Floor Lamps Made In USA – An Ultimate List

It’s your exam tomorrow and you are studying hard in the light of a lamp because your sibling is sleeping in the same room, so you don’t want to disturb him. Suddenly, the lamp on the tabletop starts turning on and off itself due to its poor quality. Extremely irritating, right?

So, how can you avoid such a situation? A USA made floor lamp!! A perfect companion in all circumstances. In this article, I am going to cover every important aspect you need to know about floor lamps made in USA, their possible types, and some high-end products.

So, just stay along!

What are Floor Lamps and Their Types?

Floor lamps, also known as standard lamps, typically stand about the head height & mostly cast the light downwards. Some contemporary floor lamps also have a more flexible and modern design. 

Floor and table lamps are highly portable luminaires that function perfectly to deliver a nice combination of practicality and design. A floor design is efficient with a nice stand that enables the lamp to stand on your floor.

Types of Floor Lamps

Some top incredible types of floor lamps made in the USA are as follows;

  1. Bottom-illuminated floor lamp: 

The light from this type of lamp is focused directly at the bottom of the lamp and is distributed evenly in the room. This sort of direct lighting technique offers less irritation to the eyes, and can also relax the mood of people greatly.

  1. Top-illuminated floor lamps: 

The top-illuminated floor lamps are undeniably the best of all types. The ceiling in your house is light-colored or white so that the lamp light will have a nice reflective effect there. The light, in this case, is much softer, and the lighting effect at the bottom can be achieved as well.

  1. Modern Floor lamps:

The modern floor lamps made in USA are pretty decorative & placed in the room generally like a sculpture. These are best to consider if you want to make your home look stylish. Furthermore, they are highly suitable and ideal for home lighting in various scenes like the office, living room, bedroom, and so on.

  1. Wrought Iron Floor lamps:

With functional and classic design, these wrought iron floor lamps made in USA blend into the highly decorating schemes. Usually, it adjusts down or up, which makes them perfect for sewing, reading, and other tasks.

We’re not through yet, now comes the most important information.

Floor Lamps Made In USA






Tenergy Torchiere Remote Control Floor Lamp


SAFAVIEH 64" Floor Lamp


daylight24 Adjustable Beam LED Floor Lamp


Brightech SkyLite LED Floor lamp


Modern Swing Arm Floor Lamp

Why Choose USA-made Floor lamps?

I am going to tell you some important aspects of choosing floor lamps made in the United States.

Performance and safety testing are conducted by UL for portable and reliable luminaires, and manufacturers that can perform the testing easily are highly eligible for data submission programs. The safety evaluations of such luminaires by UL assess risks for electric shock injury, fire, and contact burns because of mounting.

Intertek is one of the biggest Inspection, Certification, and Testing companies. The USA made floor lamps have their certification. Intertek gives superb Certification Services to the standards that are nationally recognized for sanitation, performance, and safety which is amazing.

The DLC (DesignLights Consortium) is a certification that is generally issued for commercial LED lights depending on their light distribution, longevity, lumen maintenance, or color rendering abilities. Also, the certification is issued greatly for luminaire items such as high bays, wall packs, commercial lighting panels, and retrofit kits.

Commercial lighting products like lamps and ballasts are covered by the CEE’s comprehensive performance and operational safety guidelines. The guidelines are regularly updated to incorporate the latest energy-efficient lighting fixtures.

Now, I am going to ask you a question: What things will you consider before buying a floor lamp? Ok, don’t worry I will answer this question.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Floor Lamp 

Don’t forget to consider the following factors in mind before opting for the floor lamp;

  • First of all the need that why do you need a floor lamp? (for study, for illumination, for decoration).
  • It should have a modern design to be a perfect fit and stylish look.
  • Living rooms need more illumination than bedrooms so choose accordingly.
  • Bulb type: halogen, LED, or SMD (You should go with the LED or SMD).
  • Bulb Watt: higher the watt means higher the cost and brighter the light will be.
  • The factor of portability and lightweight should be the first priority.
  • It should blaze enough to be the single light source required to illuminate the living rooms and bedrooms.
  • The lamp should have a sturdy base to make sure its safety.
  • Easy assembly and setup are also a must!

OK, I know you’re curious about USA made floor lamps, so let’s get into deep.

List of Floor Lamps Made in USA

1. Tenergy Torchiere Remote Control Floor Lamp

Tenergy Torchiere Remote Control Floor Lamp

This super cool product uses 85% less energy which makes it preferable. The beautifully crafted best floor lamps made in USA with a nice remote are accentuated by the advanced matte metal finish. Using LEDs that perfectly generate white warm light, its brightness is really unparalleled and unique in producing 3,000 lumens of powerful lighting. See the latest price here.


  • Dims nicely & does not flicker
  • The design is amazing
  • Highly acceptable brightness
  • The touch dimmer/power switch works nicely


  • Unreliable remote
  • The bitty tiny screws are there in the diffuser disk

Company Overview: Tenergy Corporation was actually established in 2004 in Silicon Valley. As a pioneer in offering incredible and thorough power solutions, this company has relished fast growth by closely working with the customers to develop nice charger and battery products. Surprisingly, their items touch a huge variety of products in the battery market, including medical, transportation, military, communication, storage, and more.

2. SAFAVIEH 64″ Floor Lamp


The SAFAVIEH floor lamp is equipped with a height, deepness, and width of 63.5”, 15”, and 15” respectively. A bright gold finish along with the white cotton shade & elegant curves. It also features an off/on rotatory switch. And the best thing is that it includes an LED bulb with the best 25,000 hrs life span. See the latest price here.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Work really well
  • Looks fantastic
  • Affordable yet high-quality


  • The color is a bit hard to capture in an image
  • This lamp is far too shiny and gold

Company Overview: Based in the U.S since 1978, this company actually combines home and rug furnishings showrooms along with a range of wholesale business, generally supplied by its production lines from highly classical rug entwining centers of the world. Overall, this company is actually headquartered in New York, Port Washington.

3. daylight24 Adjustable Beam LED Floor Lamp

daylight24 Adjustable Beam LED Floor Lamp

This product comes with a decent pull shade that generally adjusts the light beam from around 3 inches to 33 inches at almost 12 inches distance. Plus, it is also energy-efficient and has a warranty of 3 years. For crafting, reading, and many other hobbies, this is very ideal. See the latest price here.


  • Light is very close to daylight for wonderful reading
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Easily adjustable
  • This lamp doesn’t take so much space


  • Its bulb isn’t replaceable
  • Offers extra bright light

Company Overview: Daylight24 was basically established in 2007. Built on over 20 years of lighting industry knowledge, they decided to concentrate on natural light for offices and homes. Now, their products consist of a range of items including floor and desk lamps, make-up mirrors, flashlights, and more.

4. Brightech SkyLite LED Floor Lamp

Brightech SkyLite LED Floor lamp

Basically, the Brightech SkyLite LED lamp is an outstanding lamp with a beam of sunshine that efficiently meets your lighting needs nicely. The built-in power of 24 Watt with a lifespan of 20,000 hrs will also permit you regular use for 20 years. Some incredible adjustment options are also there that include both mood and task lighting adjusting. See the latest price here.


  • Modern looking and sturdy
  • The light is very gentle
  • Compact enough to be unobtrusive
  • The lamp base is quite heavy so it won’t move


  • Not as bright as needed
  • It’s flimsy & will sway back and forth at just the slightest touch

5. Modern Swing Arm Floor Lamp

Modern Swing Arm Floor Lamp

This modern floor lamp made in USA is a swing arm style floor lamp and uses one 100 Watt standard base bulb. Its base has a width of 10 inches and the height is 60 ½ inches. You can easily adjust its lamp head for reading, or any other tasks. All in all, it would be great when placed next to a reading chair or a sofa. See the latest price here.


  • Ease to assemble & stable
  • Perfect quality
  • Its shade is best for a classic and clean look
  • Nice lighting that takes it up to 100 Watt


  • No Cons

Why are Floor lamps important? 

Floor lamps can undeniably boost the intimacy of your room & offer light to particular seating areas. Yes, they can have a very positive and strong effect on your mood & the overall room style. Doesn’t it sound good?

The floor lamps offer both convenience (they are portable!) & a nice distinct look!!

In addition, American made floor lamps are also ideal for sufficient lighting in crannies and dim nooks without consuming so much room on table tops or floors. Tall floor lamps nicely fit even the narrow corners of the rooms which makes the room look appealing.

Where to Place Floor Lamps?

No matter what size of the room you have, a floor lamp can fit almost anywhere. Some places to put a floor lamp are: next to a couch, next to a side table, in a corner, or in the entryway. Again, folks, the choice is yours.

Are Floor Lamps Out of Style?

Some people used to be more advanced and up-to-date, but most Americans can’t overlook the importance of floor lamps in their homes. Floor lamps can never be out of style because they are always a great addition to your home interior. So, it depends entirely on your taste and love for home decor,

Can you put a Floor Lamp behind a Side Table?

YES, is the simple answer to your question. Portability is an important factor to consider before making a purchase, as I mentioned earlier. So, you can place the floor lamp wherever you want. One thing to make sure that you have a nearby electric socket for the power supply.


Buying a floor lamp made in the USA can undeniably become the best decision of your life. Yes, a lot of people love using them because of their quality, material, and durability. Before opting for the final item, you definitely need to know its types and factors to consider. And the good news is that this article thoroughly covers it all!!

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