Best Dining Chairs Made in USA – Buying Guide

Dining chairs are something that we don’t give much consideration to until we host a dinner party. After the lifting of the lockdown, I decided to invite my family and friends to spend quality time together. That was the time when I realized that my dining chairs had become outdated and even became uncomfortable due to wear and tear. 

To give my guests memories that they are fond of, I have to choose dining chairs that create a special, fresh, and comfortable ambiance.

In this article, I’ll discuss how to choose the right chairs for yourself and why dining chairs made in USA are the best option.

Why Do We Need Dining Chairs?

A dining table and chairs are the main components of a dining room. It is a necessity because, without it, you cannot eat, host family gatherings, or enjoy your time. Apart from having meals, your children can use it to do their homework and complete crafting projects as it gives a lot of space to do so.

First, let’s discuss the different types of dining chairs based on their materials

A table cannot be used for meals without dining chairs. Dining chairs are used to sit comfortably, relax, enjoy your meal, or do other things. They contribute significantly to improving the room’s overall aesthetic appeal. They come in a variety of materials and styles.

Different Types of Dining Chairs

One of the best ways to start with the dining chair search is to choose the material. You will find a variety of dining chairs made of different materials to choose from.

  • Wooden dining chairs

Wood is a natural material that can blend in with the color scheme or interior design of the room. It is simple to maintain, has a unique charm and elegance, and is quite durable. However, it is not scratch resistant, stains are difficult to remove, and it is damaged by sunlight and moisture.

  • Metal dining chairs

Metal is another material used for making chairs. It is considered to be durable and easy to clean. However, it lacks the appeal of wood and can not be polished. Due to its less absorbent surface, it can tolerate pest-fighting chemicals.

  • Plastic dining chairs

Recently, there has been a growing trend toward plastic furniture in the market. It is due to its lower price, lightweight, water-resistant, no maintenance, and durable features.

Different Types of Dining Chairs Based on their Design

The next step is to focus on design when choosing dining chairs. Let’s discuss the variety available in detail.

Side chairsThe most common and creatively designed chairs you see in most homes. You can mix and match the chairs with tables to give your room a creative look and also optimize the seating space.
Arm dining chairThese chairs come with an armrest and are placed at the head and foot of the table. Its simple design gives a formal look irrespective of the style and designates a defined space.
Upholstered dining chairThese chairs have a straight back with no arms. They can be tufted or smooth. It offers flexible styling choices and comfort. They are the best choice to be placed in elegant dining rooms.
Leather dining chairsIt is a popular choice among families as it is water-resistant, stain-resistant, easy to wipe clean, and has its own unique aesthetic appeal. Real, faux, and bonded leather are the three varieties of leather that are available.
Wingback chairIts wings cover its sides, and it has a high back. They are known for their convenience and also add style to the room they are placed in.
French provincialThese styles give a formal and romantic appeal to the room. It has soft lines with simple and curved designs.
Classic TraditionalIt is a traditional style that has an enduringly fashionable flair and has a detailed and rich texture.
Modern dining chairsThese are the most recently designed chairs with a vintage feel.

Dining Chairs Made in USA






Carol's Inspirations Dining Room Chairs


Richardson Seating Chrome Diner Chair


CozyCasa Dining Chairs


Duhome Dining Chairs


Chairus Dining Chairs

Following a brief description of the dining chairs, it is time to discuss why American made dining room chairs are the best. Sounds good??

Why Choose American Made Dining Room Chairs?

There are several reasons for choosing dining chairs made in USA, and these are:

1. CPSC Approved:

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is a U.S. federal agency that manages and enforces federal laws that are made to protect consumers from any type of harm. All dining chairs made in the USA are CPSC approved.

2. EPA Approved: 

The Environmental Protection Agency enforces rules and regulations regarding the use of materials that can cause harm to human health and the environment. As a result, the materials used in American made dining table chairs meet EPA standards, indicating that they are safe and non-hazardous.

3. USDA Approved:

The United States Department of Agriculture restricts the importation of materials that can transfer pests like wood-boring beetles and endangered tree species. All American made dining table and chairs are USDA approved.

Now if you have decided to get yourself some new dining chairs, then it’s time to discuss what factors are important that will help in this process. Yes, it is getting better.

Things to Consider Before Buying Dining Room Chairs

When purchasing dining chairs, there are several things to take into account. Let’s discuss.

Measurements: Determine the dimensions of your dining chair, including its height, width, depth, back height, and footprint. Consider floor space and decide how many chairs you need that will fit around it perfectly.

Durability: Dining chairs endure a lot of abuse, especially if there are kids present. Consider those dining chairs that are durable.

Material: Dining chairs are made of various materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. So choose the one that fits your requirements. While wood gives an elegant appeal, metal and plastic are suitable for outdoor and indoor seating.

Comfort: The chairs have to be the right size for a comfortable seat. A seat scoop or curved-back chair is a comfortable option. Arms are a nice option for your arms to get some rest. Upholstered seats come with cushions and are very comfortable.

Wait, we’re not through yet. Now I am finally going to discuss the top brands that manufacture quality dining chairs.

List Of Top Dining Chairs Made in USA

Below is the list of the best dining chairs made in USA.

1. Carol’s Inspirations Dining Room Chairs

Carol's Inspirations Dining Room Chairs

These American made wood dining room chairs have an arched back, and a contoured seat, and come fully assembled. They are durable, made from solid wood, have a catalyzed varnish coat for protection, and are handcrafted. See the latest price here.

Gorgeous craftsmanshipNo cons to this product
Delivered fully assembled
Quality made

Company Overview: Carol’s Inspirations possesses expertise in manufacturing the finest quality furniture. Their items have a quality varnish finish for protection and are built of sturdy materials.

2. Richardson Seating Chrome Diner Chair

Richardson Seating Chrome Diner Chair

It is a retro-style dining chair that has an 18-inch seat height, a sturdy and durable steel frame, and comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. See the latest price here.

Great foam supportSmall chair seat
High-qualityLittle bit shorter
Amazingly comfortable

Company Overview: Since 1975, Richardson Seating Corporation has been manufacturing elegant furniture for the commercial sector. All of their products are manufactured in Chicago, USA.

3. CozyCasa Dining Chairs

CozyCasa Dining Chairs

It has an elegant appearance, is waterproof, and has bottom plastic pads and metal frame legs. It is perfect for use at home or at work and easily matches all kinds of decor. See the latest price here.

Sturdy builtUncomfortable seating
AffordableShort seat space
Stylish design
Easy assembly

Company Overview: CozyCasa was founded in 2013 and produces a wide range of furniture products. Their quality, reliable, and elegant chairs match all types of areas and tables, which makes them the best option.

4. Duhome Dining Chairs

Duhome Dining Chairs

They are made with quality leather material, are durable, have an ergonomic back design, and have metal legs with rubber protection rings. See the latest price here.

Comfortable and elegantUncomfortable back
Reasonable priceChair legs are too thin
Sturdy and durable
Easy to assemble

Company Overview: DUHOME is a reliable company that offers an assortment of modern design furniture that compliments any style of the room. They create products that make your life comfortable and easy.

5. Chairus Dining Chairs

Chairus Dining Chairs

It has an elegant tufted back, sturdy wooden legs, a high-quality velvet surface, and non-toxic material and works perfectly for every type of room. It comes with a free return policy. See the latest price here.

Great qualityPoor finishing
Easy to assemble

Chairus Company Overview: Established in 2014, Chairus manufactures long-lasting and stylish furniture. They possess an extensive range of furniture in different styles, designs, and shapes.


Dinner time is the most important time when the family sits together to have a meal and share stories related to work or studies. So, it becomes a must for you to get decent dining set for your home. Also, you need to ensure that the dining chairs’ style, design, and color match your room theme and are comfortable enough for you and your family to sit for hours without feeling any discomfort.

Your dining area can be styled or designed in any way you like. The atmosphere of your dining room will be influenced by the choice you make. So purchase your American made dining sets today by going through the above guide.

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