What are the Best Backpack Brands in USA?

Whenever I get a break from my hectic routine, I am out on the road, traveling to different places. It satisfies my craving to explore new surroundings, try new things, and have a memorable adventure. To keep my journey safe, I like to keep all the necessary items with me in one place, and in this case, backpacks come to the rescue. I am very cautious when it comes to buying backpacks as I need one that is durable, comfortable, and a worthwhile investment.

After my thorough research, I have found that USA made backpacks are one of the best. In this article, I will explain in detail why you should consider buying backpacks from the top American brands. Sounds good, right? So, why wait? Let’s begin with the discussion.

How Do Backpacks Help in Fixing Your Problems?

Whether you are traveling a short or long distance, backpacks have always proven to be the perfect companion. They provide the best support when carrying essential items. Below are some vital reasons why you should buy a backpack.

1. Lightweight and Comfortable for Your Back

When I embark on a journey, I like to keep my phone, laptop, camera, medical kit, water bottles, etc. with me. So, if you pack all of these items in suitcases, then you have to struggle to drag them all the way, and this is something that is not good for your back.

However, with backpacks, you won’t face this problem as they distribute the weight of items evenly, and your back won’t suffer by dragging them around from one side.

2. Enjoy the Trip to the Fullest

When you are up and ready to go out, carrying your phone, tablet, charger, purse, documents, or anything else in your hands will hinder your movement. But with a backpack, you can pack everything inside and it sits on your back comfortably till you need to take something out for use.

3. Ample Space and Pockets to Keep Things Organized

The best thing about backpacks is that they let you keep your things organized and save them from getting mingled with each other. It has a lot of pockets and compartments, so you can quickly get what you need out.

4. The Best Long Term Investment

As opposed to suitcases, backpacks are proven to be a good long-term investment. It is because they are durable and sturdy. It can last for years, even if you travel daily without causing any issues.

5. Keep Your Valuables Safe

Some backpacks come with a secure lock, which is best to keep your valuables safe from getting stolen when traveling to any new or unknown place.

We’ve all been there. When we are looking to buy a product, we think about which manufacturer’s product to buy. As mentioned earlier, I prefer to buy American made backpacks. Why? I am going to answer this question below.

Best Backpack Brands in USA

Brand Name



Mystery Ranch



ALPS OutdoorZ


Duluth Pack

Outpac Designs, Inc. (Pacsafe)



What are the Best Backpack Brands in USA?


Things they sell: Backpacks, Boot Bags, Camera Bags, Custom Bags, Duffel Bags, and Courier Bags.

For Official Website: Click Here

Address: 16562 Gothard St # I, Huntington Beach, CA 92647, United States

2. Oasis Bag

Things they sell: Backpacks, Business Bags, Clutch Bags, Cooler Bags, Climbing Bags, and Cosmetic Bags.

For Official Website: Click Here

Address: 8730 Wilshire Blvd Suite 210, Beverly Hills, CA 90210, United States

3. Mystery Ranch

Things they Sell: Backpacks, Soft gear goods, hard gear goods, Camping gear, Hunting gear, and Military gear.

For Official Website: Click Here

Address: 1750 Evergreen Drive Bozeman, MT 59715, United States


Things They Sell: Backpacks, Headwears, Outerwears, Golf Accessories, Ski/Snowboards, and Traveling Stuff.

For Official Website: Click Here

Address: OGIO International 2180 Rutherford Road Carlsbad, CA 92008, United States

5. ALPS Mountaineering

Things They Sell: Sleeping Bags, Backpacks, Camping tents, Camping furniture, and other Camping accessories.

For Official Website: Click Here

Address: ALPS Brands 4575 Highway 185 New Haven, MO 63068, United States

6. Duluth Pack Manufacturing

Things They Sell: A whole collection of packs and bags along with apparel and accessories. Home and camp gear. Hunting and shooting accessories.

For Official Website: Click Here

Address: Duluth Pack Flagship Store 365 Canal Park Dr. Duluth, MN 55802, United States

7. Sandast Inc.

Things They Sell: Backpack, Belt & Accessories, Briefcase, Tote, Travel bags, and Wallets

For Official Website: Click Here

Address: 3523 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019, United States


Things They Sell: Backpacks, Travel Bags, Tote Bags, Hip Packs, Cross Body, Work Bags, and other Accessories.

For Official Website: Click Here

Address: 4750A Ohio Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134, United States

9. Pacsafe

Things They Sell: Backpacks, Bags, Wallets, Travel Accessories, and Women’s accessories

For Official Website: Click Here

Address: Pacsafe – Outpac Designs Inc 300 Lenora Street PMB 1627 Seattle, WA 98121, United States

10. Velez

For Official Website: Click Here

Address: 10606 Shady Trail #101, Dallas, TX 75220, United States

Why Should You Choose USA Made Backpacks?

If you want to have a good traveling experience and don’t want to face any types of hindrances, then you need a durable and quality backpack made in USA. Let’s discuss some other reasons below.

1. Durable Zippers and Other Hardware

American made backpacks have sturdy zippers, buckles, and other hardware. No matter what extreme conditions they are subjected to, these zippers can stand the test of time.

2. Sturdy and Comfortable Straps

These backpacks do not contain the average cinch straps. They are constructed using 100% pure fabric with sturdy polymer buckles. So you get a reliable and tough strap that can bear a feasible load.

3. Water-Resistant Material

These backpacks are water-resistant. So the backpacks will hold up against water, and the things packed inside won’t get damaged.

4. Lifetime Warranty

Most of the USA brands that produce bags offer a lifetime warranty, and this is something hardly found in any other backpack brands.

5. Lightweight and Well-Designed

All USA backpacks have a well-designed structure. Their smooth and sleek shape makes them light in weight, so you can carry them anywhere easily.

However, knowing the reasons for buying the best American made backpack is not enough. You also need to make sure that you buy the right one that meets your requirements. So you want to know more about it? Then continue reading.

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Backpack

It all depends on the quantity and type of things you will be carrying with you on your adventure. There is a decent variety available on the market. So consider these points mentioned below to make the right decision.

1. Size: The size of the backpack you need depends on how long your trip will be. If it’s a long-distance trip, then you need to carry a lot of things, so you need a bigger backpack and vice versa.

2. Style: Always go for a backpack that has side openings as it makes it easy to access the contents inside. Otherwise, you will be dragging everything out. This is one of the signature features of a backpack. It also protects your gadgets from theft or accidental opening.

3. Material: Backpacks made with high-quality cotton duck fabric or nylon are considered to be more durable, water-resistant, and tear-resistant.

4. Preference: Buy what works for you the best. If you prefer extra pockets, then they need to fit the items you want to put in them. Otherwise, these extra pockets will become problematic.

Moreover, you can opt for backpacks that have straps on which you can tie things. The bag should have enough compartments as this will keep the weight balanced.

5. Padding and Comfort: The backpack needs to have sufficient padding that can give maximum comfort. You certainly don’t want to be complaining about shoulder pain. Always choose a backpack that is comfortable, fits your back, and meets your needs.

6. Cost: How much are you willing to pay? If you want a backpack for just one trip, then cheap price backpacks are not a bad option. On the other hand, if you need to use it a lot in the future, then spending a little extra on it won’t hurt, as the cheap ones are not durable, well-designed, and can cause problems.

What is the Outcome of Buying a USA Brand Backpack?

When you use a backpack, you can keep your valuables close to your body. This makes it tough for thieves to steal anything. Also, they keep everything organized so you don’t misplace anything and can find it easily.

A good and durable American made backpack will enable you to carry your belongings safely and comfortably without hurting your back. These bags are waterproof and keep things protected from water. They are lightweight, which makes them flexible to use and makes carrying them easy. In other words, they offer the ultimate protection for your items.


In the end, all I want to say is that backpacks have made our lives easier. There is no comparison to the comfort and flexibility they offer during the trip. So, if you are looking to buy a backpack, then this article is the answer to all your queries. Keep all the information I have explained in mind, and this will make it easier for you to search for and buy your first backpack that fits your needs. It will protect you from facing your worst nightmare of wasting your time, energy, and money.

Yes, you read that right. So get out there, buy yourself a cool backpack that makes a bold fashion statement too, and enjoy your journey.

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