discussed the advantages of American-made hunting knives, let’s move on to some key considerations.

Key Considerations Before Purchasing a Hunting Knife

Before buying a hunting knife, it’s important to determine its intended use. Different hunting tasks require specific knife features.

  • Consider the blade material. High-carbon steel provides better edge retention whereas corrosion resistance is one of the most well-known characteristics of stainless steel.
  • For handles consider materials like wood, bone, rubber, or composite materials, as they offer varying levels of durability and grip.
  • Decide whether you prefer a plain or serrated blade edge. A plain edge excels in precision cutting and is easy to sharpen, while a serrated edge provides enhanced cutting performance.
  • The blade’s length and thickness should match your planned purpose. Longer blades are suitable for tasks requiring deep cuts, while shorter blades offer better maneuverability and control.
  • Adjust the price range for your hunting knife. While it’s tempting to opt for cheaper options, investing in a quality hunting knife can save you money in the long run.

Are you ready to discover the best of the best? Let’s look at some of the hunting knife brands made in USA and their remarkable products.

List of Best Hunting Knives Made in USA

1. Benchmade Manual Hunting Knife

benchmade manual hunting knief

If you are looking for the best hunting knife made in USA then a Benchmade hunting knife is the one. It features a 3.4-inch blade made from American CPM-S30V steel, while the handle is made of durable wood. The blade is also finished with a satin texture, providing a sleek and stylish look. See the latest price here.


  • Quite slim in the pocket.
  • Good looking and fits in the hand great.
  • Super-smooth, well-balanced, and beautiful.
  • It’s super sharp and durable.


  • High price 

Company overview: Benchmade Knife Company is an American-based company that specializes in manufacturing premium quality knives. They were founded in 1987 and have earned a reputation for their high-quality materials and unique designs.

2. Old Timer Fixed Hunting Knife

Old Timer Fixed Hunting Knief

This fixed-blade hunting knife made in USA comes with a 3.5-inch blade made of 1095 HC stainless steel, and an ergonomic handle that gives a classic look. Moreover, it comes with a lifetime warranty. See the latest price here.


  • Up-swept point is great for precision work
  • It has a great style, weight, and aesthetic
  • The blades are tight and do not wobble
  • The texture makes it easy to maintain a grip


  • Small in size can be misplaced easily

Company overview: Old Timer was founded in 1958 and has since created knives that are durable for long periods of time. They have been making knives for the working class for over 60 years. Their knives are built for those who don’t rely on others.

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3. ESEE-6HM Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

ESEE-6HM Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

Featuring a blade of 6 inches that was crafted from 1095 carbon steel, and has a powder coat finishing. The handle is made from Micarta canvas, and it also comes with a lifetime warranty. See the latest price here.


  • The mixture of weight, length, and balance along with blade shape and thickness
  • Micarta handles can easily be removed for cleaning if needed
  • Quite comfortable when carving
  • Fits the hand perfectly


  • The leather sheath was made poorly

Company overview: ESEE Store is a manufacturer that specializes in high-quality knives. Founded in 1997, and based in Columbia, Louisiana, they offer a wide range of knives to meet all your needs from making shelters and gutting fish to digging holes and cutting bandages,

4. SOG Folding Hunting Knife

SOG Folding Hunting Knife

This elegant and stylish folding knife made in USA has a 3.8-inch blade length, which is made from stainless steel. The handle has an ergonomic design and is made of glass-reinforced nylon, The XR lock provides complete security and ensures that it opens only when needed. See the latest price here.


  • High quality strong sharp pocket knife well worth the price
  • The most solid folding knife
  • Feels great in your hand, very sharp
  • Well made, insanely strong, and comfortable to use


  • The handle’s finger grooves are large

Company Overview:  SOG is a manufacturer that prides itself on producing innovative and versatile knives. They were established in 1986 and provide several items. Their manufacturing lines consist of razor sharpeners, fusion knives, flash knives, flashlights, agency knives, aura knives, hunts point knives, and more.

5. Benchmade EDC Folding Knife

Benchmade EDC Folding Knife

In addition to its alloy steel blade, this knife has a fiberglass handle. The knife has a plain edge style which gives it a stylish and sleek look. See the latest price here.


  • Good quality, easy to sharpen, and holds an edge well
  • Nice and lightweight
  • The perfect knife for larger hands
  • The blade is nice and thin


  • A little big for an everyday carry knife

Company overview: Benchmade Knife Company is an American-based company that specializes in manufacturing premium quality knives. They were founded in 1987 and have earned a reputation for their high-quality materials and unique designs.

Other USA Manufacturers of Hunting Knives

1. Cutlery Shoppe Inc.

Address: 3956 E Vantage Pointe Ln, Meridian, ID 83642, United States

Products: folding pocket knives, hunting knives, kitchen, and professional knives, swiss army knives and tools, multi-tools, rescue knives, and tools, etc

2. Knife Country USA

Address: 1109 Ripley Rd, Linden, MI 48451, United States

Products: camping gear, fixed blade knives, folding pocket knives, knife kits, security equipment, survival gear.

3. ESEE Store

Address: 8297 US-165, Columbia, LA 71418, United States

Products: tools and knives

Let’s unlock the tips of keeping your hunting knife in top shape!

How Do I Properly Maintain My Hunting Knife?

  1. Always clean your knife after use using warm soapy water and a soft cloth.
  2. Handle your hunting knife with care and respect, as it is a valuable tool that can be dangerous if not used properly.
  3. To shield the blade from moisture and stop rust, lightly coat it with oil.
  4. Be careful when cleaning your knife because using abrasive or harsh chemicals can harm the blade.
  5. Check the handle and screws regularly to make sure they are secure and tighten as needed.
  6. If your knife is damaged or in need of repair, take it to a professional knife sharpener or repair shop.
  7. To avoid rust or corrosion on the knife’s blade, make sure to completely dry the knife after washing or using it.
  8. A dull knife may be unsafe and less useful. To keep the blade sharp and in good shape, use a honing rod or sharpening stone. 
  9. To keep the knife safe from harm and to avoid unintentional wounds, store it in a sheath or blade cover while not in use.
  10. Keep your hunting knife dry and away from humidity and moisture.

Wrap Up

To sum it up, choosing a hunting knife made in USA can provide you with a range of benefits, including customization, durability, a wide variety of options, and being environmentally responsible. When choosing a hunting knife, it’s essential to consider factors such as the type of blade, materials used, the intended purpose, and your budget. With careful consideration and research, you can find a hunting knife that is perfect for your needs and will last for years to come.

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