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A fire once broke out in our residence when we were out for a moment. Almost everything got destroyed. However, our money and other valuables remained unharmed and just the way we had left them. I know what you are thinking. How is this even possible? Let me tell you how.

This was only possible because of the fire-resistant home safes.

This article is going to be about why you should choose the home safes made in USA, the things to consider before purchasing a home safe, and the 5 best USA made home safes.

Firstly, Let’s Talk About What are Home Safes? 

Home safes are a vault for storing money, important documents, and other valuables that you do not want to lose or misplace. There are several types available in home safes and they are as follows:

  • Fireproof home safes
  • Hidden wall safes 
  • Bolted to the floor 
  • Gun safes

Home Safes Made In USA






Stealth Mechanical Lock Floor Safe


Liberty Smart Vault Biometric Safe


SentrySafe with Dial Combination


Templeton Standard Depository Drop Safe


RPNB Deluxe Home Safe

Moving on, let me tell you why you should choose home safes made in USA only.

Why Choose USA-made Home Safes?

Certain characteristics present in the home safes made in USA make them the most secured and reliable safes. What are those features? Let’s discuss:

This determines the number of minutes a safe can withstand an attack by a determined thief with proper tools. TL-30 is better than TL-15 but they are comparatively expensive. The USA-manufactured home safes offer TL ratings.

RatingTime Tested (minutes)Testing Variation
TL-1515Tools Resistant for 15 minutes (only face)
TL-3030Tools Resistant for 30 minutes (only face)
TRTL-15X615Torch and Tools Resistant for 15 minutes (all sides)
TRTL-30X630Torch and Tools Resistant for 30 minutes (all sides)
TRTL-60X660Torch and Tools Resistant for 60 minutes (all sides)

The United States Underwriters Laboratory (UL) tests and awards performance ratings. For safes, there are several UL listings. The most common one is RSC (Residential Security Container) rating. This means that the safe is unable to access during residential burglaries. The US-made home safes have this rating.

UL also grants fire ratings to safes. The safes prevent fire by turning water into steam in concrete or drywall. This is mainly done by a unique fire-resistant stuffing material called cellulose concrete that helps keep the internal temperature less than 118C even when the safe exposes to 1030C for 1 hour long. The US-made home safes also have this rating.

The US-manufactured home safes have a hard and strong construction, making the safes last even longer. The USA-based technical support team assures that you’re safe and operate trouble-free for years to come.

The USA-made home safes are also ideal for hotels, bar offices, or restaurants as they can offer different levels of access to the same safe which is by far amazing. Plus, the safes require two user codes for opening the depository section, thus providing more security.

Are you still with me? Perfect. Now after coming to know about the outstanding features of the USA manufactured home safes, let’s move on to the next part.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Home Safe

Let me guess, you are still unaware of the factors you have to look for in a home safe. I’ve been there too. So, I am going to list those factors to make the process a piece of cake for you:

  • Size and capacity of the home safe
  • Type or design (floor standing or hidden wall safes)
  • Multiple user system (in case of commercial or office use)
  • Type of lock (mechanical or electronic)
  • Degree of protection 
  • Price of the home safe
  • Backup of the passwords in case of electronic safes
  • Professional installation 

And now the wait is over. I am going to list the 5 best home safes made in USA

List of Home Safes Made In USA

1. Stealth Mechanical Lock Floor Safe

Stealth Mechanical Lock Floor Safe

It is the best home safe made in USA. The Stealth floor safe has a 12 gauge steel body, a thick steel plate door, and 3 solid steel locking bolts. Also, the presence of an internal re-locker helps to secure bolts shut if there is an attack on the safe. The best part is that the safe has a burglary rating and is UL-approved. See the latest price here.


  • It has a nice keypad
  • Installation is easy
  • The hinge functions well
  • The safe functions without any problem


  • Does not include a mounting hardware
  • Scratched easily

Stealth Company Overview: The American-based Stealth company believes in introducing innovative products that along with the provision of top-level security are of high quality and affordable too. Stealth has a line of products that includes accessories, office safes, home safes, gun safes, handgun safes, etc. The safes provided by Stealth offer maximum security for valuables and guns.

2. Liberty Smart Vault Biometric Safe

Liberty Smart Vault Biometric Safe

This biometric safe is the most reliable one. It has a memory of 15 fingerprints and finger swipe access is quick and secure. Moreover, the safe consist of an AC adapter, an auto-open door, and a key backup. Also, the safe offers a 5-year warranty. See the latest price here.


  • Fast biometric processing 
  • The door opens in an instant 
  • Has mounting holes for securing it to something
  • Safe is well built


  • The motor responsible for opening the door is extremely loud
  • The metal is thin for money

Company Overview: Jay Crosby established Liberty Safe in 1998. The American-based Liberty Safe first focused on building high-quality safes by hand rather than on having a large output. Innovations such as industry-leading fire protection and military-style locking bars have helped Liberty Safe in making the best gun safes in the United States.

3. SentrySafe with Dial Combination

SentrySafe with Dial Combination

This safe comprises a combination lock, six large one-inch bolts, and a pry-resistant hinge bar. It is a safe with a deep organizer and a tray. This helps to keep even the smallest valuables organized and safe. Also, the safe is UL and ETL certified for fire and water protection respectively. See the latest price here.


  • The safe is heavy to pick and run away with 
  • Storage capacity is great
  • It works awesome
  • It is fire and waterproof


  • It has a plastic combination dial
  • The easy-to-access hinges

Company Overview: SentrySafe is a global leader in fire-resistant and security storage solutions for valuables and important documents since 1930. They provide files, safes, fire-resistant chests, and secure storage containers to 54+ countries across the globe.

4. Templeton Standard Depository Drop Safe

Templeton Standard Depository Drop Safe

Templeton safe contains thick steel with a triple bolt action locking mechanism. This safe is tailor-made for offices and small businesses as it allows up to 6 different digital user codes. So, it is easy for multiple key holders or managers to access this single safe. It can store cash deposit folders, small valuables, large bills, etc. See the latest price here.


  • It has the Dropbox feature
  • The safe is quite easy to use
  • The safe works well
  • It is enormous to fit almost everything 


  • The battery goes fast 
  • The top latch is weak

Company Overview: The American-based Templeton manufactures safety and security products that are strong, precise, and easy to use. Templeton is successful in producing top-quality products while keeping the prices as low as possible. Their US-based technical support department assists users with instant and friendly support to ensure the smooth running of the safes.

5. RPNB Deluxe Biometric Home Safe

RPNB Deluxe Home Safe

RPNB home safe has a 5mm thick pry-resistant steel door and five 3-way solid steel live locking bolts. Plus, it has an advanced 500 DPI biometric fingerprint recognition along with a smart touchscreen panel with an LCD and an English voice guide. The home safe offers a two-factor authentication mode and dual warning system. See the latest price here.


  • It comes with bolts for attaching it to a wall
  • The shelves are removable
  • The fingerprint reader and keypad are reliable
  • The safe can store a lot of items


  • The alarm goes off when you try to open it many times 

Company Overview: The US-based RPNB focuses on giving people access to high-quality protection. The company helps people find the right kind of safe for their valuable possessions. RPNB has a line of portable safes, gun storage accessories, and specialty vaults.

Other List of Manufacturers in USA

1. Brand Name: American Security | High Security Home and Business Safes

Address: 11925 Pacific Ave, Fontana, CA 92337, United States

Products they Offer: Fire Rates Safes, Burglary Safes, Business Safes, High Security Safes, Locks, and Accessories.

2. Brand Name: Acme Safe Company

Address: 11-23 50th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101, United States

Products they Offer: High Security Safes, Business Safes, Burglary, and Fire Safes.

3. Brand Name: Safes R Us

Address: 12757 East Fwy, Houston, TX 77015, United States

Products they Offer: Houston, TX  Fort Knox, Browning & Hollon Safe Distributor, Handgun Safes, Vault Doors.

4. Brand Name: Homeland Safes

Address: 9612 Beverly Rd, Pico Rivera, CA 90660, United States

Products they Offer: Large Gun Safes and Vault Doors.

5. Brand Name: Dean Safe Company Simi Valley

Address: 2130 Ward Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93065, United States

Products they Offer: Gun Safes and Rifle Safes, Home and Office Safes, Jewelry Safes, Wall Safes, Drop Safes, Floor Safes

6. Brand Name: Dean Safe Company North Hollywood

Address: 6020 Laurel Canyon Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91606, United States

Products they Offer: Small Safes, Large Safes and Vault Doors, and Accessories.

7. Brand Name: Northwest Safe

Address: 830 Cole St, Enumclaw, WA 98022, United States

Products they Offer: Gun Safes and Handgun Safes, Home Safes, Ammo Storage, Jewelry Safes, Wall Safes, Vault Doors, Console Vaults, Mailboxes, and Apparel.

Why are Home Safes Important?

Homes safes are essential for various reasons:

  • Stores and protects all valuable items
  • Protect during a robbery
  • Offer water and fire protection

A home safe cannot protect for an unlimited time but it does buy you time. The time a fire takes to destroy the contents or the time a burglar takes to break in. Most robbers lack the skills to open a home safe. TL and fire-rated home safes are best against theft and fire.

How Secure are Home Safes?

Investing in a home safe would not only keep your important items from misplacing but also protect your valuables and weapons from an attempted robbery. A home safe thus keeps your belongings and you safe and sound. Its safety depends on the TL rating of the protection. The higher the rating, the safer the safe.

Where to Put a Safe in Your House?

The basement should be your first priority for putting the safe in your house. This is only for guys who live in less rainy regions. The second thing you can do is fix it on your wall and hide it behind a picture or scenery. The third option you have is to place it on the floor of any of the rooms in your house.


The above-mentioned 5 best USA-made home safes will be a game-changer for you once you decide to invest in them. I would recommend the home safes from Stealth and Liberty.

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