Best Camp Stoves Made in USA – Manufacturers Included

The thought of camping did not seem pleasing to me anymore because I gave up on the idea of cooking delicious food items during camping. This is because most camping stoves did not seem to work during extreme weather conditions and to ignite them was another hustle on its own.

But, recently I have come across the camp stoves made in USA and I kid you not, they do the job for me.

If you are someone fond of cooking during camping, I would suggest you stay with me for a while as I will introduce you to the USA made camp stoves.

But, hold on first look at the various fuel types available in camp stoves:

1. Solid Fuel Tablets

These solid fuel tablets are either used in a wood-type stove or are simply inserted in a shallow hole dug in any ground. Then you have to light the tablets and put your cook pot over them.

2. Alcohol Stoves

These are the most economical ones as you can make them from litter by yourself and use alcohol to ignite them. Alcohol is easily found everywhere.

3. Wood-burning Stoves

You can avail of wood-burning stoves from any online store. However, they require a lot of wood which would make them an expensive option

4. Gas Stoves

Gas stoves generally require a butane or propane mixture for burning. These stoves can be electronic ignition to make them highly efficient.

5. Liquid-fueled Stoves

Liquid-fueled stoves contain a burner and a fuel bottle. These stoves use white gas or paraffin but are rather an expensive and complicated choice to go with.

Why Do You Need a Camp Stove?

It won’t be wrong to say that a camp stove is an important part of your camping journey because you cannot only rely upon canned items during this memorable time. For me, the propane two-burner type worked well as you can adjust the flame precisely.

I cooked every possible food item with it including salmon and steak without any difficulty. Along with the propane two-burner type, you can also get a refillable propane bottle that comes with a hose unit. The propane camp stove can easily be used in extreme low temperatures such as -20 degrees.

Camp Stoves Made in USA






US Stove Outfitter Portable Camp Stove


Coleman Propane Gas Camping Stove


Hike Crew Cast Iron Double-Burner Outdoor Gas Stove


SHTFandGO Bullet Proof Rocket Stoves


Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove

Now that you are aware of the outcome of buying a camp stove, let’s look into what makes the US-manufactured camp stove the wonderful choice.

Why Choose USA-made Camp Stoves?

To answer that, I will share a few factors that make the USA-manufactured camp stoves every person’s go-to choice:

1. Certified with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

Well, what’s better than an appliance that does not harm our environment? Certainly nothing. However, in the past, companies were unable to produce stoves with lower emission rates. But, over the years, stove companies have improved a lot in this regard by producing stoves that had emissions in the 1 to 4 g/h range.

Do you know what this means? Well, the stove with a lower g/h rating would mean a cleaner and much more efficient stove. Only the US-made camp stoves ensure the low g/h rating.

2. Quality

The camp stoves made in the United States are of extraordinary quality, minimizing the risk of wearing off early. They fit the environment of the United States undoubtedly.

3. Efficient Design

The USA-built camp stoves have unique designs that help in enhancing their efficiency. Why do I say this? This is because the stoves contain a windscreen which helps in the protection of flame and transfers the heat back to cook the food even better. Likewise, the wind block panels assist in shielding the flame from the wind.

4. Pressure-Control Technology

Do you know that most camp stoves do not function well when there is wind due to the absence of a precise pressure control option? But, with the USA-made camp stoves, this problem now has a solution.

You can enjoy undisturbed cooking even when there is no cooperation between the wind and the weather with the help of the perfect flow pressure control technology. This technology helps to keep the heat steady, even during extreme weather conditions.

5. Multi-Fuel Option for Emergencies 

Some USA-manufactured camp stoves can be your savior during emergencies as they can function on any sort of fuel. Think I am exaggerating? No.

These stoves can run on several fuels such as gasoline, butane, white fuel (Coleman stove fuel), jet fuel, and others. This also offers good flame control. 

Sounds good? Now before skipping the next part and rushing to buy a camp stove, stay with me for a while as there are certain things that you need to be thoughtful of before buying a camp stove.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Camp Stove

Down below will be the list of a few things that need consideration before purchasing a camp stove:

  • Type of fuel needed by the stove
  • Easy availability of fuel
  • Whether the stove is one burner or two
  • The type of grill or stove
  • Flame control’s precision
  • Protection against wind
  • Ease of storage and portability 
  • Weight of the stove

Moving on, let’s not keep you waiting and introduce you to the 5 best US-manufactured camp stoves.

Best Camp Stoves Made in USA

1. US Stove Outfitter Portable Camp Stove

US Stove Outfitter Portable Camp Stove

It comes with a complete stove kit containing a 6 feet chimney pipe, damper tool, legs, racks, etc. The construction is of heavy-duty steel making it reliable. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Reasonable price
  • Lightweight and portable stove
  • The chimney pipe uses quality steel, making it last longer 
  • Easy setup


  • Chimney is thin
  • Managing the fire is difficult 

Company Overview: US stove manufactures heating appliances both for indoor and outdoor applications such as gas stoves, camp stoves, coal stoves, and many more. The US stove company’s major focus is on making appliances that are of excellent quality and affordable.

2. Coleman Propane Gas Camping Stove

Coleman Propane Gas Camping Stove

The Coleman camp stove made in the USA delivers a cooking power of about 22,000 BTUs and has 5 adjustable burners (for temperature control). See the Latest Price Here.


  • Its cleaning is easy
  • Price is affordable
  • The design is simple and is easy to set
  • It can cook quickly 


  • The flame control is awful due to the immensely small window

Company Overview: The US-made Coleman camp stoves are there for 120 years. These camp stoves have helped a large number of soldiers in making food on the battlefields. Furthermore, the US-based Coleman company gradually started adding other items such as sleeping bags, lighting, and tents to their heating appliances.

3. Hike Crew Double-Burner Gas Camp Stove

Hike Crew Cast Iron Double-Burner Outdoor Gas Stove

It is the best camp stove made in USA and has a dual burner setup that offers a high heat output of about 150,000 BTUs making the cooking of almost every food easier and possible. In addition, it has a solid frame with removable legs attached making it highly stable. See the Latest Price Here.


  • It is remarkably compact and portable 
  • The flame is immensely powerful
  • Easy setup
  • It is stable and the quality is good


  • The burners run extremely hot
  • Knobs will fall off soon

Company Overview: Hike Crew is famous for the manufacture of several heating appliances and camping equipment like tents and shelters, generators, RV fans, camping hygiene, camp kitchen, monoculars, etc.

4. SHTFandGO Bullet Proof Rocket Stoves

SHTFandGO Bullet Proof Rocket Stoves

These stoves burn cleaner as compared to other camp stoves (secondary burn process) and are also used as an emergency wood heater which is a plus point. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Can warm the surroundings in addition to making food
  • The temperature control relative to other wood-fired devices is better
  • Easily assembled
  • The stove is almost indestructible


  • Does not work on wood pellets
  • Excessive smoke can come out from the loading area

SHTFandGO Company Overview: The stoves‘ manufacturer’s main concern is mainly based on emergencies so that you can protect your loved ones from any mishap.

5. Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove

Camp Chef Everest 2 Burner Stove

It offers two high-pressure 20,000 BTU burners pumps and is one of the best propane camp stove made in USA. It consists of a three-sided wind barrier protecting windy conditions. See the Latest Price Here.


  • Functions effortlessly 
  • Can ignite without a match
  • Has stainless steel rack
  • Can fit a one-pound propane cylinder at each end of the bag


  • Flame control is extremely poor; making it difficult to keep a low flame
  • Absence of handles to hold the stove

Company Overview: Camp Chef came into existence when its owner Ty Measom got inspired by outdoor cooking appliances and he set out to make his cooking products. Right after its launch, the company has made various appliances to bring five-star flavor to the outdoors.


I am confident that by now the hurdles you once faced during camping would all vanish and these products would make your journey easy and keep your enthusiasm for camping alive.

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