Which American Made Socket Set is Worth Buying?

As I was on a trip with my friends, my wife called me and told me her car had a punctured tire. I have a socket set in my garage and she asked for it. She asked me where I kept the socket set. I asked her if she would use it. She said she would try it. I contacted her again after some time and found her very happy and excited. When I asked the reason, she said I had changed the car tire for the first time.

So, this is my story of a socket set actually this is an American made socket set bought from Amazon, and you know the quality and usage of American tools are worth buying. Moreover, you can also do small DIY tasks yourself without wasting money on professionals.

Before listing some of the best professional socket sets made in USA, let’s look at the types present in socket sets.

Types of Socket Sets

The difference in socket sets is mainly due to the range of fastener sizes. Therefore, socket sets have the following types:

Impact socket setsThese are for use with power tools such as electric or pneumatic air wrenches.
Imperial socket setsThese sets with imperial measurements are for tackling fasteners whose heads are measured in inches and fractions of inches.
Deep socket setsDeep sockets often come with toolkits of standard-length sockets.
Hex socket setsAlso known as a 6-point socket set, a hex socket set is for a standard 6-sided hexagonal-shaped nut or bolt.
12-point socket setsThe 12-point or the bi-hex socket sets are similar to the hex socket sets with the only difference being that they provide more contact with the fasteners.

American Made Socket Set






ROCKETSOCKET Extraction Socket Set


SK Tools Chrome Socket Set


Wright Tools Impact Socket Set


Williams Impact Socket Set


Klein Tools Drive Socket Wrench Set

Here, is a million-dollar question that is why should you go with USA made socket sets? Let me give you the answer.

Why Choose USA Made Socket Sets?

The socket sets made in USA have the following features that make them unique:

American socket sets are strong, easy to use, and durable. They have rust proof material and can bear all the temperature and environment They have excellent finishing due to the strict quality control.

Society of Automotive Engineers or SAE refers to the standard used for USA made cars and trucks since the 1970s. The USA made SAE socket sets include sizes in inches and fractions of inches.

The American National Standards Institute ANSI specifies different tolerance requirements and tests the design and performance of different tools. ANSI has specified socket sizing in fractions of inches as well as millimeters. The USA made socket sets are within the ANSI/ASTM standards.

The USA manufactured socket sets include numerous quality certifications such as ISO 14001, ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9002, ISO 17025, AS9100, and AS9120. ISO and AS certification is for checking the quality and safety of different products. 

How to identify a socket set that is tailormade for your needs? Well, I can help with that.

Things To Consider Before Buying Socket Set

Before going for a socket sets purchase, you need to check the following things:

  • First of all your budget
  • Whether you need it for a car, bike, or another purpose
  • Whether you need SAE or a metric measurement system (SAE for cars)
  • Check for the material (always go with rust-proof material like steel)
  • The socket set is a deep or a shallow version
  • The socket is a 6-point or a 12-point one
  • Retention and release the power of the socket set
  • Portability of the socket set
  • Whether you require the set for general purposes or heavy-duty work

Now, You can check out the 5 best socket sets made in USA including the best professional socket set down below.

Which American Made Socket Set is Worth Buying?

1. ROCKETSOCKET Extraction Socket Set

ROCKETSOCKET Extraction Socket Set

This impact-grade extractor socket set can extract worn, rusted, painted, or even fully stripped screws, nuts, and bolts. The RAZORGRIP technology tightens the nuts more tightly. Besides, the set comes in a heavy-duty blow-molded case for keeping the sockets in place. See the latest price here.

Excellent quality materialsHas thick sidewalls
Lifetime warranty
Can remove header studs like a pro
Function well for rounded and seized brake caliper bolt

Company Overview: For over 30 years, RocketSocket has been using genuine US steel that ensures socket sets with better quality and durability. RocketSocket has helped pros and consumers in removing stripped, or rounded-off, nuts, bolts, and screws successfully. Their dedication and excellence in quality have made them a leader in delivering innovative products and solutions to their customers worldwide.

2. SK Tools Chrome Socket Set

SK Tools 1312 Chrome Socket Set

The 13-piece SK socket set made in USA includes a variety of sizes. It’s a SureGrip hex drive design that drives only the side of the fastener and not the corner. As a result, it has increased strength and prevents the rounding of rusted or damaged fasteners. Furthermore, the super chrome finish is for providing long life and maximum corrosion resistance. See the latest price here.

Lifetime WarrantyDoes not come in a storage container 
Quite an affordable set
Excellent finish
No skips in sizes

Company Overview: Since its launch in the early 1900s, SK Tools USA would mainly produce tools and parts for other companies. But, now the brand manufactures more than 3000 products with the best quality for the toughest professionals in the world.

3. Wright Tools Impact Socket Set

Wright Tools Impact Socket Set

It is one of the best socket set for mechanics. This 16-piece deep impact metric comes in a 1/2 inch drive set. The socket set further includes 6-point sockets that offer 10 times more fastener contact. Moreover, the Wright Tools socket set has greater strength, gripping power, and torque. See the latest price here.

Quality is similar to high-priced brands at an affordable rateSet with fewer socket pieces
Quality steel construction
Set includes all sizes

Company Overview: The tools designed and manufactured by US-based Wright tools provide superior performance and have maximum strength. The company not only focuses on manufacturing tools but also tools with innovations such as the patented Wright Spline, including Wright Drive 2.0 and Wright Grip 2.0.

4. Williams Impact Socket Set

Williams Impact Socket Set

The impact socket set by Williams has a variety of sizes so that you can choose the most suitable size according to your needs. Additionally, it is suitable for use with pneumatic and electric impact wrenches. The best part of this socket set is that it is specially heat-treated for impact use, making it safe and durable. See the latest price here.

Great finishing on both inside and outside  Searching for a particular size socket is difficult 
Sockets last much longer
Affordable price
Great impact sockets

Company Overview: Since its onset in 1882 in the United States, Williams has been manufacturing strong and trusted tools for industrial professionals. The company makes sure its products are unique in arrangement, quality, and refinement from the very start. As early as 1905, Williams started shipping products to countries like France, Chile, and South Africa.

5. Klein Tools Drive Socket Wrench Set

Klein Tools Drive Socket Wrench Set

The Klein Tools wrench set comes in a ratchet and hinged red metal box that keeps all the sockets in their desired positions. Apart from this, the socket set includes four 6-point and five 12-point sockets in addition to the eight 6-point deep sockets. Two extensions are also present in the socket set. See the latest price here.

Reasonable priceDoes not have 11mm sockets 
Sockets are long enough to reach deep spaces easily
Compact and heavy-duty set
Excellent quality set

Company Overview: Klein Tools is an American manufacturer of the world’s finest hand tools since 1857. Their business is always above others in the industry due to its five key distinguishing values which are: quality, customer obsession, innovation, ownership, and most importantly teamwork. These values have made them dedicated to professional tradesmen worldwide.

Why is Socket Set Important for You? 

A socket has a tight grip on any bolt or nut and can pull it right away. So, with the help of this, you can tighten, loosen, or remove every sort of bolt or nut from a machine. The significant advantage of having a socket set is you do not need a separate wrench for different fastener sizes and types, the different sizes available in the socket set would do the job.

Having a socket set at home is of great use as you are not required to seek a professional’s help to do the little stuff and thus would save your money.

What Size Socket Set Should I buy?

Socket SIze comes in SAE and Metric. SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) nut, bolt, and screw is measured by its thread count (TPI), or threads per inch. In metric systems, fasteners are measured by their length and pitch, i.e., the distance between the threads. There are two types of sizes available one is SAE and the other is Metric size. SAE sizes are mostly used in refrigeration, automotive cooling, and heating systems, and other low-pressure applications. While metric sizes are widely used in plumbing and other high pressure fittings.

How do you Identify between SAE and Metric thread?

Metric threads usually have a small thread pitch as compared to the SAE thread. It should also be mentioned on the bolt, A mechanic is also very knowledgeable about threads, so if you still have confusion, you should consult one.


After investing in an American-made socket set, you will no longer feel the need to call a professional for every little nut and bolt and would easily do it yourself. Socket sets are pocket friendly and the socket sets made in USA are unmatchable.

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