What Chest Freezers are Made in the USA?

I visited my colleague’s garage in the past week. Upon arrival, I realized there was no electricity and he confirmed that the power cut was since early morning and now, it was already afternoon. Since I was thirsty, he offered me water. When I asked about the cold water, he said that it was all because of the chest freezer. This compelled me into buying one for my home too.

So, today’s article is about the factors to look for in a chest freezer, reasons why you should choose USA-made chest freezers only, and lastly the 5 best chest freezers made in USA.

But, before I discuss the chest freezers made in USA in detail, let’s briefly discuss deep freezers and their different types which will help you understand better.

What is a Deep Freezer? 

A deep freezer is different from the usual refrigerator freezer in terms of providing extra insulation and long-term storage of items. You’ll see their usage more for commercial or laboratory purposes due to their ability to reach ultra-low temperatures. 

Moving back to our main topic which is a chest freezer. A chest freezer is a type of deep freezer. Let’s go deep into it.

Types of Deep Freezers

Chest and upright freezers are the types of deep freezers. I’ll briefly explain them before moving to the next part.

Chest freezer

A chest freezer opens like a chest and so is the name given to it. It can either be rectangular-shaped or cube-shaped. Its storage space can be between 10 to 25 cubic feet. Chest freezers are mostly for household applications such as a kitchen or garage.

Upright freezer

Upright freezers can cater to both domestic and commercial needs, varying from students to families. It is different from a chest freezer in the sense that it allows frost-free operation and a soft freeze zone. Besides, you get adjustable baskets and door bins for keeping the items in their place.

Chest Freezer Made In USA






USA Lab-40C Chest Freezer


Atosa USA Solid Top Chest Freezer


GE - General Electric Chest Freezer


Frigidaire 7.2 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer


Igloo 3.5 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer

Have you ever thought about why should you go with American made chest freezers? Make your own decision by looking at all the certifications that come with USA-manufactured chest freezers.

Why Choose USA-made Chest Freezers?

DOE or the US Department of Energy is responsible for the provision of energy conservation standards (since 1990) that refrigeration product manufacturers have to comply with. This means that manufacturers will have to use minimum resources including water and energy during the process.

DOE in collaboration with the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) conducts the testing and verification of Energy Star refrigeration products to ensure they are authentic.

Chest freezers manufactured in the United States come with a yellow FTC label. This label tells about the estimated energy use and cost data for helping buyers make a well-informed decision beforehand to avoid large bills. You can also compare different appliances within the same price range with the help of this label.

The Energy Star logo is different from the FTC label. It is for showing that the chest freezer uses above-average energy and thus promises low power costs. You can easily find several Energy Star-certified chest freezers.

We’re not through yet. There is still more to know. so, I am going to share certain things you need to check in a chest freezer before buying it.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Chest Freezer

Although you’ll find many options in chest freezers, deciding the one best suited to your particular needs can be a hustle. So, allow me to help you get through it:

  1. Consider your family size and bring one that has ample storage capacity for your family, don’t bring one that is too small
  2. A freezer with an energy star rating, as you would want to avoid your energy costs shooting up and save your money 
  3. Cleaning and maintenance consume most of our time, so a freezer that allows easy defrosting and cleaning are better. The one with an auto defrost option is better than the manual defrost
  4. Separate compartments or baskets to store your things better 
  5. Working temperature is an essential part of the proper functioning of your chest freezer. For this keep in mind one thing, always prefer a high working temperature if your area is extremely hot
  6. Sustainability is another essential factor of freezers because you want them to function in extreme weather 

Is that all? Probably not. Stay with me a little longer and get to know about some of the best chest freezers made in USA.

What Chest Freezers are Made in the USA?

1. USA Lab 10.6 Cu Ft Chest Freezer

USA Lab-40C Chest Freezer

This lab chest freezer comes with a digital display that makes it quite simple to use. Also, its exterior contains galvanized steel powder while the interior is of aluminum. So, you can store all the biological specimens at a temperature of -40C. See the latest price here.

The refrigerant used is CFC-freeNo Cons 
Lockable door for protecting the items inside
Easy to understand and use
Both interior and exterior are durable

Company Overview: USA lab is different from the others as this one provides lab equipment and other electronics since the year 2010. The brand focuses on manufacturing top-notch quality products while keeping its pricing reasonable. Plus, they can provide both new and used lab items.

2. Atosa USA MWF9016 Solid Top Chest Freezer

Atosa Solid Top Chest Freezer

Out of all the other chest freezers I have mentioned, this is the one with the most storage capacity and features. 2 sliding top drawers for keeping things in place. What I love the most about this 16 cubic feet freezer is that it is environmentally friendly and can maintain temperatures from 32F to -38F. See the latest price here.

Suitable for large families and restaurantsNo cons 
Works in all weather conditions
Energy savior for up to 40%
Makes no noise

Company Overview: In addition to producing refrigeration essentials, Atosa can sort your cooking equipment, stainless steel materials, and holding objects. The company has numerous warehouses across the country for meeting the needs of its customers.

3. General Electric (GE) Chest Freezer

GE FCM5SKWW Chest Freezer

With a GE chest freezer, you can expect several benefits like keeping a check on the working of your freezer, adjusting the temperature of your choice, and sliding the storage basket by lifting it out. In addition, this freezer can work from 0F to 110F. See the latest price here.

Adjustable temperature controlNot for garage placement when the weather is extreme
Defrost water drain allows the easy exit of defrost water
Streamlined design freezer
Power light

Company Overview: The major goal of GE appliances is to bring convenience to every home and kitchen for over 100 years, and I am not exaggerating when I say this, they are successful at it too. The culture of the brand is passion and creativity, leading to exceptional outcomes. 

4. Frigidaire 7.2 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer

Frigidaire Chest Freezer

Just like the GE chest freezer, this one also has the features of a power ‘ON’ light (having the same function), a removable storage basket, and adjustable temperature control. The only difference is in the storage capacity as this one is for more persons. See the latest price here.

Sufficient for larger familiesNo auto defrost, only manual 
You can choose the temperature of your choice
Saves energy

Company Overview: Frigidaire contributes to making families’ lives easy and better with each passing day. This further increases the demand for their appliances. Also, due to the global supply chain shortages, you might experience a delay in the delivery of your order, but trust me on this, it’s all worth it when you get the final product.

5. Igloo 3.5 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer

Igloo 3.5 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer

This is by far the best chest freezer for garage. Why? Because it allows extra storage that normally garage freezers don’t. Due to a huge heat exchange area, the freezer can get cold instantly, increasing its efficiency. If you ask me, this is the best freezer for a cold garage. See the latest price here.

Energy efficientManual defrost   
Perfect for any garage
Easy to use
Highly compact

Still, confused about certain things and have questions? You might want to give the following questions a read.

Why do you Need a Chest Freezer?

When there is no electricity in your area due to maintenance, your refrigerator will get hot after some time. As a result, it can spoil the food and items stored inside. However, a chest freezer stays cold for several hours even when there is no electricity. Besides, it’s beyond amazing how it allows me to use it in a camper truck as it utilizes less power.

Since there is no door and you open it from the top, you are likely to store more items than in the upright one because a chest freezer prevents falling out of items.

How much does a 7 Cubic Foot Freezer Hold? 

Mathematically, approximately 198 liters equals 7 cubic feet. However, remember that the space of a freezer is never 100% efficient. Freezers are usually 80% efficient and that makes it 160 liters. One tip I would give for increasing efficiency is to use trays and baskets and you can thank me later.

What Size Chest Freezer do I Need? 

This can cause a lot of confusion especially if you have no prior experience when it comes to chest freezers and does not want to end up with the wrong size. Here is a freezer capacity guide for you:

  • If you are the only one to use the chest freezer, go for 3 cubic feet.
  • For a family of 3 or 4 members, I would suggest getting in the range of 5 to 7 cubic feet. 
  • And for a larger family, a chest freezer of 10 to 15 cubic ft is sufficient. 

A big fat family means the need for more water during summers. So, a large size can store more water bottles. 


You’ve finally got your hands on a chest freezer, now what’s next? Well, you cannot ignore the perks that come with a chest freezer as it helps in the longer preservation of the food items. Similarly, there is less chance of spilling cold air outside which saves you on electricity. Plus, the chance of breakage is extremely low as it has few components inside.

To top it all off, chest freezers make your life easier on another level. For me, the best small chest freezer in 2020 is the GE. I am saying this because its size and efficiency make it the ideal freezer for the garage. However, you can also use it in your kitchen too, just the I am using it.

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